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In Topic: Dion Lewis RB#11 ROS?

Yesterday, 09:22 PM

Cohen easly

I’m very disappointed with Lewis this season.

But as a whole the Titans don’t have anyone that worth more then a roster spot.

In Topic: Mack or Ito?

Yesterday, 09:20 PM

Mack had over 30 targets also in the passing game.

In Topic: Play with an empty slot?

Yesterday, 09:16 PM

Naw Cooper is enough.

In Topic: D. Freeman to IR

Yesterday, 08:52 PM

Coleman is also enjoying his worst per rush avg this season.

He’s a buy low candidate for sure.

But if he’s still cheap, I’m sure the Coleman owner might be excited about the news on Freeman also.

Might just make him more expensive.

In Topic: RB's - Freeman and Lindsay

Yesterday, 08:48 PM

Well, technically, it would depend on how well Freeman and Lindsay perform Thursday, irregardless of one's RB situation........

Will you asked if any one has the nads to fire them up.

Now the end result which is after the game will give us the final answer if it was worth it.

But for someone to have the nads to start both I think would depend on either if they need to or if they think its their best option.