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  1. lambert58

    *** 2024 Draft and Season Discussion ***

    My season is over. Cardinals might lose 100.
  2. lambert58

    *** 2024 Draft and Season Discussion ***

    Cruz fills a weakness. Ss had me worried with the Cards starting a rookie, Edman starting the season in IL and Crawford on the bench. Love my infield.
  3. lambert58

    Rounds 27 & 28: Supplemental Draft: DONE

    28.03 - Oneil Cruz, SS, PIT
  4. lambert58

    *** 2024 Draft and Season Discussion ***

    I “should” have power with Goldy, Arenado, Gorman, and Walker. Some more all around stats are much needed on my team. I thought about waiting on him but didn’t think he would make it back.
  5. lambert58

    *** 2024 Draft and Season Discussion ***

    My team sucks. I need 3 more supplementals to be competitive.
  6. lambert58

    Rounds 27 & 28: Supplemental Draft: DONE

    27.10 - Luis Robert, OF, CWS
  7. lambert58

    Supplemental draft order... or something

    Damn…. Hope the season goes better than the draft slots have for me.
  8. lambert58

    *** 2024 Draft and Season Discussion ***

    C. Willson Contreras, Knizner 1B, Goldschmidt 2B. Gorman, Donavon, Palacios SS. Winn, DeJong 3B. Arenado OF, Walker, Edman, Nootbar, Thomas SP. Gray, Flaherty, Montgomery, Hicks, Matz, Lynn, Mikolas, RP. Helsley, Cabrera, Romero, Kelly, Kittridge, Gallegos, Totally different draft experience for me this year. In years past I have had an insane amount of exclusives starting pitchers. I had 9 last year alone. Due to Alcantara and Johan Oviedo missing all of 2024 and the trades last year of a lot of pitchers off the Cardinals roster, I had 1 quality starter (Sonny Gray) going into the season. Fortunately I was able to field a team of non pitchers out of exclusives that included Goldschmidt, Arenado, Contreres, and several players with a lot of positional eligibility. This allowed me to focus on Pitching. Out of my 12 picks, 9 were pitchers. after I saw the draft order, I knew I didn’t have a shot at Arozarena or Adolis Garcia so I turned to young pitchers with the most upside. I took Flaherty number 1 knowing that he would have to get through 4 picks before I had another shot at him in round 2. I gambled that Montgomery wouldn’t sign before I could make my 2nd round pick and that paid off. Jordan Hicks and Steven Matz gives me some upside and the remaining pitchers gives me depth. (Lynn and Mikolas). the 3 position players (DeJong, Knizner, Palacios) add some depth but not much upside. players I missed out on: I forgot about Quintana. I didn’t have him in my list. I would have liked to snag Wacha as well. Garcia and Arozarena I knew would be gone. I lost Kyle Gibson but I am ok with that. I put him in the Lynn, Mikolas category. I feel good about my lineup. I have a few places where I can upgrade but I feel I can hang middle of the pack of things go well.
  9. lambert58

    Rounds 11 & 12: done

    12.06 - Andrew Knizner, C, TEX
  10. lambert58

    Rounds 11 & 12: done

    11.07 - Richie Palacios, 2B, TAM
  11. lambert58

    Rounds 13 & 14: done

    13.07 - Jojo Romero, P, STL
  12. lambert58

    Rounds 9 & 10: done

    10.06 - Andrew kittridge, P, STL
  13. lambert58

    Rounds 9 & 10: done

    9.07 - Genesis Cabrera, P, TOR
  14. lambert58

    Rounds 7 & 8: DONE

    8.06 - Joe Kelly, P, LAD
  15. lambert58

    Rounds 7 & 8: DONE

    7.07 - Paul DeJong, SS, CWS