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  1. LaChup

    Darnold ROS

    If ^takes hold, I want royalties. You're welcome!
  2. LaChup

    Darnold ROS

    Sammy Dollars
  3. LaChup

    Darnold ROS

    Top 5-10 for sure.
  4. LaChup

    Anybody reading the Miam RB Tea Leaves?

    The dolphins are cute this year.
  5. LaChup

    Darnold ROS

    Best QB New York has had since Kurt Warner.
  6. LaChup

    1 DEF for ROS ??

  7. LaChup

    Chiefs at Broncos: In-Game Discussion

    I like sauce on my sauce and Flacco has too many c's in his name. What a clown!
  8. LaChup

    James Conner for OBJ?

    He is good in practice though. I'll give him that.
  9. LaChup

    James Conner for OBJ?

    And why would you want Old Birdy Jastard?
  10. LaChup

    Gambling Thread

    Some other ML dogs to consider: Virginia - ML+120 Houston - ML+230 North Texas -ML+130
  11. LaChup

    Gambling Thread

    MLUPW Purdue - ML+145 Washington State - +1 South Florida - ML+170 San Jose St. - ML+115 Texans - ML+170 Lions - ML+170 20/3939
  12. Yes. Geronimo loves balls.
  13. Are you guys really trying to figure out who Ratface Jr. is going to play at RB each week? Look no further than Ratface Sr. to figure that one out.
  14. LaChup

    Anybody starting G Tate Thurs?

    Most likely his Mom, but probably no one else.
  15. LaChup

    Gambling Thread

    Add TCU +3