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Found 7 results

  1. Need 2 more knowledge and active league members in this full PPR startup dynasty league. It is 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 2 Flex, and 1 Super Flex. The Buy in is 25 dollars and will be collected through league safe. The draft will be a 4 hours per pick draft and will start the day after the last preseason game. Please add me on Sleeper if interested so I may invite you. Sleeper Username: Natz2231
  2. Looking to fill several spots in a $10 Best-Ball Guillotine League on Sleeper. 20 Teams / 10 Starters / 10 Bench - Drafting on August 21st. https://sleeper.com/i/LmwBKKm827km https://leaguesafe.com/join/4132171 Looking to fill several spots in a $20 Best-Ball Guillotine Super-Flex League on Sleeper. 10 Teams / 10 Starters / 10 Bench / 1 Elimination every 2 Weeks - Drafting on August 14th. https://sleeper.com/i/LmwjEQJZqaDw https://leaguesafe.com/join/4132188
  3. SLEEPER AUCTION REDRAFT RELEGATION 2020 The Leagues of Ordinary Gentlemen is an auction-redraft fantasy football league competing under the Gents FF Shields. All leagues under the Gents FF Shields compete on the Sleeper platform. We are currently seeking new franchise owners as part of an expansion initiative as we prepare to transition to a Relegation Format in 2020. Our Relegation Format for 2020 will follow the same basic premise of the British Premier League (soccer) in which the Premier League relegates (sends down) the two worst teams to the 2nd Division while the two top teams in the 2nd Division earn promotion to The Premier League. The evolution of The League of Ordinary Gentlemen to a Relegation format creates a need to add a full 12-team 2nd Division (The Jellybean League) that will compete annually for promotion to the Original 16-team League (The Premier League). Many of the 12 new Jellybean Gents are in the “franchise setup phase” now but we are still looking for several more prospects to round out our 2nd Division for the 2020 season. Are we right for you? Do you want your fantasy football experience to be more than anonymous, silent game play? Do you want to join in on the early years of a league that will be around for years to come? This is a unique opportunity to become a part of a league with a growing history and a strong framework of rules and expectations to take it decades into the future! Those interested in obtaining franchise rights and investing in a team should expect to be vetted through a short interview process with the Commissioner following the completion of a short Application (Google Form). Only serious applicants will be considered to be invited to join on a one-year probationary endorsement. Adhering to and supporting our Frameworks is all a Gent need be concerned with doing in order to achieve a permanent placement in The Leagues. To receive and review a copy of our Frameworks document along with an Application to fill out for franchise consideration, please email: The Commissioner
  4. Col Hogan

    Let's Go Deep - For the record

    How about a deep (read probably won't get drafted) sleeper at each skill position? QB -Matt McGloin- I like Oakland's receivers, and I was burned a couple times by the elder Carr. If McGloin gets in, he stays in. RB -Brandon Oliver- I don't even really consider him a deep sleeper. Gordon's draft position can't keep him on the field indefinitely. If you don't think he's deep enough I'll say Brandon Ross for the Packers has a chance to do something. I have no confidence in Lacy and Starks is old. WR -Jerome Simpson- I know he's been getting a few blurbs here and there, but most people consider the 49ers passing game a freaking mess.
  5. BattleshipLorenzen

    How's Aldon Smith looked? IDP sleepers?

    Looking for IDP underperformers or sleepers with good pedigrees who are flying under the radar so far. Thoughts/additions? Aldon Smith, OAK. He was a dominant pass rusher. He's been with OAK for a few weeks, and his snap count has increased each week (started last week for the first time). He got two solos (one TFL, which adds 1.5 in my league, for 2.5 per solo TFL - compared to 3 for a sack), two PDs (1 each, same as solo), but no QB hits (and, if I recall, no pressures). You'd think that, opposite K.Mack, there would be some good pass-rushing opportunity. Part of it is his conditioning (and I guess he lines up on the left? PFF said he was against Joe Thomas), but anyone have any insight (i.e., actually saw the game?) into whether better production can be expected? The Bears are pretty weak at tackle right now, and seem likely to be in catch-up mode, so Aldon might be a sneaky play this week. Anthony Barr, MIN. Good average last year after being the No. 9 overall draft pick and some big games. Two good games and a bad week 2 so far this year, but plays on a good defense. Marcell Dareus, BUF. He just came off of suspension in week 2, performed decently in a plus-matchup away in week 3, and has a two more coming up (for DTs, not DL overall). He got 80% of snaps week 2 and only 63% week 3 (rested with the lead maybe?). I'm not sure that he's dominant enough to be a regular starter, but could be a good stash for BYE weeks. Michael Johnson, CIN. I think he's graded out well by PFF. Did not start week 1, but started 2 and 3 and got 75% of the snaps. Two bad matchups (with my league's scoring) in weeks 1 and 3; had poor stats in week 2's better matchup against SD (2 solo, 1 assist, 1 PD). KC gives up points to DE, and one would think he'd be able to take advantage of the attention that Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap will demand. He's recently been added as well (hence not starting week 1), but really only had one noteworthy year with CIN stat-wise (2012). Leonard Williams, NYJ. Grading out well for a rookie, increasing snap time, and still getting into shape on what looks to be a dominant defense. Has anyone seen this kid play? Dont'a Hightower, NE. Very promising last year, and great start to this year before dropping only 1 point week 3 (Jags abandoned the run; Hightower still got 72% of the snaps, compared to 91% week 2 and 84% week 1). Seems (possibly) dependent on the defensive package that NE uses to defend an opponent (e.g., it looks like only 2 linebackers got snaps week 1, except Mayo got a handful while Hightower was out). Any others? Thoughts on these guys? They are just a few who are on the WW in my IDP league (2 DL, 2LB, 2 DB). I'm solid at these positions (except DB), but it's nice to spot playmakers ahead of time instead of relying on JAGs during BYE weeks. Short list of guys who are "WTF?" with their rankings each week, IMO. Oliver Vernon Fletcher Cox Jason Hatcher
  6. I've done a lot of reading, and I can't decide if the pro-Mike Evans talk is real or not. It does NOT seem to be coming from fantasy football rookies who do not know better, but it could be savvy veterans just trying to pump him up so another player they really want falls to them in their draft. I have a hard time going for a guy whose previous season success was based on TDs alone. Reduce the TDs, and you've got a 68 reception WR with barely a 1,000 yards. TDs are volatile. Now you've got a rookie QB in the mix. Receptions and yards are a much better indicator of success. If the TDs come with it, then you've got a super star on your hands, but I don't bank on TDs alone. So I did a search, and I stumbled on this. I tend to agree with many of the points made about Evans being a bust in 2015: http://www.footballdocs.com/fantasy_football_busts.html Here's the counterpoint saying Mike Evans is a sleeper in 2015: http://sportsmind11.sportsblog.com/posts/2471544/early-fantasy-sleepers-for-the-2015-16-season.html I have a hard time buying the sleeper angle, but I differ to the board for thoughts. Would like to see both pro-Evans and anti-Evans takes. Should be fun. Discuss.
  7. I've been going back and forth on this decision and wanted to open this choice to a new set of eyes. Here is my dilemma: Current TE – Martellus Bennett / Chicago Bears / 2012 – 626 yards & 5 TD I have my eye on Jordan Cameron / Cleveland Browns / 2012 – 226 yards & 1 TD The QB situation in Cleveland is my turn off to picking up Cameron. Thoughts?