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  1. nobody

    Ukraine - Doomsday

    Things are getting even tougher in Russia
  2. Whoa man. That could shape his opinion if you.
  3. nobody

    Rise and Fall of FTX - Jon Stewart/David Dayem

    Agreed. Politicians aren't sophisticated enough to understand crypto much less understand how SBF was manipulating the markets.
  4. nobody

    JJ Watt - High School Basketball 2007

    If 32 blue had any kind of aggression, ability to use leverage, fluidity, or foot work blue wins that game easily.
  5. I heard HT has been flying spy balloons over Texas and that's how he knows Rusty's hair color. Dude is messed up.
  6. nobody

    Rise and Fall of FTX - Jon Stewart/David Dayem

    Classic centrist perspective. About $200k of the $2M or so on that chart is red, but because "two of the top four" were republican it supposedly evens out.
  7. nobody


    I wonder what happened to the rest of the money they claimed was donated. Just eyeballing it, what is that? About 5 million tops? Probably closer to $2M.
  8. If they distract everyone arguing about your past jobs and posts, no one has to acknowledge that the administration misled us again regarding balloons over the US when trump was president.
  9. Sad that chicken and waffles has somehow become racist. It's just good food.
  10. Not surprising. Anyone here think trump wouldn't flip the fūck out if someone had the nerve to fly a spy balloon over the country. Guy is reactionary as it gets.
  11. Might be accurate, but a partisan hack complaining the other side has their perception skewed by a partisan lens shouldn't carry any weight. Of course you're pretty partisan yourself, so know surprise the thought resonates with you.
  12. You guys are buying the debris field and excuse? More likely they were concerned they'd fire a missile at it and miss due to the altitude and the errant missile would pose a problem.
  13. Paul is one of the biggest partisan hacks in the world.
  14. nobody

    Taylor Swift

    You responded first and no one answered, so you wrote, "I posted earlier who is she, I’ll ask once again, who is she?" Again... Read the room. No one answered your question because it was silly. It would be like going into a Tom Brady retirement thread and demanding someone explain to you who Tom Brady is.
  15. nobody

    Taylor Swift

    Read the room. Educate yourself and bring something to the table. This is how you form relationships? You walk into conversation and say, "Hey, everyone, stop conversing and educate me on the subject you're talking about."