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  1. LaChup

    Theilen now on Covid List - OUT

    I have a Theilen this is what happens when you Cooks with Cousins.
  2. LaChup

    UPDATE: Saquon Barkley Out For The Year - ACL

    Anyone who thinks Gallman is better than Akers is straight up tripping. Examine the facts..... Wayne - 8 career TDs = 48 points David - 386 FGs / 1,721 points scored
  3. LaChup

    Antonio Brown #58 ???

    The only thing preventing him from 300 yards and 5 TDs this week is Bubby Brister isn't his QB.
  4. LaChup

    Would you Veto this trade ?

    I would trade Mahommes for just about anybody. Never heard of him.
  5. LaChup

    Jordan Reed goes down

    Did he ever come up?
  6. LaChup

    Week 9 Scoop and Play WR

    I'll go with Rod Tidwell every day and all day on Sundays.
  7. LaChup

    Raiders fined and stripped of '21 draft pick

    When Kamala comes out with her vaccine in the first week of Presidency, all this BS will go away.
  8. LaChup

    Josh Allen appreciation thread

    He's like a rich man's Minshew.
  9. LaChup

    Leonard Fournette vs the World

    Can we all just agree that they both suck? This is Vaughn's team.
  10. What's the name of your league? Kick Yourself In The Balls Fantasy League?
  11. Quit slarvin' on the Giants. Aren't you the one who said Eli will be in the HOF? The only way he gets in the HOF is if he is voted most likely to be on a team too long.
  12. I know this may be a little controversial, but Rae Carruth?
  13. LaChup

    Skipping This Season

    We are looking at not playing if there is not a season.
  14. LaChup

    Dynasty Rookie Draft

    Which RB/WR combo would you rather have in Dynasty Rookie Draft? Dobbins or Swift and Jefferson or Higgins or Pittman CeeDee or Jeudy and Vaughn or Moss