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  1. 5-Points

    If Obama had a son?

  2. 5-Points

    If Obama had a son?

    He might've been minding his own business but he certainly wasn't minding his own safety. It was pretty obvious something was about to go down. You don't have to be a genius to figure out what that something was probably going to be.
  3. When does that ever happen, though? They run the fake story ad nauseam to get as much mileage out of it as possible. Then, when the truth comes out and shows the story to be a hoax, they simply drop it like a hot potato and move on to the next story. They count on their audience having the attention span of goldfish. They rarely, if ever, post a retraction or apologize for spreading lies and misinformation. The way they see it, it's not their fault the story they ran with without fact checking or researching in the slightest was made up. They just reported it as fact, it's up to you to figure out it's all bullshit.
  4. 5-Points

    If Obama had a son?

    Jesus, could that guy have any less situational awareness? 1 guy standing there? Fine. 2nd guy walks up? Put the phone away. 3rd guy walks up? GTFO You don't sit there, with your head up your ass, while 5, 6, 7, 8... guys surround you when there is absolutely no other attraction nearby or any reason for a group to form at that exact location. Dummy's lucky he's not dead. Hopefully he doesn't procreate.
  5. 5-Points

    Non-politicalWednesday diversion-Thought Experiment

    I keep my mouth shut and let my lawyer do the talking.
  6. 5-Points

    More AB news

    Oh, wrong AB. My bad. ☘
  7. 5-Points

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    It wudn't purdy but Damn if they didn't pull off a good'n. They need to tighten sh!t up on both sides of the ball but overall it was a good start to the season.
  8. I wouldn't say they made me. When I was a little kid that was how they taught me to pray. The whole "now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep....." then add whatever I wanted at the end. It was never a requirement though. They made me go to church on Sundays until I was like 13 or 14. After that it was up to me if I went or not. So I pretty much stopped going at that point. Now the only time I'm in a church is either for weddings or funerals.
  9. 5-Points


    Yeah, somebody needs to remind the NFL that the football is supposed to be the entertainment at a football game.
  10. 5-Points

    If Trump is really in charge...

    This. I was going to say the melting pot concept worked as long as people assimilated to our way of life. There's nothing wrong with being proud of your heritage and where your family came from as long as you realize that you came here for a reason. That reason being that the U.S. is better than where you came from and it is so because it's full of Americans practicing our customs and our culture. When you want to come here and force your customs and culture on us it's not going to work. Feel free to speak your native language but you need to learn English. Feel free to hold your beliefs but set them aside when they run contrary to our laws and customs. Feel free to congregate with people from your country and culture but be able to mix in with society and act accordingly. Somewhere it became more important to behave more like where you came from than assimilate to where you came to. That's a recipe for disaster.
  11. 5-Points

    (another) Mass shooting in west Texas

    No it isn't. I don't care what ignorant, uneducated anti gunners want to call it. An assault rifle, by definition, is fully automatic. AR's are semi. That, right there, excludes them from the assault weapon category. Not to mention they weren't designed for infantry use. We've never sent anybody to war with an AR. Facts > Feelings
  12. 5-Points

    Mass shooting in Mobile Alabama.

    Looked at another way... Approximately 11-13,000 murders by firearm each year. Of those, a long gun accounts for 3000 or so. Of those, approximately 450 are rifles. You can guess how many of those 450 are AR15's compared to the more common hunting rifle. Let's assume that all 450 are AR's (they aren't, not even close, but for this argument let's say they are) There are 327 million people in this country. 450 is such an infinitesimally small percentage that, statistically speaking, there's just no compelling reason to ban AR's.
  13. 5-Points

    Mass shooting in Mobile Alabama.

    Couple things... A rifle round is more likely than a handgun round to penetrate walls and hit innocent people either in your house or your neighbor's depending on the rifle. Also, that baseball bat will get you sent to prison in California if you beat somebody with it. Yes, even somebody who broke into your house and means to do you or your family harm. Because you have to be the aggressor to use a baseball bat. You can only use a bat as an offensive weapon, which negates any self defense claim. Whereas you can lock yourself in a bathroom or hide in a closet with a handgun and fire in self defense when the intruder forces his way in. Just something to consider when making decisions about what sort of weapon somebody else might need for self defense.
  14. 5-Points

    Are more living creatures born or dying every second?

    There's still rabbits, and messicans.