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  1. gopanthers!


    Is Kamara hurt? They tried out other rb's today
  2. gopanthers!


    Thanks for all the responses! I went with the Colts, and that pick 6 late, that was reversed, costed me the W. No more undefeated domination!
  3. gopanthers!


    Colts D at the niners, or NO D @ the Seahawks? Life or death!? I've had colts in most of the week, but just switched to new Orleans. I'm down by 12pts. Need a defensive td for sure
  4. gopanthers!

    Josh Jacobs

    Do we think he's gonna play? Sucks he doesn't suit up till Monday night. I desperately need p barber to do his thing again.
  5. gopanthers!


    I just put in a claim for D. Shutlz
  6. gopanthers!


    Is there any hope? Or major panic time? I don't even have a backup on my roster! Fock
  7. gopanthers!


    What do we think about his #'s this year? I'm hoping for a second year improvement. First post in 5+ years!
  8. gopanthers!

    Eddie Lacy Trade Value

    Thanks! I normally just pull the trigger, but I took a day on this one. Lacy has been my boy!
  9. gopanthers!

    Eddie Lacy Trade Value

    Keep 4 league. I was offered Allen Robinson and Giovanni Bernard for lacy and a 3rd round pick next year. I already have forsett, ivory, hillman. As well as randy cobb, landry, master Mike Evans, Benjamin at wr's. It is an instant upgrade, but I don't think I would use Bernard much, and I guess I'd bench cobb for Allen Robinson. And of course lose that 3rd rounder. I picked lacy as a rookie. What do I do? I'm in 5th out of 10 teams, top 4 make playoffs. Standard scoring. The other guy is essentially tanking. I originally wanted Amari cooper. He won't give him up
  10. Blount wasn't apart of the game plan? He the bed today. I didn't see much of that game
  11. gopanthers!

    Check in if your championship is Week 17

    My league still goes through week 17. I am down 27pts with Brees and Turner left. My opponent has Roddy white and Kasay left. Anyone think i have a chance? This win would put me into the finals(week 17). Do i have a prayer? No ppr, standard scoring with a bonus of 3pts for tds over 40yds.
  12. gopanthers!

    Are you making the finals.. What you need?

    Just won by a point! Thanks for the encouragement fellas! Glad i started drinking early afterall..
  13. gopanthers!

    What Do You Need on Monday Night?!

    I think i just won by a single point!! Power outages, mother in law visits, couldnt bring me down!!!
  14. gopanthers!

    Pittsburgh Steelers at San Francisco 49ers

    Steelers gonna rock em tonight(i hope)
  15. gopanthers!

    What Do You Need on Monday Night?!

    Are either teams going to be able to drive the ball? Stout defenses on both sides