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  1. HellToupee

    Good bands with short careers

    Husker Du Joy Division
  2. HellToupee

    Who here still supports Jan 6 attack?

    You really are a POS
  3. HellToupee

    Who here still supports Jan 6 attack?

    thats a tool
  4. HellToupee

    Heart, back in the day who was hotter...

    To this day I’d do Ann before her sister
  5. HellToupee

    War in Israel

    % very good post
  6. HellToupee

    Far-right outsider Javier Milei wins Argentina’s presidency

    Hey @squistion get a load of your fellow traveler
  7. HellToupee


    Oh my heavens is this alluding to teh gay sex
  8. HellToupee

    Spicy Coke

    I thought it was nasty. I was raspberry coke , no spice taste at all
  9. HellToupee

    LA homeless problem - You do the math......

    Who knew this was just the tip of the iceberg