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  1. weepaws

    Doug Baldwin's Injury Struggles

    How about Lockett, is stock good really rise. I would think they would look at a wr in this upcoming draft.
  2. Maybe. But he will have atleast time to be as high as a rb1 until Hunt returns. So during that period of the season he might be worthy of a rb1 ranking, or at least a rb2. So it’s not easy.
  3. Would agree one can’t compare what they did But one can say without question both those men where wrong in what they did do, if indeed Hill is found to be guilty
  4. weepaws

    Is Full PPR Too Much Nowadays?

    I think it only matters when it comes to injoyment. Last season for me was the most injoyable in probably five or so seasons. I found out just how much I prefer a non ppr over a ppr league.
  5. weepaws

    Fitzmagic in Miami

    This. You nailed it.
  6. weepaws

    Fitzmagic in Miami

    I really think you will see a lot of up and downs with him. Hes not going to bring Evans and Godwin with him. He will have his share of very good moments , but overall he will be pretty avg at the end.
  7. She didn’t deserve to me kicked for acting childish.
  8. weepaws


    Ingram can catch, and is good in the passing game. Dixon not so much.
  9. weepaws

    Tyreek in trouble

    Don’t underestimate the power of child services. They have plenty of power to go after a nfl player, like with anyone that does indeed abuse a child in any way.
  10. weepaws

    Fitzmagic in Miami

    I agree with you Ray. Tells me the Dolphins will be shopping in the draft for a Qb.
  11. weepaws

    2019 Free Agents

    I guess the Dolphins just made a commitment to losing this season. I guess this means they look at a Qb for the future at this years draft.
  12. weepaws

    Odell Beckham Jr. traded to Cleveland

    Beckham needed to go, he wanted to go, the Gmen did the right thing , on paper and on the field it looks bad, but both party’s wanted a devorce and they got it.
  13. weepaws

    Tyreek in trouble

    Nfl needs to lay down the law on these guys. They need if indeed found guilty, like we all know Rice was and we all know Hunt was guilty we saw it on video. They need to stop them from playing th game, and get a second change on life outside of the nfl. If you cut of the head and in this case their cash flow others will dummy up. I don’t know if Hill is guilty at this time, but if so he to should find a new carrier, and if they do that others will get the point, you abuse any child or woman, and it don’t matter how bad the abuse is , and if you remove them from their cash flow others will get point, and the nfl will show some value as a business that indeed says we don’t condole this type of behavior from the nfl family I hope Hill and the family aren’t guilty of any wrong doing.
  14. Wow this really hurts the value of the Chubb. Hard to rank him based on he will in a RBBC near the end of ff season and into the playoffs.
  15. weepaws

    Breakout Candidates For 2019

    With A Brown who’s a target hog and also J Nelson on the team I thought it was a ok move. Now with the release of Nelson it’s a good move, Brown is still going to hog the targets, but T Williams can get deep, and without Nelson’s targets diffently a good situation.