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Pittman or Renfrow? Weather factor?

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PPR league

Pittman is on the road @ San Fran

Renfrow is at home vs Philly

So, Pittman is ranked a little higher this week, but this crazy heavy rain that’s coming in worries me. I looked at the radar for San Fran and that’s a TON of heavy rain coming in off the coast. Looks like it’s going to be a GIANT mess of a game, but without Campbell and Hilton, Pittman looks to be the #1 option. 

Renfrow has been relatively consistent for the Raiders, Carr is playing well and Philly likes to give up big plays. Trouble is, you never know which of the Raiders WRs is going to get that big play. 

Do I go with the receiver playing indoors, out of the weather, but will have to share pretty equal targets or the receiver that’s going to get the lions share of targets, but playing in really crappy conditions?

Who would you start if it were your team? 

Thanks for any help!!!!!

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I would lean towards Renfrow.

Rain is a big concern but that can sometimes lead to sloppy defense and a big day for the offense.

That said, it's the 49ers who are less likely to have a sloppy defense than most teams.

The Colts could go heavy run, so that wouldn't b e good.

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I like Pittman here with Hilton back to being out.  

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