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  1. LaChup

    Skipping This Season

    We are looking at not playing if there is not a season.
  2. LaChup

    Dynasty Rookie Draft

    Which RB/WR combo would you rather have in Dynasty Rookie Draft? Dobbins or Swift and Jefferson or Higgins or Pittman CeeDee or Jeudy and Vaughn or Moss
  3. LaChup

    FU semifinals

    Pretty sure Rivers might have just passed both of them.
  4. LaChup

    FU semifinals

    BTW.....does anyone know if Eli will be going to the HOF for throwing the most interceptions known to mankind?
  5. LaChup

    FU semifinals

    As far as I'm concerned, the Rams can Kupp Goff!
  6. LaChup

    Gambling Thread

    Broncos +10 Bills ML +105 Rams PK Vikings -1 Colts +9
  7. LaChup

    Cheaters gonna cheat

    "Do Your Jazz Hands Job"
  8. LaChup

    Gambling Thread

    Giants +9 Under 46
  9. LaChup


    Eli is for sure HOF QB and interviewer. Yes!
  10. LaChup

    Why does TNF hate me so much?

    Real talent doesn't perform on Thursday nights. Monday night is for the elites.
  11. LaChup

    Things to Do on the Sidelines

    Parkinson's is not anything to laugh at.
  12. Eli Manning > Billy Volek INTs vs. TDs
  13. LaChup

    Does weather forecast sway your decisions

    No. Eli is horrible regardless of the weather.
  14. LaChup

    Knowing Your Enemy

    Congratulations. This will be devastating news to the other owners.
  15. LaChup

    Pats flu bug -

    I would definitely temper your expectations of the Pats defense. I can see a 2-3 int. game for sure.