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  1. nobody

    Non-political Wednesday diversion-Brainteasers

    My first instinct is to take the 10 pieces of each bag and mix them all up in a way such that the weight of a single bag would indicate which bag had the fake gold.
  2. nobody

    Non-political Wednesday diversion-Brainteasers

    Base rate neglect, too. It's about 1 in 11 that you actually have the disease. This is why you always hear these stories about miracle healings. Once you're tested positive for the disease, you're either in the true positive group (1 in 10k) or the false positive group (1 in 1000). Of course the drug companies don't tell you all of this stuff.
  3. nobody

    Non-political Wednesday diversion-Brainteasers

    You can say you've "been told by a doctor" if you prefer that to diagnosed.
  4. nobody

    Non-political Wednesday diversion-Brainteasers

    Here's one. You've been diagnosed with a rare disease. It only occurs in 1 in 10k people. The test for the disease gives a true positive 99.9% of the time. What are your chances of having the disease?
  5. nobody

    Non-political Wednesday diversion-Brainteasers

    Seems right to me. Even though the BG and GB cases are the same case, they would happen twice as often as a GG combo.
  6. nobody

    Non-political Wednesday diversion-Brainteasers

    Always switch.
  7. nobody

    AOC polling terribly in her district...

    See Maxine Waters
  8. nobody

    Bella Thorne has photos leaked

    Who is this chick?
  9. nobody

    Tinder - chick meeting app UPDATED

    So they wrote software to dig up threads that reference tinder, go register an account and post a link to whatever this is. Good for them.
  10. If your company could prove they had no prior knowledge of the incident, I'm sure they would not be held responsible. These students organized a witch-hunt with knowledge from the school and they just let it happen.
  11. Sometimes I read an article and want to find it again. In this case I would've probably searched Forbes Oberlin. The problem with this article is that it assumes there is nothing between no consequences and no freedom of expression. All they had to do was their job and when they caught wind of the issue guided the students on the proper responses.
  12. nobody

    NBA Finals

    Hats off to Steve Kerr pulling one of my favorite coaching moves with the no-foul with 18 seconds left so they could try and force the turnover - and actually getting one. Never understood why teams don't do that more. Pressure the ball in the back court and trap in the corners right over the half court. Then if the other team breaks the pressure, then you go ahead and foul.
  13. nobody

    Chona Sarte: aide to California Gov dead at 32

    My guess is someone on her staff probably reads her all of the relevant news of the day during her morning blood sacrifices of kittens. Most of the time she's simply watching intently in total silence as the kitten blood is smeared over the children after they're forced to rend them asunder with their bare hands and teeth. When she hears something that doesn't fit with her new world order she simply looks at an aide. They know what to do.
  14. Raw dogging Jesus. Think of how blessed my còck would be.
  15. nobody

    Chona Sarte: aide to California Gov dead at 32

    Well not personally