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Who is the WR for SF to own after the bye ?

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23 hours ago, AxeElf said:

Yes, that would be your typical PPR scoring--1 pt for the reception, 5 pts for the yardage, and 6 pts for the TD.

So the question remains... When was the last time that a SF WR scored 30 fantasy points in a game?

The last time I can think of one was Michael Crabtree in Week 17 of 2012.

Can anyone think of a 30 pt game by a 49ers' WR since then?

In any case, I think I'm going to have to call nonsense on the latter part of this:

3, yes; 30, not so much.

Meh. Knit picking. I said 'could'.


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On 9/30/2019 at 8:30 PM, Bier Meister said:

i would be careful relying on any 49er rb or wr.  shanny even said as much prior to the season in how he wanted players interchangeable.  now... players will do well, but jimmy will try to go to the open guy.  even wilson is vulturing breida/mostert.  the only reliable player on offense is kittle.


On 10/2/2019 at 8:31 AM, Bier Meister said:

They are not going to offer predictable production.  They will all have a good game here and there, but it is going to be difficult to project floors and ceilings for them.


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Tonight was the first time I really had the opportunity to watch SF this year, and I think I can say definitively that, whoever the WR to own may be, it ain't Pettis. You could see both the talent and the knuckleheadedness on full display. His one catch was a sideline throw where he bobbled the ball, then made a great recovery to bring it back in before he went out of bounds. Later, he was flagged for holding, negating a long screen to Samuel. And after that, he dropped a slant that he might well have taken to the house.

Other than that, he was invisible.

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