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  1. JagFan

    Big Bad Baker Benched

    Will they continue to let Baker live in the stadium now?
  2. JagFan

    Lamar for CMC?

    It’s a risk, and you are 100% correct. Otherwise that offer wouldn’t have been made. the other plus is not having to watch Lamar struggle in my lineup anymore.
  3. JagFan

    Lamar for CMC?

    Thanks for the “yes” Ax. I was actually hoping you’d weigh in.
  4. JagFan

    Lamar for CMC?

    I just got offered CMC for Lamar. yes, or no?
  5. JagFan

    Dak just broke his ankle

    Welcome back to the NFL Kaep
  6. JagFan

    Week 5 FU

    Come on man. If the guy giving the world fantasy advice on “who to start” is also gambling on DK, why would you expect him to be honest? He’d want everyone else playing crappy players! I wonder how much he won last night by NOT using Miller...
  7. JagFan

    Ridley vs MVS

    Pick up Shepherd
  8. JagFan

    Davante Adams out for Monday night

    Reading Adams’ tweet, he doesn’t sound too happy with the organization.
  9. Not knowing the other roster it’s hard to say if it’s enough to help that team win the league, but they definitely came out on the better end of the trade IMO.
  10. JagFan

    CRAP Def coordinators-RIGHT HERE

    Did you play a team that had both Kamara and FruitLoops? and IBTL!
  11. JagFan

    Buy low, sell high

    And you’d better do it now. That price goes up again by Monday.
  12. JagFan

    Buy low, sell high

    If you ever figure out this game, this message board will become much less entertaining. This is by far my favorite site to get FF insight. I won my league last year by doing the opposite of everything you post. I’m in 1st place so far this year. Thanks AxElf!
  13. JagFan

    Buy low, sell high

    Hunt has more fantasy points than Chubb after 2 weeks in PPR. I’ll gladly take the RB who scores more points and gets more touches over the RB who gets the first carry of the game. Did you read the article? He clearly said Fournette would be kept fresh for later in the game. What do you think that means? I guess he needs him spry to run the water bottles out to the starters during time outs.
  14. JagFan

    Tampa Tom

  15. I do. In all 3 of my leagues. And I’ve been very clear in every topic on the subject where I stand. IMO that fumble just shaved 4-6 quarters off the inevitable. And I don’t think there’s much of a debate anymore. Not that there really ever was outside of those who bought the preseason coach speak and drafted RoJo. And I drafted Fournette in the 4th round of all 3 leagues to make sure I got him.