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  1. That's why they need supplied. Let's get them outta here and in the ground. It's the cheapest way to deal with these morons.
  2. LOD01

    So. 49ers vs Patriots for the SB

    BALT is a possible threat because they have an unpredictable clown at QB. He's too stupid for anyone to get into his head. Belicheck has his work cut out in a few weeks. If he solves it, BALT is nothing. If he doesn't, they can actually win in NE. What holds them back the most is their retarded head coach.
  3. I sh1t down your throat and you enjoy it. It was a dumb idea because look at her now. She had to fake emotional distress because she inflicted damage on her own career with her dumb idea. Get it, retard? It was her dumb idea dumb because she destroyed what was left of her career.
  4. She's a non creative has been. Did I piss & moan about it? nope. Just chuckled at how it was going to assist in her demise because it was a really dumb idea.
  5. LOD01

    Democratic debate 2 nites starts tonight?

    Seig Heil Trump!!!!!
  6. LOD01

    Democratic debate 2 nites starts tonight?

    kamala went full blown retard on that one. Getting rid of assault weapons wont even put a dent in black killing via guns.
  7. LOD01

    YANG 2020!!! Andrew Yang

    All of that is just talk. He's gotta say what they want to hear to have any chance at the nomination. His basic income gets rid of the fat lazy worthless baby factories and other welfare losers that the D's pander to for votes. They can still pump out as many as they want but he will only be giving them 12k a year. Welfare ceases to exist. Thus they either work or live off 12k.
  8. LOD01

    YANG 2020!!! Andrew Yang

    He's giving me and the wife $24000 a year. He's bought my vote if he makes it to the nomination.
  9. LOD01

    Winning! MAGA!

    Pretty cool. I'll be dead by the time the planet goes Mad Max but I am doing all I can to speed up the process.
  10. it's not all black baby. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shooting_of_Daniel_Shaver Easily as bad as any of your examples.
  11. LOD01

    Is it time to get out of the market?

    Solid selloff. We are 1/2% away from being back at 1/26/2018 levels. 20 months of zero gains. Now we need a serious beat down to flush the losers out completely before we rocket to S&P 4100. Russell 2k now at 9/25/2017 levels. If you are in that you've made zero for 2 years. Just an FYI, it won't matter who is POTUS, we will be at S&P 4100 within the next 3 years. Time for Cramu.
  12. Yep. Idiot did it again today. Already sitting there on the left. Waited for me to come to a complete stop before turning right.
  13. Didn't anyone have a gun to stop him?