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  1. Da_Bears

    Bench All Bears

    Siemian hurt during warm-ups. Peterman starting without a single practice reps. Monty will have a wall of people to run through.
  2. Da_Bears

    Bench All Bears

    and start Jets Def. Bears starting Peterman at QB.
  3. Da_Bears

    The Official Week 11 FU Thread

    FU Kirk Cousins, 3.25 pts, you were almost outscored by Mullins who only played the 4th qtr. FU Kevin O’Connell for not making adjustments to feed Cook more. 7.2 pts. FU Dalton Shultz, dropping a sure TD at beginning of game and then only scoring 3.7 pts when the team scores 40 pts. FU Toney for your weak ass hamstrings and scoring 0 pts. Lastly, FU to me for having to start these weak ass people.
  4. Da_Bears

    Trades in a keeper league

    Exactly! In this league, how long can a player be kept? If the JJ owner was losing his rights to him after this year and retain Pollard for a few, then I see nothing wrong with it. The owner who gets JJ gave up a RB with years left for a one season rental. It’s done in all sports.
  5. Da_Bears

    Return to Hollywood

    Per NFL Now, Hollywood Brown has a chance to play Monday.
  6. Da_Bears

    Mike Williams who will benefit?

    If available, and if Kupp is out/limited, you might want to take a flier on Van Jefferson. Check out Terrance Marshall Car too.
  7. Da_Bears

    F.U. week 8

    Who the hell still thinks Jonathan Taylor is a no brainer? FU Jonathan Taylor, and your 5.6 points, you RB 40 something.
  8. Da_Bears

    Dynasty feedback - changes after Year 1

    Any major changes to a dynasty league structure should be announced a year in advance and then draft/auction next year from scratch with no keepers from prior years. Everyone builds their team for the new structure. IMO
  9. Da_Bears

    Who will be the biggest bust in 2022?

    The same as before. Until they get an offensive line that can protect any of our current or prior 1st round QB selections, and a true number 1 WR, this is what we will face. Mooney has potential to be a 1, but we still need WR help. Hopefully, once N’Keal Harry is off IR he can be that #2 to help both Mooney and Fields. Back to the o-line, they have to stop filling our line with other teams cast offs and draft the protection he needs. You don’t build a house by starting on the roof. You need the foundation 1st, and that is our offense and defensive lines.
  10. 1 year after Rodgers contract ends.
  11. Da_Bears

    Thursday Night Football: Chargers at Chiefs

    Yeah, I am sure it will be quite visible when you sign in. Then Amazon Prime commercials throughout the game as well as their logo in one of the corners.
  12. Hope everyone has Amazon Prime. This is the 1st week Amazon has the rights to air the game. Sorry, brain fart when I posted this.
  13. Cooper Manning has about the same chance of being selected to the HoF.
  14. Are you a SF fan? Sorry, but not really?
  15. Da_Bears

    SF RB

    Add to deciding which RB will perform that week, you then have to worry about Deebo Samuel stealing rushing yards and TDS, as well as Trey Lance at goal line.