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  1. LaChup

    Consensus #1

    There is no way Fruit Loops weighs in the low 220's. His face weighs that much.
  2. LaChup

    Anyone played college fantasy football?

    Our league drafts a mascot.
  3. LaChup

    Big draft day decision...NEED HELP

    Serving burnt ends is like serving nalgahide taint to your besties.
  4. LaChup

    Big draft day decision...NEED HELP

    Pork butt with smoked pork butt samiches.
  5. LaChup

    Why is Godwin going so early?

    Because Godwin.
  6. LaChup

    You will “reach for” ?

    Bubby Brister in the 4th.
  7. LaChup

    The aggrevation of the stupid trade proposal

    "The three of them combined won't put up the same totals as Hopkins." - His quote, not mine. Don't lay down the law with me law dog.
  8. LaChup

    YouTube Video Question

    Have you tried closing youtube once the video is over?
  9. LaChup

    The aggrevation of the stupid trade proposal

    2018 Hopkins 115 rec 1,572 yds 11 tds Fitzgerald 69 rec 734 yds 6 tds Jackson 41 rec 774 yds 4 tds Funchess 22 rec 549 yds 4 tds Fitz + Jackson + Funchess = 132 rec 2057 yds 14 tds > Hopkins It boils down to how many WRs you can start and whether or not those other 2 guys get any playing time. Not a horrible offer, but I think it would be a horrible mistake.
  10. LaChup

    2019 Projections & Rankings

    The defenses are not identical to the ones he played against.
  11. LaChup

    Mahomes in the 3rd round?

    If you wait to draft Mahomes in round three, you won't be drafting Mahomes. What do you think this is? Fantasy football?
  12. LaChup

    A.J. Green - Out 6-8 Weeks

    He'll never have to worry about hurting his throwing arm. With his mechanics, it's about as fresh as an 8 year old girl.
  13. LaChup

    Kareem Hunt as a keeper

    Depends on what league he is playing in. If he earns his way to the prison league, his value might shoot up to 25%.
  14. LaChup

    Back up QB most likely to succeed?

    I actually think Mark Sanches might have a decent shot selling insurance or homes.
  15. If he was on the NY Giants, they'd be willing to keep him around 50 years though.