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  1. nobody

    What should France do to this piece of s—t?

    A stern talking to.
  2. nobody

    How woke are you? Take the test

    I highly doubt that. How many tons flow into our land oceans?
  3. nobody

    Cowboys at Bears: In-Game Discussion

    Bears finally remembered Trubisky is fast
  4. nobody

    How woke are you? Take the test

    You: Have never even closed your eyes. WOW! You are bringing social justice to levels never before seen! No perceived moral misstep escapes your self-righteousness. Jesus could not reach the piousness of your moral superiority, and you are not afraid to make sure those around you are well aware of the shame they should feel at all times. I would tell you to lighten up, but I don't want to appear racist.
  5. nobody

    Kaepernick getting a workout on Saturday

    He pissed on the people that were paying him millions and desperately wants more of those millions, but he wants to claim he's a slave and oppressed while doing so. I wouldn't hire him either.
  6. nobody

    Patriots at Texans: In-Game Discussion

    I thought Brady was going to have it in the dome. Nope.
  7. nobody

    Bills at Cowboys: In-Game Discussion

    Being born
  8. nobody

    Gambling Thread

    I hit over 40 in the Steelers Browns hoping the refs will be out of control trying to make sure things don't get out of hand again.
  9. nobody

    Darn shame Alabama lost...

    Pretty clever though to bring in the punt team, but line up in a wildcat out of it.
  10. nobody

    Darn shame Alabama lost...

    Saban should've asked for that 100 yard pick six play to be redone. It's obvious they didn't know Auburn was going to blitz, so they should've had time to plan for it
  11. nobody

    Bills at Cowboys: In-Game Discussion

    Danny Dime-a-Dozen
  12. nobody

    Bills at Cowboys: In-Game Discussion

    Cole Beasley revenge game
  13. nobody

    Bills at Cowboys: In-Game Discussion

    Dallas is winning this game. The refs are making sure of it.
  14. He should just show up at practices for teams he wants to play for and start throwing to receivers. The NFL can't run forever. He's just so great.
  15. Any time a whole foods shuts down, that's a good thing.