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  1. Um ok......but she's not simply a passionate girl that sees some sort of eco injustice, she's an evil little tool set in place for future use. Are you blind to shallow moves like this?
  2. Big Guy

    Screw you Depeche Mode pansy little phags

    I used to like the song / video an an album or 2 but yeah, kind of phaggy lol
  3. well yeah.........what's your point?
  4. she's a fockin' joke
  5. Big Guy

    17 Game Season

    whatever I'm just hoping we get a larger percentage of black players, it seems to lack diversity. Also could we get more penalties? If they threw more flags it would slow down the game a bit and let the fellas catch their breath.
  6. Big Guy

    If you’re looking for a new tv....

    good luck with all that! I miss TV's that don't collect your data
  7. It's simply not organic, and those who love freedom can smell it immediately.
  8. Which Geek is this? ........love this guy!!!
  9. We're getting closer to the time where Libtards are going to be hunted and bagged.