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  1. gopanthers!

    Trade: Bills moving WR Stefon Diggs to Texans

    So what does this say for strouds value? I was deciding on keeping him, hurts, or Pacheco in a keep 4 standard league. I already have CeeDee, McCaffrey, and puka as my projected top 3 keepers
  2. gopanthers!

    Brock purdy

    Does he play this weekend? And rebound in a big way? Washington looks pretty damn bad
  3. gopanthers!

    Please help!

    Well that kinda sucked. Only time will tell:)
  4. gopanthers!

    Please help!

    Anyone for the tie breaker?
  5. gopanthers!

    Please help!

    18 views and not one opinion?
  6. gopanthers!

    Please help!

    Russell Wilson tonight or Trevor Lawrence tomorrow night!? I currently have Wilson in. But it's kinda hard to trust him in the fantasy playoffs
  7. gopanthers!

    Kyle Pitts

    Are we as concerned with him as much as everyone is panicking over London? It's been a long time since I've posted. It's good to be back!
  8. gopanthers!


    Is Kamara hurt? They tried out other rb's today
  9. gopanthers!


    Thanks for all the responses! I went with the Colts, and that pick 6 late, that was reversed, costed me the W. No more undefeated domination!
  10. gopanthers!


    Colts D at the niners, or NO D @ the Seahawks? Life or death!? I've had colts in most of the week, but just switched to new Orleans. I'm down by 12pts. Need a defensive td for sure
  11. gopanthers!

    Josh Jacobs

    Do we think he's gonna play? Sucks he doesn't suit up till Monday night. I desperately need p barber to do his thing again.
  12. gopanthers!


    I just put in a claim for D. Shutlz
  13. gopanthers!


    Is there any hope? Or major panic time? I don't even have a backup on my roster! Fock
  14. gopanthers!


    What do we think about his #'s this year? I'm hoping for a second year improvement. First post in 5+ years!
  15. gopanthers!

    Eddie Lacy Trade Value

    Thanks! I normally just pull the trigger, but I took a day on this one. Lacy has been my boy!