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  1. LaChup

    Ceedee Lamb Holdout?

    Trade him and draft EeeEff Hutton
  2. LaChup

    2024 NFL Draft Profile - WR Marvin Harrison Jr.

    He's the third best receiver in this draft.
  3. LaChup


    OJ can rest peacefully now that Nicole's killer has died.
  4. LaChup

    Instant Analysis - Travis Kelce

    If his beer drinking, can slamming celebration when he accepted his diploma from Cincinnati isn't proof that he is one of the world's biggest d-bags, I honestly don't know what is. He's a 15 year old in a rat infested body.
  5. His lawyer made a petition to change his name to Rashee Race.
  6. LaChup

    2024 NFL Draft Profile - QB Bo Nix

    Name change alert.....Bo Sux.
  7. LaChup

    To Early Top Ten

    Why is Chase number two again? He wasn't even top 10 last year. At his position.
  8. LaChup

    RB,WR,TE with QB Cousins

    I would be happy if any of them landed in the top 100.
  9. LaChup

    2024 NFL Draft Profile - QB Jayden Daniels

    I can see his elbow bone popping right out that skin of his. Can someone please queue the picture?
  10. The Raiders should have drafted him.
  11. LaChup

    Chiefs sign a rugby player

    He'll be just another butt sniffing scrummer.
  12. Don't sleep on the Chargers this year. Who needs Ekeler, Williams and Allen when you have Gus?
  13. LaChup

    Kenny Pickett traded to philly....

    I'd rather have Kenny Powers.
  14. LaChup

    Kenny Pickett traded to philly....

    Are you going to spend any money on Penix?
  15. LaChup

    Sam Darnold to the Vikings

    I still think it is a viable option. If Darnold isn't working out, they can just whip out their Penix.