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  1. 5-Points

    Alec Baldwin killed a woman

    Involuntary, at most. Look, I hate the focking doosh, but there were people on set designated to assure the firearms were safe. He wasn't one of them. If something else comes to light, like he deliberately pointed the gun he was told was cold and pulled the trigger, it's still involuntary. That culpability falls on the guy whose responsibility it was to determine the status of the firearms on set prior to releasing them for use. He's an idiot for pointing a gun at anybody and pulling the trigger but he may not be criminally responsible for doing so.
  2. 5-Points

    Alec Baldwin killed a woman

  3. I get it. You two don't get along. It's all good. I've had posters I didn't get along with in the past. I just stopped responding to them. There's plenty of other post....err aliases here to interact with. ETA: How'd the mid-terms go?
  4. As I recall, he returned fire. Albeit in a different thread and prolly a day or two later. Like I said, meh. This place needs more traffic, not less.
  5. Something Mooney. Not "Something Mooney" but "....... Mooney" Can't remember off the top of my haid. But he was born when worms was on his self imposed 'Trump won time out' and waded in here shortly after he left on this timeout.
  6. 5-Points

    do you own a cowboy hat / stetson / etc.?

    Yeah but I did the white trash/redneck thing and bent the fock out of it to fit my needs. Dood who shaped it when I bought it hates me.
  7. I say welcome back. Worms has been posting under an alias. Why can't HT come back?
  8. 5-Points

    Alec Baldwin killed a woman

    Unfortunately, being a focking idiot isn't against the law. If they can get him on something, anything, I hope they do.
  9. 5-Points

    Alec Baldwin killed a woman

    Because he's a focking idiot.
  10. 5-Points

    Alec Baldwin killed a woman

    The rules of gun safety are universal and should be followed by anybody who handles a firearm. Had they been adhered to, this accident doesn't happen. Unfortunately, the rules of gun safety are just that, rules. They aren't laws. We have gun laws on the books. If any were broken then whoever broke them should be punished for it.
  11. 5-Points

    Alec Baldwin killed a woman

    But on a movie set the actor is not permitted to load/unload/reload/clear or otherwise manipulate the firearm. At least according to the rules posted in this thread.
  12. 5-Points

    Alec Baldwin killed a woman

    I did? No, I didn't. I said most actors are not familiar with the guns they use in movies and, as such, they have what are supposed to be professionals on set to ensure the safe and proper handling of the firearms being used. I also said, when a gun is supposed to be loaded with blanks, how is the actor supposed to check to see if they are in fact blanks? They are prohibited from loading/unloading/clearing the guns they use. They have to rely on the Armorer to load them properly. I never said "the rules of gun safety don't apply to actors." I said those of you using that argument are overlooking some pertinent facts.