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In Topic: Reasons why the Rolling Stones are better than the Beatles

Today, 12:16 PM

Achtung Baby is really good. That was pretty much their last worthwhile album. U2 shouldnt even be in the discussion for best bands all time.


I'm not a big fan, but think they belong in the top 50

In Topic: Ivanka Trump uses personal email for government business

Today, 11:29 AM

I think we should tie her up and give her a good spanking. :banana:



In Topic: Monday Night Football

Today, 10:07 AM

1 p.m. CST today


Thanks Man  :thumbsup:

In Topic: Monday Night Football

Today, 08:27 AM

DAMN.......I missed it!  :wall:


Anybody know if there's a Replay on NFL Network?  :dunno:

In Topic: Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

Today, 12:01 AM

Another must win game. Well see if theyre up to the challenge