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    Jackson vs Patriots DST

    Stafford is on fire, the Lions can’t run the ball, and the Raiders have the worst pass offense in the NFL. Add in the Lions pathetic defense and you have the makings of a good old fashioned shootout. Def Stafford this weekend
  2. handbanana

    Your Fatal Flaw

    I’m just too nice
  3. handbanana

    Colts at Chiefs: In-Game Discussion

    I need Kelce to finally live up to his draft status and put TWO in the endzone. And ay the same time need Shady to tweak something while either D Williams does work instead! Not likely on either front...
  4. handbanana

    Miles takes the first carry of the game...

    I’m not surprised he isn’t the bell cow I was surprised he took the first carry of the game and then Howard got every carry thereafter. I figured he got hurt when he slipped on that first run. Happy he wasn’t. You’re a snarky d1ck by the way
  5. Slips and falls... and then Howard gets literally every snap after that? Did he tweak something? He looked fine after he popped up. Jesus
  6. handbanana

    Eagles at Packers: In-Game Discussion

    What the fock happened to Sanders did he hurt himself when he slipped on that first run? Glad I played him on a whim...
  7. handbanana

    F.U. Week 4

    FU Aaron Jones the week I play against you J Williams goes out and you will prolly score 3TDs in a TD heavy league!
  8. handbanana

    F.U. Week 4

    FU Adams for picking tonight to go off against me after doing nothing all season ya a$$hat!!
  9. handbanana

    F.U. Week 4

    FU Miles Sanders. You slip and fall on the first play of the game and the Howard is I’m for the remainder of the series? I’m playing against Howard and starting Sanders. FU!!
  10. handbanana

    The Official Week 1 FU Thread

    Fock you Julio I hope you gone down on a chick with syphilis!!
  11. handbanana

    Kelce from the 9 spot?

    Im all-in on the Chief’s passing attack this year like most. I’m thinking about taking Kelce at 9 and then coming back with someone like Connor, Mixin, Cook, OBJ or Hill at 16. I like Kelce at lot better than Ertz or Kittle due to QB play and target share. So I’d rather have Kelce and whoever than say Julio and Kittle/Ertz. And neither Kittle nor Ertz will be there in the 3rd. There are a lot of high-upside WRs/RBs in the 3rd like Diggs, Hilton, J Jacobs, A Jones as well and I don’t wanna reach for Engram or Howard. What say y’all?
  12. handbanana

    Todd Gurly or Dalvin Cook

    Cooks is gonna gash the Lions for 120 and 2TDs. I have Diggs and he aint gonna do squat. Ugh
  13. handbanana

    Blue is he worth a start

    ^^^^ this
  14. handbanana

    Ravens at Chargers: In-Game Discussion

    Im starting Rivers over Winston. Fingers crossed...
  15. handbanana

    Watson if Hopkins sits?

    Watson has been pretty nice lately and Philly can be thrown on. However, they play better defense at home like most teams. If Hopkins were 100% Id play Watson over Rivers and Winston who both also have tough matchups. However, if Hopkins is out or even limited, it seems like Watson all of a sudden goes from a potential floor of like 16pts to 12pts just like that with a limited ceiling as well. Any Watson owners watching the Hopkins situation as closely and with as much anxiety as I am??