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  1. nobody

    NFL Players Are Dumb

    You make a good point about people lying though. He could be lying about getting injured while working out for all we know.
  2. nobody

    Blackwashing...First Capn Murica now Superman

    Great news. I love that Hollywood is woking themselves out of jobs.
  3. So the title is wrong. She didn't get fired. She resigned.
  4. This story sounds like BS. First of all, you don't fire an ER doctor for not giving pain meds to a known abuser. That's their job. But second, it happened two weeks ago, and now she's supposedly a barista? No unemployment? No trying to find work as a doctor somewhere else? Nope. "Oh I lost my ER doctor job making 300k a year? Better go down to Starbucks and see if they're hiring." We're either missing crucial details or whoever told you this is full of absolute shìt.
  5. nobody


    Inflation is a pretty useful tool against recession. In fact, if it wasn't for inflation, the mountain of debt the US and every other country in the world is under would crush the world economy.
  6. nobody

    NFL Players Are Dumb

    He needed to go to the team facility afterward and pretend he got the injury there. He'll still get his money by the way. Optics are too bad not to pay him.
  7. She's probably not cool with him helping to start the pandemic to full the herd.
  8. nobody

    2021 Round 6 Instant Fantasy Analysis

    I kind of like this guy. He reminds me of Thomas Jones. Runs a little upright, and Thomas Jones started his career going down a little too easy with contact, but realized after 5 or 6 years, he was allowed to keep running even after someone touched him. Elijah doesn't really break very many tackles either from what I can tell. His former teammate at ULALA, Trey Ragas, is an absolute beast. 230 pounds and just does not go down. Only problem is he's slow and doesn't have great acceleration. Ended up signing with the Raiders as an UDFA. He'll probably make the practice squad. If he was a little lighter on his feet, he could be another Bettis type of bruiser.
  9. nobody


    Then you need to dollar cost average in.
  10. Yeah he only paid 8 months late.
  11. nobody

    Favorite Fruit

  12. nobody


    What you need to start doing is putting in 25% of your investment in to start. If your theory holds, the investment will drop and you can put the remaining 75% at a lower cost.
  13. nobody

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - TE Kyle Pitts, Falcons

    I’d probably draft Javonte Williams depending on where he ends up.
  14. nobody

    NFL Draft Contest - Results Posted

    Not bad so far. Four for four