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  1. 5-Points

    Mask confrontation today

    What a doosh. Tell him to mind his own focking business. And no, you not wearing a mask, is not his business.
  2. 5-Points

    I have Cancer :/

    Good luck Jerry!
  3. 5-Points

    How do you know when to put a dog down?

    It's a quality of life decision. You've had him for 12 years, you know him. Would he want to simply exist? It's always a tough call and it never gets easier but it's one that needs to be made. Sorry you have to make it.
  4. 5-Points

    I got 4 ballots in the mail today.

    It's your constitutional duty to fill them all out and return them by the deadline. They wouldn't have sent them to you otherwise.
  5. 5-Points

    Armenia vs Azerbaijan

    Is this an Olympics soccer thread?
  6. 5-Points

    The elbow bump

    Agreed! The elbow bump was derived as a replacement for the fist bump because people are afraid of dirty hands because of this stupid virus. But we've been told to cough and sneeze into our elbows instead of our hands, so now let's bump elbows. That's smart. It also cuts the distance of a fist bump in half, thereby negating the 6' distance recommendation. One of the dumbest things I've seen in a long, long time.
  7. 5-Points

    Homemade pasta

    It doesn't take a lot of time but I can see where it would be too time consuming for people who work late and get up early during the week. I'm usually home by 3:00 so it isn't an issue for me.
  8. 5-Points

    Homemade pasta

  9. 5-Points

    Officer shot in Louisville.

  10. 5-Points

    Homemade pasta

    I work full time. I still have weekends.
  11. 5-Points

    Homemade pasta

    Why is that? No time, no difference from store bought....? That was one I thought I'd get some use out of.
  12. Time to revoke that privelege.
  13. Understood. I was taking offense to them labeling him "the American financier..." Fock him, he's decidedly Un-American.
  14. 5-Points

    Homemade pasta

    I use bread or all purpose flour (whatever I have in the cupboard) and egg(s) with the KitchenAide stand mixer. I have the pasta roller/cutter attachment too. The difference between fresh and a box of pasta is like night and day. I'd like to give the 00 a try and see if there's a difference there. I also want to get the meat grinder attachment and grind my own meats for meatballs and burgers...
  15. 5-Points

    What is your favorite Bill Murray movie

    Stripes Honorable Mention to Groundog Day.