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  1. But it doesn't matter how you drive. No matter what you'll never know someone is following you.
  2. I thought he meant being physically followed by one person. Yeah, of course, I wouldn't know if I'm being tracked electronically.
  3. I drive extremely aggressively. When another driver is keeping up with me, I take notice. That's the only thing anyone else said. In fact, for me, if someone is keeping up with me, I start to vary my speed and try to get them in front of me just because it's so rare. If multiple people were handing me off there is zero chance I would notice. One guy in a car, I would notice right away.
  4. nobody

    Sanders is in the "1%"

    By the time a hypothetical tax hike hit, the proceeds from his book deal would've long dried up, so he wouldn't be paying the taxes.
  5. nobody

    Sanders is in the "1%"

    In even more fairness, one could say that he profited off vilifying millionaires until he became one. Then he suddenly stopped mentioning millionaires, and his quote above implies that his earnings are all from the sweat of his own brow and shouldn't be questioned, so like most socialists, he's cool with questioning everyone else's income, but doesn't want his questioned when he gets some money in his pocket. Even if that money came from a platform of shaming people who earn a lot of money. In other words, another POS politician
  6. nobody

    Sanders is in the "1%"

    Sanders anticipated your question. His answer is basically that he's better than you.
  7. nobody

    What If The Commish Accidentally Breaks The Rules?

    I believe the traditional punishment in this case is warranted. Punch him in the face in front of his wife and kids. If he's not married you'll have to match him up and wait for him to procreate. That's an important part of the tradition.
  8. nobody

    ***Official*** NBA 2018 / 2019 Thread

    I think he means white.
  9. nobody

    These black folks prefer segregation.

    Fake news
  10. Trump has previously voiced his disapproval of wind power. He said at a rally in Michigan last month that wind power doesn't work because the wind doesn't always blow. "If it doesn't blow, you can forget about television for that night," Trump said. " 'Darling, I want to watch television.' 'I'm sorry! The wind isn't blowing.' I know a lot about wind," he added. LOL at this dude.
  11. He said, "they say the noise causes cancer.". That's the liar's qualification.
  12. nobody


    Iam90s shilled crypto all the way through the highs.
  13. nobody

    Woman mistakes car for her Uber

    You always have to matchup the license plate.
  14. nobody

    Alyssa Milano continues to bring the stupid

    I wonder what the time frame for the is of the billions in revenue they're bringing to Georgia.
  15. Maybe it was a double false flag.