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  1. Big Guy

    103rd running of the Indianapolis 500

    turn left young man
  2. Big Guy

    New Cowboys play: Zeke cuff 23

    what a dumbazz It'll be an automatic 6 game suspension once Mara gets off the phone with Goodell.
  3. Big Guy

    Survivor: Edge of Extinction

    I agree with everything you said
  4. Big Guy

    Survivor: Edge of Extinction

    too funny.....yeah, it gets annoying watching floaters pleading their case.
  5. Big Guy

    Survivor: Edge of Extinction

    loved it.....and yeah, anybody catch the above camera shot down Lauren's top?
  6. Big Guy

    Big is not beautiful - It is ugly

    Not a fan of fat, though I do believe we all should have enough extra weight to keep us alive for at least a couple of weeks during a crisis.
  7. Big Guy

    Newbie spotted in Florida

    Common Sense = Logic It is what it is, either you "have it" or you don't
  8. Big Guy

    Death Pool Update: Tim Conway 85

    I genuinely love Tim.......sad to see him go.
  9. Big Guy

    Should overtime hours be taxed?

    I was just being drastic to hopefully swing the pendulum back to a reasonable degree. didn't work
  10. Big Guy

    Should overtime hours be taxed?

    Nothing should be taxed taxation is theft
  11. Big Guy

    Death Pool Update: Doris Day at 97...

    Classy Lady........rest in peace!
  12. Big Guy

    Happy 50th Bier Meister

    Happy 50th Mr. Meister! Old age isn't for sissies
  13. Ben's Safe Space is Logic & Truth........this guy just wanted to toy with him and he had enough.