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  1. Upsman89

    which QB to start

    wentz vs redskins or rivers vs vikings
  2. Upsman89

    Stafford or Prescott

  3. Upsman89

    Which wr would u rather have?

    Shepard but worried about his concussions 2 this year
  4. Upsman89

    Kareem Hunt?

    would be a good handicap for chubb that is only reason you would play him
  5. Upsman89

    Start Brady or Carr

  6. Upsman89

    Which TE?

    Graham or Hockenson about the same
  7. Upsman89

    ROS rb ppr keeper league

    Walton or Hunt keeper league i can keep anyone i get off waivers for next years last pick
  8. Upsman89

    Flex spot ppr

    Walton or Sutton 1/2 point ppr
  9. Upsman89

    Flex spot ppr

    Chase edmonds or Ty Johnson ppr flex spot
  10. Upsman89

    Mahomes or Josh Allen

    tough call mahomes always has the chance to put up monster games if he can keep from tweaking his ankle
  11. Upsman89

    Flex start 2nd League 1/2 PPR

  12. Upsman89

    Flex help