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  1. JagFan

    XFL....oh my

    Came across the game this afternoon and noticed the XFL has a female official on the field. Not a big deal...until she flagged a guy for something he did 2 weeks ago. Good stuff
  2. JagFan

    Could Burrow pull an Eli?

    I watched a lot of LSU this year as a SEC fan and that LSU team was one of the best college football teams top to bottom I’ve ever watched. Burrow played well, but he had a great supporting cast. I don’t see him as a great NFL QB. Maybe good in the right situation. TBay is spot on in my opinion. If Tua can actually stay healthy, and not fall apart after he gets hit once, he’d be the better bet at a franchise QB. Those are two big “if’s”. Tua has the talent, he’s just as soft as I’ve ever watched.
  3. JagFan

    XFL....oh my

    Agree totally.
  4. JagFan

    XFL....oh my

    I agree with this to a certain extent, but sometimes making it in the NFL comes down to luck of being in the right place at the right time. Take Tom Brady for example.
  5. JagFan

    XFL....oh my

    Not good football. The original version was much better. He-Hate-Me, and Tommy Gun were at least entertaining.
  6. JagFan

    Antonio Brown Alienates His Own Agent

    AB isn’t getting progressively worse. Looks like this had been who he is from the beginning. A lot of these WRs have been labeled as “diva’s” for a long time. OBJ isn’t anywhere close to AB imo. Not because he’s not a jerk, but because he hasn’t really done anything in his career except make a few SportsCenter catches.
  7. JagFan

    Antonio Brown Alienates His Own Agent

    AB should thank his lucky stars that Pitt did such a masterful job of masking his douchebaggery all those years. Back at the beginning of the season I actually thought something caused him to have a mental breakdown, and I felt for the guy. It’s clear now that he’s just a scumbag in every sense of the word. I hope he never gets the honor of catching another pass in the NFL.
  8. JagFan

    Forearm Tradition

    Fun read, great memories. IBTL!
  9. Browns. They need a QB.
  10. JagFan

    Is the most underrated Player in FFB & NFL

    Oh, I see what you did. You J-Lo’d it. I guess the er is gone the way of the ennifer pez
  11. JagFan

    Is the most underrated Player in FFB & NFL

    I thought it was probably Fruit Loops, but wasn’t sure. Thanks
  12. No, the Jags suck. He might actually make them better.
  13. Brady should retire, but if he doesn’t Id love to see go to a contender. Nothing would be better than to see him go out in a train wreck season like tanking a good, up and coming team with talented skill players.