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  1. Big Guy

    Confirmed: 2020 Election WAS stolen by Democrats

    can go fock himself and the dude he rode in on!
  2. Big Guy

    Confirmed: 2020 Election WAS stolen by Democrats

    Most if not ALL of the "Conspiracy Theories" we've spoke of for years are coming to light and proven TRUE Stop being a naysayer and fight for our Country and the World, or you'll be dying in a van, down by the river
  3. Big Guy

    Confirmed: 2020 Election WAS stolen by Democrats

    it absolutely was!!! hopefully through the past years many of you innocent bystanders are seeing how incredibly evil the Left is and also know that the Deep State / NWO Uniparty is ruining America from within.
  4. PATRIOT FRONT = NWO BRAND ACTORS In no way are these organic Patriots you seriously thought they were?
  5. keep telling yourself that the GMEN are better than your role models you crack me up bud
  6. Big Guy

    Mounting evidence showing Kari Lake should have won

    you are beyond clueless! I can't help you
  7. Big Guy

    mobb_deep reporting in from Texas.

    Aloha stranger!
  8. everybody is just trying get by and doing the best they can But no, they never were and never will be "Just Another Team" they're special, unique, and you know it, that's why you and others are obsessed
  9. WTF is up with Eagles / Giants fans that think they know more about my The Dallas Cowboys than Cowboys fans do? dumbfux!
  10. 1st off, you don't know that Jerry wanted Kincaid......I watch, read and listen to a couple hundred Cowboy shows / pages and his name was barely mentioned. there's no "entitlement" within the Cowboys, only expectations
  11. wtf? that has nothing to do with what I said
  12. Big Guy

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    Jerrah was humble & funny... PICK 1 - 26 = DALLAS COWBOYS / DT ~ Mazi Smith