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In Topic: Kavanaugh sexual misconduct in High School

Today, 01:03 PM

Back to the drawing board for the Ds. Another swing and a miss. At this point they are just an embarrassment to the country .



Basically the Blasey Ford chick is lying, the Ds are grabbing onto it and running with it like its a stick of dynamite and it's blown up I their faces again. She has an agenda and that is accuse him but hope to remain out of site. Didn't work and now the truth is coming out. She knew it all along but she a radical leftist.

In Topic: Doc n wife assaulting hunnerts of women

Today, 08:08 AM

We need more info on the chick's participation.

In Topic: Callaway

Yesterday, 05:22 PM

Callaway benefited from Tyrods best throw ever. Not saying he doesn’t have upside, but I wouldn’t feel great starting him yet.

Once they fire Hue and his gay ###### lover Tyrod, then Callaway will shine with a real NFL QB, Baker Mayfield. Until then, it's hit and miss and most of it miss.

In Topic: legalizing weed...we sure?

Yesterday, 01:41 PM

As a former stoner and soon to be re-stoner once legal in my state, MJ gives smart people more ideas. However, you may not remember them later on. I can't comment on what it does to retards like SloTard. Can't imagine any synapses in his illogical, mushy like a rotten pumpkin, brain would benefit.

In Topic: give me two good stocks

Yesterday, 11:12 AM





Of course they have already run up huge.

here's your winning pick.