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  1. What you guys think? Marvin Jones vs Cowboys ..most likely no Stafford Ronald Jones vs Saints.. seems to be starter over Barber..
  2. Should i? Colts vs Jags Raiders vs Bengals
  3. Who would you rather have ros G.Everett or E.Engram who is currently out with foot injury and no news to see if he'll be back after his bye week?
  4. What you guys think?? Briskett and Lions at Bears D or Colts D ,
  5. Seems Stafford will be game time decision... Brieda, Jamal or Marvin??
  6. Should I go with Jaylent Samuels vs Rams or Golden Tate @ Jets...leaning towards Tate what ya think, no Shepard , no Engram?
  7. sosatyme72

    Which TE should I pickup since Engram is out?

    ok a mix of everyone, I also see Herndon on waivers and he might finally start this week. keep them coming..
  8. So this is my ppr league which I have Engram...these are the te's avaialble: Jared cook Mike Gesicki TJ Hock Gerald Everett Engram will be out at least this week and next week for his bye, who knows after that ....who should I pick up?
  9. Tyrell vs Chargers..shut down Rodgers last week Brieda vs Seattle splits with Coleman Marvin Jones @ Bears.. Jamal Williams vs Patnhers...splits withJones but has had double digits points past 4 games What you guys think?
  10. Mclaurin hype has died down and has Haskins throwing to him keep him or get Devantae Parker who seems Miami's main target ..thanks
  11. sosatyme72

    Drop Breida for Walton in ppr?

    What you guys think, Brieda hasnt done much lately..
  12. Im in the process of picking up Ravend D and dropping Bears who havent done too much latetly and seems their schedule its a little bit tuffer coming up and durinh playoffs...I see only great game Bears woudl have woudl be week 12 against the Giants, otherwise nothing else rerally stands out. What you guys think? thanks! Ravens Week 10 @ bengals Week 11 vs texans Week 12 @rams Week 13 vs 49ers Week 14 @ bills Week 15 vs jets Week 16 @ browns Bears Week 10 vs Lions Week 11 @ rams Week 12 vs giants Week 13 @ lions Week 14 vs cowboys Week 15 @ packers Week 16 vs Chiefs
  13. sosatyme72

    Patriots D or Jags D?

    Go with Pats D vs Browns in rain or Jags D vs Jets??
  14. Which one of these guys would you start in ppr? Eckler @ Bears might get alot of dump offs against defense? Ty Johnson vs Giants ...still unproven ,but clear starter J Williams @ Chiefs ...possible shootout Thanks
  15. sosatyme72

    Hunter or Engram in ppr?

    Henry @ Bears or Engram @ Lions thanks