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  1. Why not "proprietor" I wonder? If they're so worried about connotation, Governor carries it's own connotation. This is one of those situations where I think the person calling racism is the secretly racist person. "Oh, so YOU think owning a team is akin to owning slaves, and therefore we must change the name. Because no one else thinks that."
  2. nobody

    Your truth

  3. I don't really have an opinion on this, but the bolded part made me laugh out loud. "I know when I walk under it I feel very inferior" Very inferior?
  4. I've been hearing that alot, but I disagree. Achilles injuries take a long time to come back from. He'll be 32 by the time he gets back on the court for the first time. He might need that whole year to be completely right. That means he's 33 by the time you get him really right. Potential Chris Paul situation here.
  5. nobody


    I have a sondors. It needs more power. I'm going to upgrade the battery at minimum. I might throw a better motor on their too.
  6. nobody

    World Cup

    The us women's team budget is probably bigger than the entire rest of the world's budgets combined. Then they're playing against countries who treat women's sports like a hobby (as opposed to the us that treat women's sports as 3rd class) and some that treat their women worse than farm animals. Ok great. Play who's in front of you, but then women on the team act like ãsshõles and now they want to rub it in? Let's be real. It's women playing soccer. You have huge advantages over every other team in the world. You're not the national heroes you think you are. Be humble.
  7. nobody

    World Cup

    Me too. The us women are jerks.
  8. nobody

    Non-political Wednesday diversion-Brainteasers

    My first instinct is to take the 10 pieces of each bag and mix them all up in a way such that the weight of a single bag would indicate which bag had the fake gold.
  9. nobody

    Non-political Wednesday diversion-Brainteasers

    Base rate neglect, too. It's about 1 in 11 that you actually have the disease. This is why you always hear these stories about miracle healings. Once you're tested positive for the disease, you're either in the true positive group (1 in 10k) or the false positive group (1 in 1000). Of course the drug companies don't tell you all of this stuff.
  10. nobody

    Non-political Wednesday diversion-Brainteasers

    You can say you've "been told by a doctor" if you prefer that to diagnosed.
  11. nobody

    Non-political Wednesday diversion-Brainteasers

    Here's one. You've been diagnosed with a rare disease. It only occurs in 1 in 10k people. The test for the disease gives a true positive 99.9% of the time. What are your chances of having the disease?
  12. nobody

    Non-political Wednesday diversion-Brainteasers

    Seems right to me. Even though the BG and GB cases are the same case, they would happen twice as often as a GG combo.
  13. nobody

    Non-political Wednesday diversion-Brainteasers

    Always switch.
  14. nobody

    AOC polling terribly in her district...

    See Maxine Waters
  15. nobody

    Bella Thorne has photos leaked

    Who is this chick?