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Big draft day decision...NEED HELP

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It’s that time of year again where I say F this heat & humidity, give me shorts & hoodie weather with football on tv and it’s bliss for me. But anyway, draft day is Sunday night before Labor Day, 12 team league of friends, live redraft on my deck, I have a major decision to make. Pork butt or brisket. I made this same thread last season where pork butt won out, but am throwing a curveball this year. Pork butt, straight brisket, or...taking two briskets, curing the flats and making smoked pastrami for sandwiches and making burnt ends from the points. All aspects must be taken into consideration, main focus on pork butts being cheap and relatively easy to make, to brisket and brisket side products being more involved but they are the commissioner of flavortown (sorry). What say you FFtoday?


edit- I am well versed in the art of smoking brisket, well smoking any meats in general, and making pastrami from scratch

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