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  1. nobody

    War in Israel

    Preach. More evidence that the BLM riots were blessed by them. You can't look at them sideways, but rioters are allowed to burn down people's businesses. This shìt is sick.
  2. nobody


    I guess if the perspective is miners introduce new Bitcoin and then immediately sell it on the market, the supply/demand thinking works, but I'd off that's not how markets work. The moment information is known it gets priced in. It's called the efficient market hypothesis.
  3. nobody


    Halving is when they cut the reward for mining in half. The prevailing thought appears to be that will slow down Bitcoin supply and thus drive prices higher. As usual. I and I alone have a different perspective in that the price should already reflect the theoretical maximum of 21M Bitcoin, so this should only discourage miners from operating. Previous halvings have been followed by price increases, though, so maybe people are just dumb and don't know that Bitcoin supply is capped already?
  4. I'm not seeing it, but I never even like Beavis and Butthead so I'm obviously not the target audience.
  5. nobody

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    CDC says the thing they were complicit in forcing people to take didn't cause anyone harm.
  6. nobody

    War in Israel

    Drones are guided by gns. Israel is spoofing the signal to drive them off course. Stick to slurping.
  7. nobody

    War in Israel

    This dude would happily go down on Biden.
  8. nobody

    War in Israel

    How is this on Trump? That's a weird take.
  9. nobody

    Kyle Rittenhouse - Criminal or Hero?

    This exactly why we should never ban guns. Police told to stand down while peoples lives are destroyed because the politicians wanted to weaponizes protests. Citizens rightfully step in and protect their community. The army of idiots at the politician's disposal blame the guy that was attacked for defending himself and say he shouldn't have been there. What a load of baby back bìtches.
  10. nobody

    War in Israel

    I wonder how effective drones are. I know Israel is spoofing navigation.
  11. nobody

    Guess which democrat run shızzhole this is?

    I am half a fàg, and I looked at it once and had a comment. Is that okay with you?
  12. nobody

    Guess which democrat run shızzhole this is?

    How will I know if I like it unless I look at it?
  13. nobody

    Guess which democrat run shızzhole this is?

    Are you just going to post that guy's entire twitter history?
  14. nobody

    Civil War - Movie by Alex Garland

    No, I'm going to continue to be hysterical over this.
  15. nobody

    Civil War - Movie by Alex Garland

    Come on, bro. You know better than that. The dictator is going to be a trump clone, of course.