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  1. nobody

    Joy Villa - Trump 2020

    How is it easy money from Trumpers? You're risking your career pretending to support Trump in Hollywood. I do think it's a joke, but she's fine.
  2. nobody

    Where has Pam Bondi been all my life??

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pam_Bondi Judging by her wiki page it appears she's been in Florida being educated for and then executing her law career all your life.
  3. nobody

    Kobe Bryant - Dead in helicopter crash

    Reports are that they recovered the black box, and it appears Kobe overpowered the pilot and crashed the helicopter himself. The recordings indicate that he was upset that he ceded third place on the NBA all time scoring list to LeBron James a night earlier.
  4. nobody

    Welcome to Adulthood kid. Bad Beat style.

    His play depends on the action. May we assume this was 1-2 or 1-3? So it's a limped pot. Flop comes something like 883. In a limped pot, you should absolutely assume someone else has at least an A8 and throw that shìt away to any major aggression. If you're getting 100-150 BB's into the pot on the turn, your opponent has at least an 8. He should have a full house. The move is check raise the flop and if someone goes apeshit, fold. At low stakes big bet = big hand almost every time.
  5. nobody

    Welcome to Adulthood kid. Bad Beat style.

    First of all it's not a bad beat. If anything it's a cooler. And how was he one card away from a push? You said there were no high cards on the board. Sorry. Raise. An aggressive player would raise a high pocket pair preflop.
  6. nobody

    Welcome to Adulthood kid. Bad Beat style.

    An aggressive guy doesn’t raise a high pocket pair preflop? Limped pot to all-in on the turn? Lesson 3 pot control.
  7. nobody

    Movie you’ve watched the most

    Rounders tombstone white men can’t jump above the rim roadhouse
  8. Dude won 5 CFL championships in 6 seasons and he gets credit for being one of the first black quarterbacks to break through in an era where it was thought black quarterbacks were inherently inferior. Really obtuse twitter post by Chris Pflum.
  9. nobody

    2: Is it the 2nd down or 2nd quarter?

    My general rule of thumb is anybody who looks like they're blitzing probably isn't. The ones you need to be careful about or the ones that seem to be just hanging around. Defenses are so obsessed with tricking the quarterback that they are becoming predictable in that way.
  10. nobody

    2: Is it the 2nd down or 2nd quarter?

    She's talking about purposely taking pre-snap penalties outside of 5 minutes remaining to bleed the clock
  11. nobody

    Welcome to Adulthood kid. Bad Beat style.

    Then the 2nd lesson would be don't lose all your money in the big blind in a limped pot.
  12. nobody

    Welcome to Adulthood kid. Bad Beat style.

    better lesson might be don’t play J8
  13. I think people are thankful for the Giants beating New England. It's just that some are not willing to put Eli in the Hall of Fame for it.
  14. I agree. Every quarterback that has two good 4 game stretches should be in the hall.
  15. Getting hot for a playoff run puts you in the hall of fame now? Nick Foles get ready!