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  1. Pimpadeaux

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    Kudos to you for finding your life's bridge. Seriously, I now have mad respect for this. As for your last paragraph, you have to know that trolling, busting balls and creating ruffled feathers among those here who take themselves way too seriously was at the heart of which I was more than willing to get banned. I'm a moderate conservative and don't like Biden, but surely you have to see that the guy he replaced was a far greater evil who plays by the dictator playbook and has a dangerous base of blind, brainwashed, delusional followers who have no tolerance and represent the greatest threat to our democracy since the Civil War. He's still at it.
  2. Pimpadeaux

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    Why did you not support a guy whose party you feverishly support now? Weird. Sad. Loyalty much?
  3. Pimpadeaux

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    Why do you live in and support one of the most oppressive, human-rights-violating countries in human history and get to lob your options st the United States? Such a hypocrite.
  4. Pimpadeaux

    Memorial Day plans

    Yard work and steaks.
  5. That's extreme, but it is sickening that this is being trendy. She needs to grow some grass on the field.
  6. I know a very liberal couple whose daughter at age 9 decided she was a he, and they ran down the field with it. No grass on the field yet, and yet they went all-in. Focking ridiculous. They just wanted to be trendy.
  7. Pimpadeaux

    Unfortunate Things You Have Witnessed?

    Yeah sure ...
  8. Pimpadeaux

    Unfortunate Things You Have Witnessed?

    Regardless, I'm sure you have reported me by now, ratso.
  9. Pimpadeaux

    Overrated / Underrated Music edition

    Eric Clapton - overrated. Clutch and Monster Magnet - underrated.
  10. Pimpadeaux

    24 Hour Blackout ( FFToday )

    It's Qanon clue that the civil war has begun. Everyone to their posts immediately and await orders. This is not a drill.
  11. Pimpadeaux

    Unfortunate Things You Have Witnessed?

    And it wasn't his dad ...
  12. Pimpadeaux

    Unfortunate Things You Have Witnessed?

    A wreck that killed five people, including a child. A doosh in a Corvette was running away from a fender bender he caused and entered an intersection at 100 mph and hit other vehicles like a bowling ball. There were brains and severed limbs littered throughput the intersection. The worst was the child's mangled body. I was the reporter on the scene, and the cops let me walk around in it.
  13. Pimpadeaux

    Creepiest episode of a tv show

    Yes, all of them.
  14. Pimpadeaux

    Creepiest episode of a tv show

    The last episode of "Sharp Objects."
  15. Pimpadeaux

    Poll: Yes/no, I want Rusty to reveal all his aliases

    I honestly don't know the exact reason. I know I was getting reported a lot, but I thought I was playing by the same rules everyone else was playing in regard to where the lines were. I adjusted and tried to toe the line after three suspensions. Maybe they just got tired of the noise.