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  1. nobody

    In and out Burger tips

    I'd recommend getting them with chopped chilis
  2. nobody

    In and out Burger tips

    I don't think in LAX, but there is one on about a half mile south of the airport on Sepulveda Blvd. Pretty quick Uber ride. There's also a five guys about a block away. I'd skip both and go to The Habit about another 2 blocks down.
  3. nobody

    Women's Soccer Ghey

    I don't get why Rapinoe thinks she speaks for every woman in America. If she don't like the terms of her service, she can quit. 50 other lesbians would happily take her spot. Of course she won't though, because the value proposition is actually in her favor since she craves the spotlight.
  4. nobody

    Amber Alert

    I wonder if these Amber Alerts do shìt. You figure most abductions are probably custody cases where no one has any intention of harming the kid. Strikes me as doing something for the sake of doing something.
  5. nobody

    What the actual fuk???

    1. You could see the evolution of socialism right there. In the beginning, everyone is listening to each other, but then the Asian chick started losing her patience, and just started shutting people down. 2 more hours of that and she'd just rig it so she gets voting rights for everyone. 2. The fat chick gets up at the end and asks someone motion for a recess so she can go eat.
  6. nobody

    Best player to never win a Heisman

    Not sure I'd give these two credit.
  7. Surprised the cops didn't shoot them. That's the usual MO
  8. 60 years ago minimum wage was $1/hr. To keep up with inflation, the minimum wage should be about $8/hr.
  9. Hold on with your crazy progressive ideas. People should have to pay for the privilege of working. Go back where you came from.
  10. He shouldn't call someone lazy bìtch, and if he did one of those geneology tests it would come back as quite European. Conclusion: Both people suck about equal.
  11. nobody

    2020 Corvette Stingray

  12. nobody

    Back up QB most likely to succeed?

    Who's backing up Jameis Winston? I don't think he lasts the season for suckiness reasons.
  13. Well, it starts with the individual. Everyone thinks they're unique and special, and stereotyping is bad, but in reality, you're not unique. You're not special, and you're very easily and accurately stereotyped. Next the individual gives gobs and gobs of data to social media companies who in turn take that data and sell it to anyone who wants to but it. So everywhere you go, every site you look at, every thing you buy with a credit card, everything you thumbs up or heart. It's all out there to be data-mined. Next some smart guys go and buy all this data. (Don't worry, they probably don't have your name. It's probably anonymous. It's also millions of people, so no one cares about your porn habits anyway.) So these smart guys have this data. And they model people. People who buy A, B, and C or heart D, E, and F or visit sites G, H, are likely to vote for politician X. Now what about people who only buy items A and B, and go to site H, and heart post E? Well shìt, that looks a lot like a politician X voter. Okay, so what if the smart guys go to politician X and say give us a lot more money than we paid for this data, and we'll give you a list of 20 million Facebook users or Twitter users or IHeartRadio users or linkedIn users or YouTube users who might be able to be convinced to vote for you. Politician X's campaign manager says cool. Then they go hire some other smart guys that go bombard those possible politician X voters with ads and articles that talk about how great politician X is and how terrible his or her opponent Politician Y is. Most of which is absolute bullshìt. And because people aren't unique. Because people aren't special, and because people can easily be stereotyped, those 3-11 million people are swayed.
  14. Cambridge Analytics swayed 3 million to 11 million votes towards Trump
  15. nobody

    Meet the new PC James Bond

    Tomb Raider Salt Charlie's Angels Atomic Blond