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  1. she even gives cameltoes a bad name
  2. Big Guy

    I just ordered a pair of these...

    feel the bern
  3. Big Guy

    Nicole Arbour with a great BLM rant

    she's awesome! she speaks the truth, sadly this is the left in a nutshell
  4. Big Guy

    Stimulus Check

    are we getting them or not?
  5. Big Guy

    What should the government control?

    Roads / Defense the end
  6. Big Guy

    Have a Woke and a Smile...Coke gets woke

  7. Big Guy

    I Miss Living in The 70's

    the 70's were the best!
  8. Big Guy

    Here we go with this dog again...

    I'll just say this.... We're not the type of people that put money into dogs but we reluctantly did. Our dog practically sliced off his front pad and area of the foot and almost bled out before we could get him help. We couldn't just let him die, we took him to a vet and he had surgery that in all cost around $900.00. Ugh!!!.....we can't really afford this crap but couldn't just let him die. But I agree, there's got to be a limit
  9. Blacks cannot be held to any standards nowadays, that would be racist lol
  10. Big Guy

    Shelf stable milk replacement

    you should just have your nuts removed I kid, I kid........just annoyed at whatever the fock they're doing or not doing with meat & dairy nowadays
  11. Big Guy

    Absolute Voter Fraud

    There was massive voter fraud long before this "election" ever started. The apathy as noted above is astounding. My only problems with Crowder is that his videos are too damn long and that he goes "Robin Williams" every once in awhile. I love his debate videos more than his show.
  12. Big Guy


    what is chainlink?
  13. Big Guy

    Sayings that should be common

    I'd like to use...."Piss Off!!!" more I came up with one that's fun to say.... "Son of a Fock!!!"