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  1. Big Guy


    Black this, black that, ugh.......so sick of these attentions w'hores
  2. Big Guy

    "Climate Change" Fear-mongering is back...

    Al Gore = Fraud Global Warming, Climate Change = Absolute Scam
  3. Big Guy

    Anyone ever

    I'm not familiar with the reference
  4. Big Guy

    Anyone ever

    a standing sh!t?
  5. Sure do wish I could share this video other places
  6. Big Guy

    ***Happy Football Day Week 2 ***

    all the spinning must have been hypnotic
  7. Big Guy

    ***Happy Football Day Week 2 ***

    I only saw highlights, but I agree with your assessment
  8. Big Guy

    What is your favorite Bill Murray movie

    Caddyshack his best role......he's one of those less is more kind of guys
  9. Big Guy

    What is your favorite John Candy movie?

    Hmmmm.......Great Outdoors or Summer Rental toss up for me
  10. Big Guy

    ***Happy Football Day Week 2 ***

    I went away for a few hours and return only to hear of an amazing Cowboy comeback!
  11. Big Guy

    It's time

    you seriously believe that?
  12. Big Guy

    It's time

    these punk ass bitches deserve to be shot on site
  13. Big Guy

    ***Happy Football Day Week 2 ***

    Cowboys doing what the Cowboys do
  14. Big Guy

    ***Happy Football Day Week 2 ***

    looks like Barkley has a bad knee injury
  15. Big Guy

    Ginsburg DEAD

    nice! but what what and where is this Antifaguys?