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Pick 2 from this dumpster fire of WR’s

21 November 2018 - 10:11 AM

T. Hill and B. Cooks are both on bye and I need 2 receivers to start out of TreQuan Smith, G. Tate, MVS, or DJ Moore..

Barf!!! Thanks

10 team .5ppr

Waiver wire ?

13 November 2018 - 07:09 PM

I have 3 transactions left on the season and was thinking of using all 3 this week. Probably not smart but I was looking to try and solidify my roster and make a push towards the playoffs. Thinking of picking up R. Penny, A. Miller and Washington Def. Id look to stash Penny in the hopes that the Seahawks lean on him as the season comes to a close, and the Seahawks have a good schedule for playoffs. Miller I might have to play next week with Hill and Cooks on Bye. My other choices would be G. Tate, MVS or Trequan Smith. The Redskins Def Id play this week against Houston instead of Denver vs Chargers. Should I make any of these moves or should I hold? Thanks!!!!

QB: Wentz, Cousins
RB: Gordon, Fournette, Michel, Drake, Eckler
WR: T. Hill, B.Cooks, MVS, G. Tate, Trequan Smith
TE: Doyle, Njoku
K: M. Badgley, C. Parkey
Def: Denver, Cleveland (have to carry 2 Def)

... Id drop C. Parkey, Cleveland Def and either Eckler or Smith.

.5ppr 10 team.  4-6 record

Carson Wentz

06 November 2018 - 08:04 PM

With the addition of G. Tate to the philly offense plus coming off the bye, what is Wentzs outlook ROS. Is he a top 5 QB?

Trade for QB or hold?

06 November 2018 - 04:21 PM

My record is 3-6. Lots of injuries. Someone asked me the other day if I wanted Brady (his other QB is Wilson) in a trade but he never said for who, but if I had to guess he probably wants M. Gordon which I'm not trading for just Brady. I've also been looking at the owner who has C. Wentz (D. Brees). I think Wentz is gonna heat up and be the stud QB he was last year. My QB's are Cousins and Mayfield. I don't love Cousins behind that o-line as well as I think they'll want to run more after the bye, and I also think that defense gets better. If I make a play for Wentz who from my roster below would you offer? Thanks.


My roster

QB: Cousins, Mayfield

RB: Gordon, Fournette, Michel, Ingram, Drake, Eckler

WR: T. Hill, B. Cooks, Sanders, Hogan (gonna drop for MVS), T. Smith

TE: Doyle, Njoku


His roster

QB: Brees, Wentz

RB: Hunt, Lewis, Cohen, Collins, B. Allen

WR: Hopkins, Cooper, Tate, D-Jax, D. Westbrook

TE: Olsen, McDonald


10 team .5ppr

Why doesn’t anyone wanna trade?

31 October 2018 - 06:41 PM

Im frustrated with the league Ive been in for 10 years. Im sitting at 3-5 and Ive been trying to trade some of my depth. The guys in my league hold onto there players for dear life. Been looking to do a 2 for 1 type trade. Ive made several offers to various people within the league and nobody wants to trade at all. I feel like my offers have been reasonable too. Ex. I offered one M. Ingram OR S. Michel and E. Sanders OR B. Cooks for Julio. Declined! Just trying to make a push and try and get some wins. Im not looking to get put on blast. I just wanted to vent to others that can probably relate to some degree. Thanks.

QB: Cousins, Mayfield
RB: M. Gordon, Fournette, Michel, Ingram, Drake, Eckler
WR: T. Hill, B. Cooks, E. Sanders, C. Hogan, T. Smith
TE: Njoku, Doyle

10 team .5 ppr