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  1. nobody

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Remember back in Feb/March when me and you were telling people that we were probably looking at a shutdown in our future with a major economic impact and that one dude kept saying there was no way that was going to happen and we needed to "trust me, bro! I have a degree." Every time I open this thread I think of that jackass and laugh.
  2. She's pretty hot when she's not crying.
  3. nobody

    And the police exodus begins...

    Now that they're not allowed to gun down black people at will, it's no longer worth it in their eyes.
  4. nobody

    Cam Newton signs with Patriots

    A team built around dink and dunk because their o-line sucks signs a QB with 59% completion percentage. Nevermind the whole team first culture in New England that Can will blow up with his look-at-me schtick.
  5. nobody

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Black privilege
  6. nobody

    2020 Projections & Rankings

    PPR came about because back in the day, if you got the likes of LT, Shaun Alexander, Preist Holmes, Marshal Faulk you had a huge advantage. If you plotted the points for each position for the top 60 players, every position was linear, but RB was exponential. That gave RBs way too much value. Then the NFL shifted away from the workhorse runningback and PPR became less necessary.
  7. nobody

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Black Privilege
  8. nobody

    What are you guys doing for streaming cable?

    I do youtube TV. Might have to look at sling. I only really need kids stuff and the ability to get stuff on demand.
  9. nobody

    Kap is a hero like Pat Tillman to Favre

    My buddies that are vets would never come out and and bìtch because it's not their style, but I brought this up and one of them just laughed and the other said, "Took a knee... took a bullet same to me " That's about as big of a condemnation I would ever see out of those guys.
  10. nobody

    Ben Rozier- What is privilege?

    I call fake news. No way any public official would say that.
  11. nobody

    Is it time to get out of the market?

    Hertz says it expects stockholders to lose all their money in filing for selling more stock https://www.cnbc.com/2020/06/15/hertz-says-it-expects-stockholders-to-lose-all-their-money-in-filing-for-selling-more-stock.html
  12. nobody

    Rayshard Brooks says hold my 40.

    Why would the second officer even be fired? Was he supposed to jump in front of the bullet?
  13. nobody

    Genderfluid, what is it exactly?

    Sometimes you feel like you have nuts. Sometimes you don't
  14. nobody

    Rayshard Brooks says hold my 40.

    I don't think the black community even thinks this shooting was out of line. The main people complaining about it are either the people on the extreme or white people trying to ingratiate themselves to the black community.