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  1. handbanana

    Davante Adams might have the flu....oh no!

    I used to think this bored was full of idiots. Now I know it is lol
  2. handbanana


  3. handbanana


    This is just adorable
  4. I’d prolly roll with Feeeman since you know he’s gonna a get play and with Penny he might not even play at all who knows? That and the Saints run D is stout
  5. Freeman and Penny in the same league. Times are lean
  6. handbanana

    Who's holding on to Carson?

    Any time a football player has a neck injury, it’s serious and potentially career-threatening. I am holding on to Carson for now, but as soon as I start to get the least but if inkling that this will longer the rest of the season, I’m cutting bait of I get a viable replacement option (which is iffy in and of itself). Tough situation to have both him and Collins eating space on benches during these crazy bye weeks.
  7. handbanana

    Gruden........He Gone😲

    White men of the fantasy world UNITE lol. It’s just intolerable what is happening to white’s in this country, so unfair, can’t just say or do whatever they want anymore without consequences… FOCK this woke bs!! Lol
  8. handbanana

    Gruden........He Gone😲

    Hahahahahahahahahaha… ahhhhhhhh…
  9. handbanana

    Gruden........He Gone😲

    Yeah. It’s “wokism” lol. Not vulgar, disgusting behavior from a leader in the NFL. It wasn’t just that comment about D Smith which was disgusting. It was apparently 7 years worth of terrible about a lot of people. Poor judgment and behavior has consequences. The Right apparently thinks anything is permissible other than, you know, abortion and lol
  10. handbanana

    George Kittle Lands on IR

    Ummm… he is the one bringing politics into the forum bashing Biden while praising a guy who tried to subvert democracy itself. Consider the source before you pass judgment
  11. handbanana

    George Kittle Lands on IR

    WRONG!!! Lol
  12. handbanana

    George Kittle Lands on IR

    No sense arguing with an idiot. No amount of proof, or lack there of, will satisfy most Republitards these days… and this pair of clown shoes is most definitely that
  13. handbanana

    Any Dalvin Cook ankle updates?

    My “hunch” is a RBBC against my Lions tomorrow. Cook plays but is “managed”
  14. handbanana

    Carson and A.Collins question

    Correlation is not causation. 2 games is not a big enough sample-size. A genius like you should know this. Fortunately for you, I’ve had labral tears in both shoulders and had both operated on. One shoulder does not effect the other and vice versa. As I said, he may be worried about getting hit and taken down to the ground hard. TBD.
  15. handbanana

    Calvin Ridley Out for Week 5

    Good luck ever truly understanding what communism and socialism actually are. And what fascism is. And how an autocrat acts. Remember, Hitler was voted into power by people just like you. But hey, you already knew that, bc you spend all day on a fantasy website chatting with other strange dudes you don’t know… Hand banana. That’s called a character. Thought you would know that genius