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  1. thegeneral

    Trump's Cognitive Decline

    https://sg.news.yahoo.com/trump-makes-series-worrying-blunders-200119721.html They continue to run Don out there. The old guy clearly needs more naps and rest.
  2. thegeneral

    Trump's Cognitive Decline

    To be fair the details of Melania’s contract are not public so I am just guessing.
  3. thegeneral

    Trump's Cognitive Decline

    Melania’s contract with Donald only allows one public acknowledgement per 72 hours so he was just improving here is my guess.
  4. thegeneral

    Tucker Carlson Thread

    In the 1970’s this was very true. Seems crazy today, right?
  5. thegeneral

    Stock Market bubble - will crash

    Unless you hate the job just keep it. Slowly remove yourself from projects or things you dislike and ride it out a bit.
  6. thegeneral

    Stock Market bubble - will crash

    Here’s to getting richer and living long enough and healthy enough to spend it It’s been an excellent last 14 years or so!
  7. Peefoam you made a good funny last time we chatted. You are back sliding!
  8. thegeneral

    Stock Market bubble - will crash

    I appreciate the advice. I have majority of my retirement savings in index funds and let them do the work. Between wife and I we are in a good spot and we consider ourselves very lucky. I have a person checking my work. I’m sure there is always someone better. I do like to gamble and enjoy playing the market. It isn’t money that is going to break me. Some years I beat the market other years I don’t with my “gambling allotment” which I keep at a certain percentage by EOY. This is essentially a fantasy sports fix to me. This year I will almost certainly beat it based just on past month as long as I don’t get too greedy. I am always happy to hear when anyone does well and wish the best for everyone in investing.
  9. thegeneral

    Stock Market bubble - will crash

    Hmm. I must be misremembering. One of the people on here who likes to argue everything did just that. I don’t care to spend the time looking up who it was I agree having everything in a couple stocks would be a bit wild and very extreme. That would be up to investors to decide what they want to risk. I also agree buying low and selling high is a great strategy!
  10. thegeneral

    Stock Market bubble - will crash

    Aren’t you the guy who was in 100% Amazon or something
  11. Your stalking notebook is not up to date. For some reason this shet dropping links in here stopped embedding awhile ago on on my phone. The gist is you can offer up some makeup / self tanners tips to Donald seeing as you sound like you know you way around. He struggles with it and looks like a clown
  12. thegeneral

    Stock Market bubble - will crash

    I am good and have read how you do your investing many times in here. I am comfortable with my strategies and you yours.
  13. Maybe self coloring expert Horseman can help Ol Donald out. His spray tanner is all focked up https://x.com/drdave1999/status/1750912553104900281?s=46&t=0YXe9oUqqYEnHOHU8BsZkQ