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  1. Da_Bears

    All fair in love, war, and fantasy football?

    I thought if you add a player and then drop him that same day he doesn’t lock and is still available. I could be wrong though. Haven’t done this myself.
  2. Da_Bears

    The Official Week 12 FU Thread

    Not even gonna wait for game to end. FU Wilson, for not even throwing one Fing pass to Metcalf. As I type this he gets an uncatchable ball for his first target. Needed 8.5 pts from Metcalf for the win and he gets 1 forking target and fat zero score.
  3. Da_Bears

    Christian McCaffrey out for the year

    He didn’t when MCM was on IR weeks 4-8. He scored a whopping 22.9 total in my 1/2 ppr league in that span.
  4. Da_Bears

    The Official Week 12 FU Thread

    FU to both Newton and CMC. 10.6 points combined, are you frocking kidding me?
  5. Da_Bears

    Waiver picks-how do you FAIRLY do it?

    Via ESPN league settings, we have a $100 waiver purse per team. Owner who claims with highest bid in blind auction wins that player.
  6. Da_Bears

    2nd half breakout

    Rashod Bateman
  7. Da_Bears

    Justin Fields is this year's Josh Rosen.

    Not saying Fields is playing well, however, Tua is in his 2nd year and played Jax and Atl. Two sub defenses compared to GB and TB.
  8. Da_Bears

    Justin Fields is this year's Josh Rosen.

    There’s not a QB playing that could produce when playing behind the worst o-line in the league.
  9. Da_Bears

    Skipping This Season

    Talked with ESPN and if a league doesn’t have rosters for this season, they delete those leagues. So, loading last years rosters for this year to avoid losing the league settings.
  10. Da_Bears

    Skipping This Season

    Has anyone else’s league voted to skip this season with players sitting out and others contracting COVID-19? How will it effect your league status with the host site?
  11. Da_Bears

    The Official Week 12 FU Thread

    FU Carolina! Cause you couldn’t score and close out NO, you cost me the Survivor win today.
  12. Da_Bears

    David Montgomery- terrible

    With trubisky issues, I believe they feed Montgomery and he will end up with 20-25 touches for 125, 4 catches for 35, and 1 rushing TD.
  13. Da_Bears

    Chiefs at Chargers: In-Game Discussion

    What the hell Mahomes, you and Kelsey having personnel issues this year or what? You've got the top TE in the league, pass him the damn ball.
  14. Da_Bears

    Where's the week 11 FU thread?

    FU Coleman, Julio (no TDS since wk3) and Mack for getting hurt with the whole 2nd half still to play. Finally, FU Nagy, Pace, Trubisky, Pineiro and the entire Bears player evaluation team for this sh!t show you’re putting on the field. Trubisky before Mahomes and Watson?