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  1. Pimpadeaux

    WOW. What a show

    Tranny Siberian Orchestra
  2. Pimpadeaux

    Wordle scores

    Wordle 891 2/6 🟨🟨 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 Wild guess pays off.
  3. Pimpadeaux


    And the MAGAturds shall inherit the dearth. 12:30 Doodoorotamy. So let it be written. So let it be done.
  4. Pimpadeaux

    *** Happy Football Day Week 12***

    Can't decide between Fields and Lawrence.
  5. Our cities are burning, and our borders are wide open.
  6. Pimpadeaux

    Ukraine - Doomsday

    I follow it daily and remain in favor of our Uker support. Not much to report when it's a mud-bogged stalemate at this time. I've said before that at this point I'd like to see Ukraine let Russia have what's left of what it took, get some reparations and join NATO without Russian noise about it. Russia owns plenty of land mass on this planet. Let's move on.
  7. Pimpadeaux

    Coal plant shutdown threatens power for millions

    I hope one of them is you.
  8. Pimpadeaux

    Dolly Parton's rock album

    MAGAturds already trying to inject a conspiracy theory in a halftime show.
  9. Pimpadeaux

    Dolly Parton's rock album

    Dolly Parton in a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders outfit and singing Queen at an NFL halftime show.
  10. Pimpadeaux

    Dolly Parton's rock album

    Fock you haters.
  11. Pimpadeaux

    ***2023 Fantasy Geek Balls League*** Season Thread

    Nick Chubb's injury forked me in this league and another one. I've been in digging mode all season but have managed to waiver wire and manage my way into a potential playoff birth in both leagues. Nice that this week is a deal breaker, with all that time to watch football, drink and masturbate.
  12. Pimpadeaux

    Ribeye Roast recipe

    I use salt, pepper, dill weed and a pinch of cumin. I also marinate beforehand in Worcestershire sauce with dash of Italian dressing.
  13. Pimpadeaux

    Iceland Valcano Eruption

    Kind of like after we had sex years ago.
  14. Pimpadeaux

    Iceland Valcano Eruption

    Seems like it has been awhile since the world has had a kick-ass volcanic eruption, like a Mount Saint Helens or Krakatoa.