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  1. Nomad99

    Fred Arborgast wheedler

    Must be a way to make that weedles.
  2. Nomad99

    Financial Geeks

    I decided to go with a cd from a local credit union. 2.25 % for 15 months. Could have got up to 3% using an online bank but I prefer to have a local entity. I didn't want to tie up the money for too long plus I can "bump" up once during the term if rates go up & can continue to add to it. Plus they had a savings account that pays .5%.
  3. Nomad99

    Financial Geeks

    I have around $10k sitting in my savings making squat. Looking for an alternative to make more interest but cant afford any tanking. I know anything guaranteed will be limited but what's my best option?
  4. Nomad99

    Night shift

    Shelly Long Nightshift https://goo.gl/images/TqnhdU
  5. Nomad99

    Super Bowl Prediction: post yours

    TB12 vs AFC: East: 77-21 (.785) North: 31-7 (.816) South: 39-7 (.848) West: 27-15 (.643) TB12 vs NFC: East: 14-6 (.700) North: 16-4 (.800) South: 17-4 (.810) West: 9-5 (.643) How do you figure that if the Patriots were in the NFC "things would be quite different"?🙄
  6. Nomad99

    Patriots @ Chiefs AFC Championship Thread

    Yes....great football is great football. Football greatness is football greatness. A true football fan, not just a Patriots homer, would embrace the magic that this team & organization continues to exhibit in the modern salary cap era. A true football fan would embrace the opportunity to watch the greatest player to ever play the game, defy both age & odds. When you watch a game that crowns champions, you should want to watch the best. I think you saw the two best teams play tonight.
  7. Nomad99

    So...anyone have winter yet?

    Snowmageddon coming to New England
  8. Nomad99

    So Now This Is A Thing?

    Permission for a flyby?
  9. Nomad99

    You know what...

    I seek the holy grail.
  10. Nomad99

    Spin off - pocket knives

    I don't follow your logic. If you are going to carry a weapon for SD why would you settle for less than the best you have???
  11. Nomad99

    Going to Riviera Maya in late February

    Don't eat the salsa....that's where they get you☠
  12. Nomad99

    Fuckit.... I like wine.

  13. Nomad99

    Fuckit.... I like wine.

    I tend to like chianti's or a pure sangiovese....