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  1. nobody

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Biden said if we didn't get jabbed, we'd suffer a winter of severe disease and death.
  2. nobody

    Browns to trade for Derrick Henry?

    The rumor doesn't even make sense. How can the Browns offense be I shambles with DTR on the roster?
  3. I'll happily admit RetardInCharge was right if DTR gets traded for a 1st and a 2nd. Doesn't even have to be the giants.
  4. nobody

    SNF Discussion: Chiefs at Jets

    Yeah, you seem to be about a lot
  5. nobody

    SNF Discussion: Chiefs at Jets

    The chiefs quarterback is named Patrick Mahomes. "Pat's sliding" isn't in reference to the patriots. homes.
  6. nobody

    Ukraine - Doomsday

    I'm also expecting a major event this month, everyone. This way, if anything happens, I can claim victory just like a dime store fortune teller does.
  7. Just like every other internet dumbass. Dead wrong but still tries to explain how he was right.
  8. The price just went down ... way, way down
  9. Super fake. Super ghey. We don't have to fall for everything
  10. 80% of the content of his posts are made up. He takes a piece of news and weaves a tale of speculation wrapped around his fear/desire for nuclear war
  11. Nope. Woketards think it's funny that RetardInCharge thinks Putin going to China automatically means he's coordinating a nuclear war.
  12. nobody

    Christian Watson - Hamstring Injury

    He's definitely not a stats guy. He might look at stats, but he's not a stats guy. Stats guys would understand probability distribution functions and understand that if you're comparing two players, each player will have a range of outcomes, the probability of which are dependent on average and variance. For two players, those two probability density functions will have overlap, and even though one player averages less than the other, in any given week, that player can out score another, so saying, "I hope I didn't make a mistake" is irrelevant as long as you picked the person more likely to score more points given average and variance. Then you'll either experience positive variance or negative variance. Some might call that luck, but it's just variance. Good luck and bad luck is just the instantaneous experience of variance inherent to a given event.
  13. nobody

    Christian Watson - Hamstring Injury

    I just wanted to say he was making rookie mistakes