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2010 Draft Round 14

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Round 14

1. Horny Toads - Devin Thomas WR Was

2. MT Skibum - Derrick Ward RB TB

3. Titans - Toby Gerhart RB Min

4. Devastation - Philly Defense

5. Vernon Davis – TE SF

6. Drunken Monkeys - Dallas Cowboys

7. Karma Roosters - Jermaine Gresham TE Bengals

8. Mad Brad Bombers - Mario Mannigham WR NYG

9. Magic Man and El Diablo - Minnesota Defense

10. Bryan Miller - Matt cassell QB KC

11. Mathemeatloaf - Green bay Defense

12. Rhinos Revenge - Rob gronkowski TE NE

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Horney Toads (via e-mail ) selected: 14.01 Devin Thomas, WR WAS



mtskibum is now on the clock...

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