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  1. Pimpadeaux

    Do you have extra fuel on hand?

    Some clown on a video talking catastrophizing prepper crap with zero facts. This is like doomsday porn for you.
  2. Pimpadeaux

    White supremacist murder spree in Buffalo

    Clownzo visited the border to admire the useless wall he created in his own image. When did he ever travel somewhere to honor the life of one person?
  3. Pimpadeaux

    White supremacist murder spree in Buffalo

    Well, those tornadoes were reacting to being replaced with water spouts from the Gulf of Mexico.
  4. Pimpadeaux

    White supremacist murder spree in Buffalo

    So Clownzo went to numerous ones, and yet Biden going to one is rootin' tootin' horrible-tragedy exploitation. Guess he should be on the border, shooting Mexican women and kids as they step through the gaping wall holes created with a hand saw purchased for $1.99 at Jose's Hardware Store in Nuevo Laredo.
  5. Bananas will get discussed when Clownzo or Sucker Carlson says it's OK to do so.
  6. Pimpadeaux

    White supremacist murder spree in Buffalo

    So Clownzo never went to a place of tragedy? Maybe Biden will symbolically throw out Band Aids while he is there.
  7. Or strawberries are replacing apples, so that justifies shooting up a Buffalo grocery store.
  8. It is. It's an unintended board treasure.
  9. Yeah, the world is supposed to turn a blind to this atrocity because of a madman dictator's threats and because Pedro crosses the border with his wife and kids and gets a San Antonio dishwasher job that JustinCharge and his privileged kind wouldn't do if their family's well-being depended on it.
  10. Good lawd you're tedious. I responded. Why don't you respond to my bet? Take my bet or hush. Put your money where your deep dives are.
  11. I've stated this stuff so many times. Smaller government. Lower taxes. Energy independence. Smaller government. Less federal government. Toughen up on trade deficits. Drill, baby, drill. Just because I don't buy into your psychotic prognosticating doesn't make one a liberal. Or seeing Clownzo for the POS he is. Or not jerking off to Tucker Carlson. Or buying into the alt-right propaganda that Newsmax and OAN pump out. Buying into you would be the craziest thing of all. Shine on, you crazy diamond! My amusement of you shines back. You represent the crazy spectrum of your party that is racist, homophobic, misogynist, hate and conspiracy loving. You're ruining my party.
  12. You've acknowledged me as a moderate conservative. Besides, his whacky doomsday prognostications are funny as hell, although I do have some empathy for his mental illness. He really should get counseling.
  13. Did you know Footballguys banned him for his psychotic Don Quixote ramblings? He's put deadlines on his bold predictions at least a dozen times in the past two years, and not once has he been right. Now he's "sure" that Putin will nuke, and he "is certain" this civil war will start by year's end. This is some high-level mental illness at work here, but it's great forearm content. He is probably like this "good news" guy at the dinner table at family gatherings. JustinCharge: Have you heard the good news? Other family members: JustinCharge: Putin is going to nuke, and we'll be in a civil war by year's end.
  14. Put your money where your "deep dive" is. If he nukes us before he dies, I'll give you $1,000, and I have to put "JustinCharge was right" in my tagline. If he doesn't nuke us before he dies, you pay me $1,000 and put "Rusty was right" in your tagline.