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  1. JagFan

    Last minute ask

    I prefer Kamara, but I think you could toss a coin between the 2. I just think NO has a better chance to score.
  2. JagFan

    JD McKissic Out =What?

    I went ahead with him over DJ Moore, so I’m happy.
  3. JagFan

    JD McKissic Out =What?

    Thanks guys. I’m probably over thinking Samuel as a flex play.
  4. JagFan

    College Football 2022

    Maybe they should be, but have you paid attention to the college football playoffs prior to this year? They’ll put the best 4 teams in. A 2 loss SEC team > an undefeated PAC 12 team…much less a 1 loss PAC 12 team.
  5. JagFan

    College Football 2022

    That loss by Bama all but guarantees a 1 loss Tennessee team to back into the playoffs as the #4 without having to play the extra conference championship game.
  6. JagFan

    JD McKissic Out =What?

    I’m curious what the masses think as far as who this benefits the most? I’m seeing a lot of Gibson being the main beneficiary, and I’m sure it will mean more snaps for him. But my thoughts are on Curtis Samuel. Does it make more sense that he gets more touches in the hybrid role he plays?
  7. JagFan

    Brady: Marriage or Fame?

    Don’t draft players with personal issues. There, I made the connection to FF!
  8. JagFan

    Bo Nix

    My bad. Watch the Heisman presentation at the end of the year.
  9. JagFan

    Bo Nix

    What more proof do you need that the SEC is has no rival in talent? He’s a world beater in a conference with inferior talent after making Auburn fans suffer for 3 years. Husky, before you even say it, we saw that vintage Bo in his only TDless week one game against SEC talent. Good for him. He may get a FA NFL contract next year now!
  10. JagFan

    The "Fantasy Experts" Were Wrong Again

    Listen to the Elf, you just “_____ed” yourself!
  11. JagFan

    The Unofficial Week 5 FU Thread

    Dang Husky, I use to think 75 was your birth year. Now I’m thinking it’s your age based on those guys. Great list, BTW! Billy “white shoes” Johnson was my favorite as a kid.
  12. JagFan

    The Unofficial Week 5 FU Thread

    The media tried their best to make us care about the Brittney Griner thing too. Thankfully they finally gave up. This Judge thing matters about as much as the WNBA to the general public. It is funny that the Russians learned that lesson the hard way.
  13. JagFan

    The Unofficial Week 5 FU Thread

    Let me guess, everyone else in the league should get a participation trophy? Maybe Judge will decide he identifies as a woman, and we can make him the all time female leader in HRs.
  14. JagFan

    The Unofficial Week 5 FU Thread

    When Judge juices up and challenges the MLB record, I’ll care.
  15. I’m starting this early, but it’s warranted. FU MLB…Who cares? I just swatted at wadded up paper cup over the tv stand in my hotel room…so I guess I’m the all time home run leader in this room.