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  1. Upsman89

    RB2 and RB3

    Breida and Jones Breida and Jones
  2. Upsman89

    Big Ben of Rivers

  3. Upsman89

    Who to start this week?

    jones and johnson hopkins and moore
  4. Upsman89

    WR help

    Sutton Coutee
  5. Upsman89

    RB2 for this week

    pick one Mack vs dolphins, Michel vs jets or Breida vs bucs standard
  6. Upsman89

    QB help

  7. Upsman89

    RB to start

    Coleman vs Dallas or Mack vs titans
  8. Upsman89

    WR to start

    Hilton vs Titans or Diggs vs Bears Standard league
  9. Upsman89

    WR to start

    Hilton or Fitzgerald
  10. Upsman89

    WR and Flex for this week

    cooper and Ekeler
  11. coleman ,mack ingram or michel looks like he will be back at rb please pick 2
  12. Upsman89

    QB problem

    depending on game tonight might grab Prescott if it is still close but would have to drop Luck or Wentz who would you drop
  13. Upsman89

    QB problem

    got 20pts from last nights game think iam going to wait to monday night if iam close will pick up Prescott
  14. Upsman89

    QB problem

    can only have 2 QB on team would have to drop Luck or Wentz to pick up Flacco
  15. Upsman89

    Trade Alert! Kelce and Phillip Lindsay for Hunt

    iIwould make trade Lindsay looked good and Kelce is well like having a 3rd starting wr on your team