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  1. Da_Bears

    Tre'Quan Smith

    Question you need to ask yourself is: Do you want Goodwin with Beathard throwing to you or Smith with Brees throwing to you?
  2. Da_Bears

    Eagles at Giants: In-Game Discussion

    Have a bad feeling Ertz will be a decoy and Goedert will be scoring tonight.
  3. Da_Bears

    IR Question Re: Bell

    As the commish for my league, I contacted ESPN about that designation. They replied, the team placed that designation on Bell and there was nothing they could do. I suggested they should create a new designation for contract holdouts like those players suspended, with no reply to that. Now, since the rule states a player must have an “out” designation to be placed on IR, there is nothing that can be done this year. I will be proposing the “LeVeon Bell” rules change next year to specifically state that players that are contract holdouts cannot be placed on IR even with an official “Out” designation.
  4. Da_Bears

    Week 5 Streaming Defense

    Patriots at home facing Indy who is missing 2 o-linemen, Hilton, Mack, and Doyle.
  5. Da_Bears

    Who to start Rb week 3

    what Weepaws said!
  6. Every site projects Johnson to score anywhere from 14 to 18 pts in ppr and higher then the other two?
  7. Da_Bears

    Ertz or Hogan

    Keep Ertz at round 13 or Hogan at round 15? I'm leaning Ertz but Hogan a WR2 at 15 looks good too.
  8. Da_Bears

    Zach Ertz considered Doubtful

    I can’t see how he was medically cleared to play if he is still complaining about having headaches which could still be a concussion symptom.
  9. Da_Bears

    311 yards 300 TDs!

    Me thinks you are overstating the number of TDs for him by a few.
  10. Da_Bears

    The F.U. Thread for Week 9

    FU Freeman! Running like an RB3 each week this year except weeks 2&3. Hell, Coleman has outscored in 3 of the last 4 weeks.
  11. Da_Bears

    Postponed Game Question

    Since I lost week one and had to sit my TB players, I am setting up a Go Fund Me account for Hurricane Irma for points so I can win. Anyone who can spare a couple points would be much appreciated.
  12. Da_Bears

    Draft Buddy 2017 - Projections Updated 9/4

    Will you be updating again tomorrow if additional info is released or someone else bites it too?
  13. Da_Bears

    Drafting for a league member not there...

    He sent you his rankings...use them. Select the highest ranking RB or WR available from his list when it's his turn. If it turns out to be RB RB ok, select highest WR from his rankings for rds 3 and 4. Just don't pass up a higher WR in rd 2 to select a lower RB so you can grab the WR. It would be more impartial to have a disinterested party draft for him though. Even someone's teenage son would be better than nothing.
  14. Luck Gordon if he plays Julio L. Miller Dez Tucker Hill on bench and ready if Gordon is a no go