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  1. Big Guy

    Brian Regan

    "Hey Golfer, Golfer!"
  2. Big Guy

    Mounting evidence showing Kari Lake should have won

    Yes It's called the inevitable revolution
  3. Big Guy

    Great Irish Bands

    THIN LIZZY Voted Best Irish Artist of all Time. They also mentioned my 2nd favorite HORSLIPS https://www.nova.ie/thin-lizzy-voted-best-irish-artist-of-all-time-226824/
  4. Big Guy


  5. Big Guy

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    Ronald Jones Highlights he seems decent
  6. Big Guy

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    WR ~ Brandon Cooks to me he looks like Amari Cooper but quicker and more fierce
  7. Big Guy

    Great Irish Bands

    Love Snow Patrol too......didn't realize they were Irish
  8. Big Guy

    Great Irish Bands

    good stuff.......glad I'm not alone there like I am with HORSLIPS lol
  9. Big Guy

    Great Irish Bands

  10. Big Guy

    Why Is My Piss Green?

    I forget what pills I was taking at the time, but one morning my whiz was somewhere between Mountain Dew and Radiator Coolant