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  1. Who gets the start? Lockett @ Rams Penny @ Rams Shepard @ Eagles rain in forecast and Tate is back
  2. Which rb to start ? Penny @ Rams Powell vs Dolphins JWillams vs Redskins
  3. What you guys think?? Jamal Williams vs Redskins R.Penny @ Rams B.Snells @ Arizona..Connor Out RJones vs Colts J Samuels @ Arizona
  4. sosatyme72

    Lockett, MJones,A.Miller, Shepard in ppr?

    Tate practiced in full today
  5. Lockett @Rams ...last 2 games hes done nothing besides 1 catch, now he might face Ramsey?? Marvin Jones @Vikings still gets the ball with a 2nd/3rd string qb..Rhodes might be on him or Golladay? Athony Miller vs Dallas..hes been getting 6 or so receptions a game, no tds yet and Gabriel still out S Shepard @ Eagles...Eli is starting, his wr he's been throwing in past years,not sure about any chemistry with Slayton Engram might play?
  6. So with the bad weather in Jacksonville thunderstorms and 20mph winds do I still go with Winston or I can pickup Tannehill or Allen with somewhat good matchups clear conditions??? Tannelhill @ Indy KAllen vs Redskins Winston vs @Jags Geoff @ Cardinals
  7. What you guys think? all will be in somewhat bad weather with rain and winds... Jamal @ Giants..splits with Jones, still gets work, but Packers will be able to move the ball McCoy vs Raiders..will be splitting wit Darrel Shepard vs Giants.......just him and Slayton to mostly pass to
  8. Which of these guys would you start in ppr? McCoy vs raiders...not sure how Darrel will play into reps, possible 50/50? S.Watkins vs raiders... Tyreek is back , Watson hasnt done too much D.Westbrook vs Bucs...possible shootout, averag bucs defense S.Shepard vs packers..going to be snowing /raining during game..low passing? J.Willians @ Giants...snow/ raining, more of a ground game? Jones still starter.. I can also grab Snell off waiver vs Browns
  9. Tyrell is stinking it up do i pickup ... Shepard vs Packers or Dede vs Bucs?
  10. Foles vs Bucs K.Allen vs Redskins Darnold @ Bengals DJones vs Packers Winston @ Jags What you guy think??
  11. What you guys think? R Jones @ Falcons ...which defense shows up?? He stunk it up last week after he has previous 2 weeks double digits J Williams @ 49ers ..Rodgers might need to throw more passes due to 49ers defense, maybe dumps offs?