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  1. LaChup

    CBS sports making ff fun again.

    You guys should just have an all QB league.
  2. LaChup

    CBS sports making ff fun again.

    Why no TE slot? You sick of getting beat by Kelce?
  3. LaChup

    McVay Future

    This is how millennials do. They win, lose, then need a break. Legendary work ethic.
  4. LaChup

    Coaching Changes

    Only coach to get fired for winning.
  5. LaChup

    The Official Week 17 FU Thread: Championship Edition

    If only I had drafted Taysom Hill at the end of the first round instead of Kamara.
  6. LaChup

    Minshew in Philly

    This post didn't age well at all.
  7. LaChup

    Week 17 All-Out Blitz ...

    Global warming picked a great week to have a bye.
  8. LaChup

    What do you give your toilet bowl winner

    In other words, reparations for sucking.
  9. LaChup

    Broncos Fire HC Nathaniel Hackett

    The Broncos couldn't Hackett, now they are going to have to Payton for someone to come in and turn things around. I hope they don't Cowher.
  10. LaChup

    What do you give your toilet bowl winner

    In my millennial league, teams 1 - 10 get equal payout.
  11. LaChup

    stupid facts

    Why does Eli get all the credit? Are Ahmad Bradshaw and Martellus Bennett chopped liver or something?
  12. LaChup

    Trust Fields this week?

    May Josh Allen's arm freeze over and not thaw out until Tuesday morning. Thank you lord.
  13. LaChup

    stupid facts

    Matt Ryan is slowly turning into Eli Manning right before our eyes.
  14. LaChup

    Matt Ryan to the bench, Nick Foles to start

    Anyone riding Foles to a Super Bowl Championship? Me neither.