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  1. Da_Bears

    Any hope for Pollard as we hit Playoffs

    Only hope for pollard is to be added to the latest “out for rest of season” list so Dowdle can take over.
  2. Da_Bears

    Week 10 FU

  3. Da_Bears

    Week 10 FU

    Pollard continues to be allergic to the end zone.
  4. Da_Bears

    WR Scoop and Play

    Demario “Pop” Douglas NE vs Wash. Someone has to catch Jones passes.
  5. Da_Bears

    SNF Discussion: Bears at Chargers - Wk8

    Well, I hope this puts an end to the let’s get rid of Fields and start Bagent talk.
  6. Da_Bears

    FU Week 8

    Agree! No TDs since wk1. Barely reached 50yds rushing for the 1st time in a month. Double digit pts only once in last month. Great 2nd rd pick.
  7. Da_Bears

    Random Thoughts Week 8

    WTF is wrong with Pollard? 17 yds rushing, no receptions. Dallas, get him into the freaking action!
  8. Same with Ford. Cleveland and everyone else knows he is out, but they still haven’t officially changed his status. Not sure why some teams play these games with injury designations.
  9. Da_Bears

    The Official Week 7 FU Thread

    Since I don’t see one started. A big FU to Ridley! Did you piss off your team mates? How do you only get 1 freaking catch for 5 yards? i don’t even think you had a target in the 1st half. You are an after thought on your own team and will be benched on mine.
  10. Da_Bears

    TNF Discussion: Jaguars at Saints - Wk7

    I had Ridley on the bench until they said Lawrence was playing. Wish I hadn’t seen that and put him in.
  11. Da_Bears

    Super Bowl in London?

    Saw on ESPN this morning that the NFL is considering having a Super Bowl played in London. https://www.nbcsports.com/nfl/profootballtalk/rumor-mill/news/roger-goodell-dangles-idea-of-london-super-bowl If they do, I will not be watching. They are already playing too many games overseas.
  12. Da_Bears

    49ers and Eagles lose

    Next is Giants beating the Bills for the NFL rigged trifecta.
  13. Da_Bears

    London Discussion: Jaguars @ Bills - Wk5

    How was that hit on Johnson in the back by Jacksonville not a penalty?
  14. Da_Bears

    TNF Discussion: Bears at Commanders - Wk5

    I traded Mattison for Moore after week 1. I am playing the guy I traded with. He also has Fields…on his bench.
  15. Da_Bears

    London Discussion: Falcons @ Jaguars

    Well, as a Pitts owner, he needs to be on the bench. As for the Bears, GM and Coaches are incompetent, but we have to wait another year to see if the 25 new players this year helps. I just am not sure I want to trust this group with next years draft either.