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  1. Pimpadeaux


    Kick Ass!
  2. Pimpadeaux

    Ukraine - Doomsday

    The West will never submit, dingleberry. You go submit.
  3. Pimpadeaux

    friend shot an elk

    They kicked ass on that Portland State juggernaut!
  4. I was thinking more along the lines of his girlfriend being pregnancy-proof due to her needing an air pump to be coital-ready.
  5. I like it as well. I think it's morally wrong if a woman terminates a pregnancy because it's inconvenient for her. She could carry it to term and adopt it out, seeing as there are so many people who want to adopt. But up to a certain point I support a woman's right to make that decision.
  6. I voted 13-18 weeks, and anything after that only if the mother's health is at risk. This shouldn't be left up to the states, because in states such as Texas, if a dad rapes and knocks up his 11-year-old daughter, she'd have to have it if a heartbeat is detected, even if she'll likely die during childbirth and baby won't live outside the womb. Focking barbaric.
  7. Pimpadeaux

    nuclear war - doomsday⌛

    Of course Putin and nukes are a concern, but this clown makes predictions with 100 percent certainty based on rumors, "sources" and the wackadoodle nonsense spinning in his head like wind turbines on the prairie. And Putin alone can't launch the nukes. I still think this ends when someone poisons him or puts a bullet in his pumpkin head.
  8. Pimpadeaux

    nuclear war - doomsday⌛

    You said we were hours away days ago.
  9. Pimpadeaux

    Tucker Carlson Thread

    He's the top infotainer on the top-rated cable news network in the land, which makes him the MSM king. Not to be trusted!
  10. Pimpadeaux

    Tucker Carlson Thread

    Cucker Carlson embodies being an MSM tool.
  11. Pimpadeaux

    Oh, those wacky Nazi selfie takers..

    Where do you stand on the following: Gun control. Abortion. Gay marriage. The military. Energy. Climate control. Term limits. Health care. Affordable college.
  12. Pimpadeaux

    Oh, those wacky Nazi selfie takers..

    On the extremes.