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In Topic: Left right or both at same time?

Today, 04:59 PM

That's fuckin gross.


Enjoy what's left of your fat existence now, you fat disgusting pile of ######. Bad things are coming unless you are lucky enough to die of a massive heart attack.

In Topic: Man Dies After Getting Head Stuck in Movie Theater Seat...

Today, 04:37 PM



Today, 05:45 AM

Now back to the subject at hand. You know what is most sad? The White House was asked whether the Russian election was free and fair and they came back with well who are we to judge anybody else's election?

That just shows where our reputation and Leadership have gone under the Trump Administration. We used to be the standard bearer. People used to look to us for moral leadership. Now, we just shrug our shoulders because Putin has something on Trump. It's damn sad man.

Why don't you just take your daily Trump delivered buttfuckin like a man?

In Topic: Austin package bombs

Today, 05:41 AM

Black Muslim in late 40's on welfare and here illegally.

nah, just another millenial loser.

In Topic: Good Job President Trump

Yesterday, 01:54 PM

Way hotter than Stormy Daniels ....until you find out she was sucking Trump's ###### in the hopes of a big pay day. There is ZERO chance that she was enjoying anything with Trump. Simply in it for the $....or she's as dumb as a bunch of rocks. 


That being said, Go Trump!