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  1. Upsman89

    Tyler Lockett

  2. Upsman89

    WR for my .5 ppr league

    DJ moore or Jeudy
  3. Upsman89

    Drop one

    yep wilson
  4. Upsman89

    Tyler Lockett

    some one dropped him can pick him up but would need to drop either DJ Moore , Jeudy or Goodwin also have G Davis but not dropping him any of those worth dropping for Lockett
  5. Upsman89

    QB for week 4

    currently i have wentz someone dropped carr should i try to get him or just stay with wentz until prescott comes back
  6. Upsman89

    D J Moore

    What about Romeo Dobbs should i take a chance on him
  7. Upsman89

    D J Moore

    Is it time to drop him for just about anyone that does not have baker mayfield as his QB .
  8. Upsman89

    1 flex spot open advice

  9. Upsman89

    Flex problem

  10. Upsman89

    Flex Help

  11. Upsman89

    Wr help standard

    Pittman or Higgins standard league i have Burroughs as my QB
  12. Upsman89

    Flex help in ppr

    shepard and hall
  13. Upsman89

    Flex help

    G wilson
  14. Upsman89

    .5 ppr Wr this week need 2

    Jeudy , DJ moore or G davis need 2
  15. Upsman89

    QB help