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  1. 5-Points

    Firearms spin-off

    I think you mean AFT man.
  2. 5-Points

    Who taught you to use a firearm?

    Combo. Pops taught me firearm safety, proper handling etc. I taught myself how to shoot.
  3. 5-Points

    Firearms spin-off

    Not enough. A few thousand factory loads of various calibers and enough ingredients on hand to make a couple thousand more.
  4. Getting closer and closer every day. But the important thing is the POTUS doesn't tweet mean things. Get your priorities straight, racist.
  5. 5-Points

    GC Fantasy Nascar

    Dag Blammit!
  6. 5-Points

    GC Fantasy Nascar

    Yeah, nothing can go wrong with a bunch of carbon monoxide being broadcast around an enclosed stadium.
  7. 5-Points

    Selling used car payment questions

    Meet at his bank, watch him withdraw the cash or get the check. Walk into the bank and cash the check then give him the keys and pink slip.
  8. 5-Points

    How Much Alcohol Have You Consumed Since Lock Down ?

    All I can do is trying to keep getting better.
  9. 5-Points

    How Much Alcohol Have You Consumed Since Lock Down ?

    If I got up around 7:00, I'd be late for almost anything I'd need to do that day. Getting out of bed at 9:00 is totally unacceptable. Maybe I worry too much.
  10. 5-Points

    How Much Alcohol Have You Consumed Since Lock Down ?

    About usual. I get up between 3:30 & 5:00 AM depending on what the day has in store for me. Hit my accounts, do my job and get home when I get home. Some days I get home at Noon, some days I get home at 3:00. The days I get home at Noon I drink more than the days I get home at 3:00. Either way I'm in bed by 8:00
  11. 5-Points

    BLM Co-Founder Buys 1.4 Million Dollar Home...

    Yeah, a black dood, calling out racist hypocrisy, gets banned by a white guy on Twitter. Hey dumbshits, the left are the racists in this country. It's indisputable and has been for decades. We aren't doomed, though. We still have a lot to lose. When that is no longer the case, things will get real.
  12. 5-Points

    Hello From Sober Geek Bunnysbastards

    Quitter. Also, congrats on getting out without any long term damage. <root beer Hope you and little Bunny are doing well. Stick around, this place can use you.
  13. And let him pay with counterfeit money.