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  1. Right before they have to call Pete Rose in to sub at 1st base.
  2. Can't argue that one. At times, he's a total idiot in front of the mic but he's the only logical choice until either party brings forth a legitimate human. His ideas are all correct. The last 2 Ds have been a pear shaped, butt plug wearing, "its all about me" idiot and an certified Alzheimer patient. The R's couldn't beat Trump because they were all idiots in 2016.
  3. Damn right he is and that's not including all the Trump voters that are still telling the pollsters that they are voting for Biden in order to make it appear he is going to win...just like with hitlery last time. It such a great move.
  4. 22 less biden votes. Not seeing a problem.
  5. LOD01

    Players Placed on COVID-19 List, Opt-Outs

    That's what I expect. Get enough to opt out, including some superstars and that will force the league to give up. Then they can all say they deserve to be paid their full salary.
  6. LOD01

    It's Working! Keep Rattling Their Cage

    jon_mx just punching ShoTard right in the face over and over again. No idea why he hasn't been banned. No doubt he's been reported over and over again.
  7. LOD01

    Players Placed on COVID-19 List, Opt-Outs

    Matt Ryan talking about the set up at training camp. How everyone is separated. Um, you won't be when you take the field. This is such a complete joke.
  8. LOD01

    Damien Williams opts-out

    Impact for 2020 = ZERO. There's no season.
  9. LOD01

    Players Placed on COVID-19 List, Opt-Outs

    it's going to lead to a cancelled season. It's really quite simple., As soon as enough 'opt out', they won't be able to field NFL level competitive teams or even a team at all. Once that happens, they will have to cancel the season. Once the league cancels it, those that did not opt out, will want paid. Once the league has to pay them, they will ahve to pay the 'opt out' players as well. It's obvious what it going on.
  10. LOD01

    It's Working! Keep Rattling Their Cage

    You drench them with pepper spray. I'm talking soak them.
  11. LOD01

    It's Working! Keep Rattling Their Cage

    Exactly what one would expect to happen but yes, we need to keep up the pressure so they really start losing it.
  12. LOD01

    Next round of $1200 checks coming soon

    Sucks. Should be $1,200,000 at a minimum.
  13. For the crazies fighting it's use, Trump gets elected.