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  1. Upsman89

    12 team keeper league

    we have 2 keepers every year my keepers this year were A jones and Courtland sutton
  2. Upsman89

    12 team keeper league

    Wondering what you guys think about Antonio Brown . I have Zek and pollard just in case but thinking about dropping pollard to get him since next year Brown could be one of my keepers . i would get him as my last pick next year then . What does everyone think.
  3. Upsman89

    Free Agent QB Pickup

  4. Upsman89

    Which QB to drop?

    keep Brees and Herbert
  5. Upsman89

    who to start

    Deboo samuel or Diontae johnson at flex .5 ppr .. Could try and get Fulgram off waivers but would have to drop either Samuel or johnson
  6. Upsman89

    CEH & Bell situation

    Bell went from the worst off teams to one of the best off teams as soon as he learns the playbook he will cut into CEH touches quite a bit .
  7. Upsman89

    Deboo Samuel

    should i hang with Deboo samuel as wr4 for a few more weeks or try and get someone like Jeudy or mike williams
  8. Upsman89

    Week 6 wrs to start .5 ppr

    pick 2 OBJ , Anderson or D Johnson if he plays.
  9. Upsman89

    TE bye next week

    not what i was asking waller has bye weeek 6 wondering if i should pick up fant istead of logan thomas for week 6
  10. Upsman89

    TE bye next week

    Currenty have Waller and logan thomas someone dropped Fant last wek should i grab him instead of thomas not sure how bad Fants injury is
  11. Upsman89

    T E hurt .5 PPR league

    barely won thanks to me getting indy def of wire iam now 3 -0 . hopefully waller has a better game this week
  12. Upsman89

    T E hurt .5 PPR league

    agree just worried about injury and patriots game is to try and take him away
  13. Upsman89

    Swift, Lewis or Wilson?

    wilson lewis swift
  14. Upsman89

    Pick 1 for the Flex .5ppr