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  1. Upsman89

    .5 ppr flex this week

    Barkley or Montgomery
  2. Upsman89

    QB for week 16 Purdy or ???

    i also have purdy would stay with him
  3. Upsman89

    def to start

    Browns or packers
  4. Upsman89

    Defense question

  5. Upsman89

    2 RB Slots Advice

    i wou;d go Pacheco and williams
  6. K williams , Barkley ,R White and Montogmery . Right now I have williams Barkley and white starting
  7. Upsman89

    Qb to start .5 ppr

    Dobbs or Purdy
  8. Upsman89

    Brown or Watson?

  9. Upsman89

    Love or Heinke

  10. Team A gets Tua and Aiyuk .. Team b get Jordan love and adam thienen Team b has Hurts as the starting QB.Team B had Aiyuk , Hopkins , boyd and osborn as his ws r.Team a had love as his starting Qb lost cousins for the year. Team a had Chase , jefferson , thienien thomas and downs. i play both of these teams in the next 2 weeks play team with hurts next week and team with Tua week 11 .
  11. Upsman89

    .5 ppr flex this week

    pierce or ridley
  12. really cant drop anyone so will have to wait till either him or monty is out then i can get QB out of these QB who would you pickup.. Dobbs, Pj walker Bagent, Garoppollo or Darnold thinking Darnold but would take any advice.
  13. Upsman89

    .5 PPR FLEX

    D Johnson or Palmer
  14. Upsman89

    Rb to start

    Moss , R Johnson or Warren standard league
  15. Upsman89

    Who to start? Pick 2

    walker and mostert