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  1. A TOTAL Lockdown coming soon for up to 2 weeks? ( heard it through the grapevine ) so is this Q or is it NWO endgame bullchit? Not gonna take a "vaccine" or a chip!
  2. a few of you may enjoy this....
  3. Big Guy

    Bill Withers RIP

    I did actually........didn't see it
  4. Big Guy

    Bill Withers RIP

  5. Big Guy

    Bill Withers RIP

    one of the greats, he'll be missed
  6. Big Guy

    Favorite 80’s Movie

    Mine as well, the music, the comedy, the chicks
  7. Big Guy

    COVID-19 Rumor Thread

    how about this one?
  8. Big Guy

    Ozark on Netflix

    she's nice, for her age
  9. Big Guy

    Favorite Supergroup

    that's my point! there's not a drummer, bassist, etc........this is just an older Country version of the Wilbury's, not a Supergroup.
  10. Big Guy

    Favorite Supergroup

    which one played Drums? Also, after knowing and loving the original song, this version for me at least was weak.
  11. Big Guy

    Favorite Supergroup

    yip Sammy, Satriani, Anthony & Will Ferrall
  12. Big Guy

    Favorite Song - Deep Purple

    I like it lot too, but feel they kind of ripped off Zeppelin a bit.
  13. Big Guy

    Ozark on Netflix

    that's the way I felt, if you scroll up you'll see my reaction as well. At the time I thought there were a few more episodes, so it added to the shock
  14. Big Guy

    Ozark on Netflix

    I take it you just finished Season 3