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  1. Big Guy

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    Fock You NFL!..............but I expected them to do this Did Rodgers get fined for telling the Bears fans he owns them?
  2. Big Guy

    Alec Baldwin killed a woman

    probably focking around, wouldn't even doubt if he "lost" it temporarily whatever the case, I pretty much already expect a cover up
  3. Big Guy

    I Have Out-kicked My Coverage

    I'm picturing this.... https://dailynewsgazette.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/hee-haw-honey-misty-rowe-talks-reuniting-with-former-castmates-appearing-in-happy-days-and-playboy-672x1024.jpg
  4. they'd be rich and popular if they just stuck to mud wrasslin' where they belong
  5. Big Guy

    Build Back Better

  6. Big Guy

    Build Back Better

  7. Big Guy

    Build Back Better

    Build Back Butter it's going to be a long cold winter
  8. Big Guy

    For your Halloween scares i present: Youtube Unsolved

    I've been into Buzzfeed Unsolved for a year now, these guys are pretty funny as well.
  9. Big Guy

    Cardinals fans! The countdown has began!

    I personally am looking forward to an undefeated Cardinals team coming to Dallas
  10. Males.... Sports ~ Roger Staubach / Bob Lilly / Tony Romo / Emmitt Smiff / Dak Music ~ Geddy & Alex from RUSH / Dennis DeYoung / Rod Stewart / David Gilmour / Steve Perry / Ian Anderson / the guys from Horslips TV & Movies ~ Daniel Craig / Bill Shatner / Robert Downey Jr. / Eugene Levy / Christopher Guest / Martin Short / Shaun from Psych Females'.... Bridgette Fonda Jennifer Anniston ok........too many to list
  11. Fun Fact; Seattle Seahawks WR Metcalf looks like a complete dumba$$ with that frosty blue hair
  12. Big Guy

    Death pool: Colin powell

    he focking nailed it!