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  1. handbanana


    He sucks
  2. handbanana

    Washington at Steelers: MAF Discussion

    Nice drop JuJu
  3. handbanana

    Washington Football Team vs “the slot”

    That’s what I did thanks. Fingers crossed!
  4. handbanana

    Lamar - when is he gonna be activated?

    Saw that thanks!
  5. All the rags just assume that he will be activated and start, but that was supposed to happen yesterday. What’s the hold up? If he’s active, I’ll play Hollywood and Tucker. If not I’m gonna go with Snell and Gould. Wtf?!?! Ha
  6. handbanana

    Washington Football Team vs “the slot”

    1/2 pt PPR lol. And Snell may get a few swing passes? Hmmmmmm... tough one
  7. I’m down 14 pts and my opponent still has Diggs to go. I have 2 slots left (plus Tucker) and the winner goes to playoffs loser goes home. I can play 2 of these 3 guys: Hollywood Brown, JuJu and Snell. I’ve already decided to play Hollywood against a trash Cowboy defense with Andrew’s and Snead out I feel like he will be the only game in town. So that leaves me with either JuJu or Snell. Normally I would roll out Snell for the higher floor, but I don’t think he will feast against a stingy Washington run defense. I feel like Ron Rivera teams try to stop the run and funnel everything to the middle of the field where they rally to the ball. But I haven’t really watched the Football Team play this year so I have no idea. My gut is telling me a lot of short quick passes to JuJu to counter the ferocious Football Team front four. But they might also go more run have to account for the pass rush and to keep Ben upright. Anyone watch a decent amount of Football Team games that can weigh in on Snell vs JuJu?
  8. handbanana

    Broncos @ Chiefs SNF

    That A Jones TD focked me so hard so now I have to shoot for the moon and play Hollywood Brown over CEH. Fock CEH and his stupid stomach virus
  9. handbanana

    The Matt Patricia Experiment - IS OVER

    Gravy Blood and Haircut are GONE!! This almost makes me as happy as when the Con-man in Chief got his ass handed to him earlier this month... Almost
  10. handbanana


    Going for it on 4th and long from your own 25 only down 4 with 12 minutes left? He should he fired on the spot that fat fock
  11. handbanana

    Houston at Detroit: Turkey Game Discussion

    Why? They’ll lose by my more than 3
  12. handbanana

    What is up with Gaskin?

    Nobody cares about your team or your backhanded “thanks”
  13. handbanana

    Lockett, Hyde expected to play for Seattle

    What about Collins?
  14. handbanana

    Streaming Defense for Week 4?

    Pickings are slim this week. I used the Browns last week but can’t this week. Thinking either the Broncos (even tho they are beat to ), the JETS (bc the Broncos are beat to ) or the Chiefs (playing well but not a lot of sacks or turnovers against the Pats and Cam). Rolling with the Rams in my other league. What y’all got?
  15. handbanana

    WEEK 16. Denver or Pittsburg D ??

    Is this Denver bug thing still a thing??