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  1. thegeneral

    Anybody HERE have DeVon Achane on their team?

    I looked at him this morn after reading some things. Decided with Mostart and Wilson that I’d keep Taysom Hill over him. Smart! Wouldn't have started him anyways. But still.
  2. It’s the only thing your posts deserve Sorry bro!
  3. There’s the repeating shtick. Good grief. We are a post away from Biden rants
  4. They are indicting this guy, this is fantastic. You are biatching about it. Unreal.
  5. It seems it is consistent to move slowly on indictments of these people. Why would they wait months after Trump indictments? I’m sorry you live in a paranoid world where everything is stacked against your team.
  6. It’s all the deep state working against team red tie! They just can’t get a break. Even when indicting a Dem it’s too slow, the media doesn’t tell us he’s a Dem (my favorite), it’s a token indictment to throw you off, etc. Don’t you tire of this victim, paranoid BS?
  7. Three in a row without repeating yourself, well kind of. A big milestone for you, Peefoam!
  8. Weren’t you crying about how long it took to indict Trump as well? The wheels of justice turn slowly.
  9. You see your name rhymes with Pee and you are a moron. So it makes some sense albeit childish. But, your posts are frequently nonsense so there isn’t really a normal way to respond. Your urine slurper on the other hand is just strange. It’s better than when you stroke out and repeat the post or drop the same videos in every thread, but not much.
  10. Odd as always. You are consistent. Please carry on with bawling about the “two tier justice system” instead of writing creepy stuff. TIA!
  11. Oh Peefoam. The dimmest bulb in the bunch.