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  1. The Moz

    Japs crush USA in Little League World Series.

    edjr hates America.
  2. The Moz

    Mike, please ban Chronic Husker

    as much as saying that makes me want to cringe ......... YES
  3. The Moz

    Mike, please ban Chronic Husker

    As much as I think your a piece of I still hate GF 10X more because of how he kills threads here .. maybe if you read at all you would of realized I was talking about GF not you ..... as for the hat you really want to re hash that or were you not made to look dumb enough the last time?
  4. The Moz

    Derrick Rose accused of drugging and gangraping ex

    I will glad send Rose to the clink as long as Kane 88 is abe to play
  5. He need 5 years of footlongs 3 times a day.
  6. The Moz

    Mike, please ban Chronic Husker

    Mike needs to nuke ban this guy like he did to that one poster years back... all trace of gf gone every post and every reply GONE. mike bans others but some how this piece of trash gets a pass. Wtf
  7. The Moz

    Jobs the Internet killed

    Pron stores, pron mags, spice channel
  8. Midget Tranny BBW isn't that everyone go to?
  9. Damn I know Hillary wins then No way she's not some Sith Lord or something.
  10. The Moz

    Let's Meet John Kasich

    Sadly I think Trump could beat Bernie but would anyone win we would either get a nutcase or a socialist. Actually the more I think about it I think a Jeb / (Walker/Rubio/Kasich) ticket would beat Hillary and more than likely Biden and whoever. Hillary just has zero likability - Hillary should have ROLLED the 2008 primary as OBama had only 4 years in the Senate and other than a really good convention speech in 04 really did nothing of note. Hillary got killed. I just can't see her winning a campaign.
  11. Everyone cheering their states Tribute ...... man it would be cool to do this! sort of evil and sadistic but focking cool!
  12. Make Illegal's Legal so long as they register for their state and each year every state has a lottery to choose 1 illegal "Tribute" to battle in the hunger Games . Would ge great to be Illegal in Cali or Texas ... not so much Vermont or Rhode Island
  13. The Moz


    HW and WJC were both great their family members just really suck. Why must we go from bad options in Hillary and Jeb. To worse or actually insane alternatives like Trump and Bernie. Been in Europe alot latley yes they are laughing and loudly.
  14. NO longer a Wrasslin fan but I will say from everything I have read John Cena is a really good guy and devotes more of his time to helping kids than any other celeb I have heard of ..................... unless you count subway Jared