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  1. gopanthers!

    Kyle Pitts

    Are we as concerned with him as much as everyone is panicking over London? It's been a long time since I've posted. It's good to be back!
  2. gopanthers!


    Is Kamara hurt? They tried out other rb's today
  3. gopanthers!


    Thanks for all the responses! I went with the Colts, and that pick 6 late, that was reversed, costed me the W. No more undefeated domination!
  4. gopanthers!


    Colts D at the niners, or NO D @ the Seahawks? Life or death!? I've had colts in most of the week, but just switched to new Orleans. I'm down by 12pts. Need a defensive td for sure
  5. gopanthers!

    Josh Jacobs

    Do we think he's gonna play? Sucks he doesn't suit up till Monday night. I desperately need p barber to do his thing again.
  6. gopanthers!


    I just put in a claim for D. Shutlz
  7. gopanthers!


    Is there any hope? Or major panic time? I don't even have a backup on my roster! Fock
  8. gopanthers!


    What do we think about his #'s this year? I'm hoping for a second year improvement. First post in 5+ years!
  9. gopanthers!

    Eddie Lacy Trade Value

    Thanks! I normally just pull the trigger, but I took a day on this one. Lacy has been my boy!
  10. gopanthers!

    Eddie Lacy Trade Value

    Keep 4 league. I was offered Allen Robinson and Giovanni Bernard for lacy and a 3rd round pick next year. I already have forsett, ivory, hillman. As well as randy cobb, landry, master Mike Evans, Benjamin at wr's. It is an instant upgrade, but I don't think I would use Bernard much, and I guess I'd bench cobb for Allen Robinson. And of course lose that 3rd rounder. I picked lacy as a rookie. What do I do? I'm in 5th out of 10 teams, top 4 make playoffs. Standard scoring. The other guy is essentially tanking. I originally wanted Amari cooper. He won't give him up
  11. Blount wasn't apart of the game plan? He the bed today. I didn't see much of that game
  12. gopanthers!

    Check in if your championship is Week 17

    My league still goes through week 17. I am down 27pts with Brees and Turner left. My opponent has Roddy white and Kasay left. Anyone think i have a chance? This win would put me into the finals(week 17). Do i have a prayer? No ppr, standard scoring with a bonus of 3pts for tds over 40yds.
  13. gopanthers!

    Are you making the finals.. What you need?

    Just won by a point! Thanks for the encouragement fellas! Glad i started drinking early afterall..
  14. gopanthers!

    What Do You Need on Monday Night?!

    I think i just won by a single point!! Power outages, mother in law visits, couldnt bring me down!!!
  15. gopanthers!

    Pittsburgh Steelers at San Francisco 49ers

    Steelers gonna rock em tonight(i hope)