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  1. Da_Bears

    London Discussion: Falcons @ Jaguars

    Well, as a Pitts owner, he needs to be on the bench. As for the Bears, GM and Coaches are incompetent, but we have to wait another year to see if the 25 new players this year helps. I just am not sure I want to trust this group with next years draft either.
  2. Da_Bears

    London Discussion: Falcons @ Jaguars

    The NFL needs to investigate why Ridder still plays. This is obvious tanking. How could they say Heinicke is not a better option after Ridders performances?
  3. Da_Bears

    Battle for the Basement

    And Broncos will drop 50 on the Bears, because it’s what you would expect from the Bears Def.
  4. Da_Bears

    Battle for the Basement

    Week 4 has two teams heading in the same direction, down, and battling for the 1st pick in the NFL draft. Broncos coming off the 70 - 20 drumming by the Dolphins and the Bears coming off their own massacre from KC 41-10. Bears host the Broncos and one of them has to come out victorious, unless they finish in a tie. Can either team come off these embarrassing performances to prove they belong in the NFL as opposed to a college level conference? I believe the Broncos have the best shot at pulling off their 1st win, even on the road at Soldier Field.
  5. Da_Bears

    The NFL wants people to believe it is not rigged

    I don’t know what other proof is needed than Arizona beating the Cowboys that the NFL is rigged, Unless the Bears actually wins a game, then that might help prove it.
  6. Da_Bears

    Changing of the Guard

    Well, it wasn’t all the o-lines fault today. Fields held the ball way too long. It’s like he has one option to throw to, and he waits for that player to be open. Problem is he waited way to long and didn’t, wouldn’t, or couldn’t do any kind of target progression at all.
  7. Da_Bears

    Kyle Pitts

    By the time Ridder “developed”, London and Pitts will be looking for new contracts and better QBs on other teams.
  8. Da_Bears

    Austin Ekeler Watch - Ankle Injury

    Bring on Joshua Kelley!
  9. Da_Bears

    The Official Week 1 FU Thread

    FU Allen for 4 turnovers for -8 pts and causing me to lose by 5.9 pts.
  10. Da_Bears

    Crazy but Lawrence over Allen

    Well, went with Allen over Lawrence and ended up losing week 1 by 5.9 pts. Lawrence outscored Allen by 8.75 pts. -8 focking pts for 4 turnovers Should have stuck with my gut.
  11. Da_Bears

    who was your sleeper draft picks

    Josh Kelly and Roshon Johnson
  12. Da_Bears

    Drop one of these? OBJ or Elijah Moore

    Hope you you kept Moore.
  13. Da_Bears

    What would you do here?

    Just to add a name to watch is Jayden Reed Wr GB. If both Watson and Doubs are out, Reed is a viable play. He also had some good chemistry with Love.
  14. Da_Bears

    Crazy but Lawrence over Allen

    Agree, but in 2 games last year Allen threw for about 350 yards 1 TD and 2 Int total. If not for his running making up for his points, he would have not be a QB1 at all against the Jets and I am not sure he will be able to run against them the same as he did last year.
  15. Da_Bears

    Arizona is tanking this year for sure

    They won’t be using those picks though. They have no money to pay the top recruits and they have way too many position needs on both sides of the ball. I see nothing but trading down for multi picks later.