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  1. handbanana

    Todd Gurly or Dalvin Cook

    Cooks is gonna gash the Lions for 120 and 2TDs. I have Diggs and he aint gonna do squat. Ugh
  2. handbanana

    Blue is he worth a start

    ^^^^ this
  3. handbanana

    Ravens at Chargers: In-Game Discussion

    Im starting Rivers over Winston. Fingers crossed...
  4. handbanana

    Watson if Hopkins sits?

    Watson has been pretty nice lately and Philly can be thrown on. However, they play better defense at home like most teams. If Hopkins were 100% Id play Watson over Rivers and Winston who both also have tough matchups. However, if Hopkins is out or even limited, it seems like Watson all of a sudden goes from a potential floor of like 16pts to 12pts just like that with a limited ceiling as well. Any Watson owners watching the Hopkins situation as closely and with as much anxiety as I am??
  5. handbanana

    Hello Caller, I'm Listening ...

    Ummmmm... dude...
  6. handbanana

    Hello Caller, I'm Listening ...

    Ill start us off. I play a league where you can play a QB in the OP position so most do. Ive been riding Rivers all season like Trump rode hillbillies to the Oval Office. But I hate his matchup against the Ravens. Especially sans Allen and possibly without Gordon and Ekeler. My other two QBs are Watson and Winston. Not great options both being on the road, but still my gut says roll with those two guys over Rivers. Watson will get a few with his legs and the Philly secondary is atrocious. Winston could also get a few with his legs and hell turn it over at least once but his upside is always there. Sooo... what say you Mr. Guru?
  7. handbanana

    Post them Championship bound rosters

    1/2pt PPR Can play a QB in the OP position 11-4 QB Rivers RB Chubb RB Lindsay WR OBJ WR Diggs TE Ertz Flex Edelman, Boyd, M Ingram, J Wilson OP Watson and Winston K Fairbairn and Lutz D/STs Bills and Browns
  8. handbanana

    Browns at Broncos: In-Game Discussion

    I have Chubb and Lindsay going. So far... ugh
  9. handbanana

    Rivers or Rodgers.....torn... need help

    Rivers. Not even close.
  10. handbanana

    Gambling Week 11

    I got the Panthers -3.5 Its now up to -4.5. Is still take it. The Lions are a dumpster fire and have a ton of injuries. The only way the Lions cover would be a back-door cover with garbage time StatFord comeback. But I dont see that happening with no Tate and no M Jones. I think the Panthers win 31-13
  11. handbanana

    Kenny Golladay

    Hes good...
  12. handbanana

    playoff defenses?

    I like the Titans a lot: Jags @Giants Redskins
  13. handbanana

    Kenny Golladay

    As a Detroit home Indont believe this to be the case. Golladay still runs sloppy routes while MJ runs great routes and is always exactly where he should be when Stafford looks his way. I think teams would much rather limit Jones and live with Golladay and not vice-versa. Just my opinion though...
  14. handbanana

    Dez Bryant - Signs with New Orleans

    If so, why not Tre Smith?
  15. handbanana

    A.J. Green expected to miss time with foot injury

    Agreed. Boyd benefits from the coverage sliding to Green who knows if he can be The Man with Green our. Frustrating as I own Green in one league and Boyd in the other. Ugh