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2010 Draft Round 9

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Round 9

1. Rhinos Revenge - Chris Cooley TE Was

2. Mathemeatloaf - Devin Hester WR Chi

3. Bryan Miller Thomas Jones RB KC

4. Horny Toads - Cadillac Williams RB TB

5. Mad Brad Bombers - Marshawn Lynch RB Buf

6. Karma Roosters - Chaz Schilens WR Oak

7. Attack Mode - Tashard Choice RB Dal

8. Matt Schaub – QB HOU

9. Drunk Monkeys - Brett Favre QB Min

10. Titans - Leon Washington RB Sea

11. MTskibum - Santonio Holmes WR NYJ

12. Horny Toads - Owen Daniels TE Hou

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Devastation trades 9.9 and 13.9 .... to Monkeys for 10.5 and 11.8


9.9 Monkeys selects Brett Favre QB Vikings

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