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  2. cgod

    How close are you to another geek?

    Good to see some things never change It's amazing how fast they grow up. Mine's a teenager now, I'm still having a difficult time wrapping my head around that one.
  3. amanaP lanac a nalp a nam A ?krow tahT
  4. cgod

    How close are you to another geek?

    Hi Ed, same old stuff different year. Hope you are well
  5. cgod

    What's up...

  6. cgod

    How close are you to another geek?

    the only fish town I've ever known.
  7. cgod

    Hi, I'm new here

    Who says time travel doesn't exist; I stepped into this thread and was instantly transported back 10+ years.
  8. cgod

    The Perfect Burger

    Sautéed mushrooms and onions (finished with some sriracha and bourbon), bacon and Swiss.
  9. cgod

    Anybody have Josh Gordon?

    Drafted in a keeper league for use next year. Here's hoping he fares better than Justin Blackmon during his time off.
  10. Done a few weeks ago, FB friends can verify. Also, a donation was made. Read today that the inspiration for this, Pete Frates, and his wife welcomed their child today.
  11. I still lurk and still answer the phones.
  12. cgod

    CGOD sighting!

    Hey there, doing very well thanks. How have you been? Did I read somewhere that you recently welcomed a new addition to the family?
  13. cgod

    Inflation Adjustment Question

    Thanks Mike. I will try to give it a test run beforehand just to be sure I don't run into any SNAFUs.
  14. cgod

    CGOD sighting!

    hello there. Still answering those calls. Lurk here every once in awhile, of course with drafts coming up in the next few weeks the lurking will certainly be more frequent. How the hell is everyone around these parts doing? to all, hope everyone is well!!