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    just saw a stat, Tyreek Hill 14-14, 182 & 1td

    All of those guys I mentioned have been falling into the 2nd round of my mocks. Yes, there is a possibility they will all be gone by 19 but I'm guessing some will slip. Especially since guys love to grab QBs early in my league.
  2. gardenstatepkwy

    just saw a stat, Tyreek Hill 14-14, 182 & 1td

    Have 2nd pick in a 10 team and am contemplating drafting Hill with my 2nd round pick. I'd be taking im over guys like Freeman and McCaffery. League is a PPR and return yardage league so Hill gets an extra boost. So does McCaffery. Last year Hill finished 10th overall among RB/WR/TE in our league. But with RB being so thin it makes me pause and consider either McCaffery/Freeman/Fournette at 19 What does everything think of taking Hill at 19 given my league scoring?
  3. gardenstatepkwy

    Drop Jordy Nelson?

    Im holding him but man its tough. Took him as part of a trade to get the deal done. Didnt have intention of playing him and havent started him yet. Rolling Lee over him at flex this week.
  4. gardenstatepkwy

    pickups for week 11

    Rank this weeks RB pickups: Williams Burkhead Ekeler Have the #2 waiver priority and really need a win
  5. gardenstatepkwy

    Devante Parker or Marquis Lee - 1.0 PPR

    ​Both seem to be battling injuries. Lee has been a target monster recently putting up 21.50, 11, 15 in his last 3 games. Fournette returning may cut into that. Parker is Cutler's favorite target. Neither has the best matchup this week.
  6. gardenstatepkwy

    JuJu Smith-Schuster

    Buster Hyman
  7. gardenstatepkwy

    Word is Skins will try to get ball more to Crowder

    Dropped him today for Morris. Zeke owner. Cant have that lack of production on the squad.
  8. gardenstatepkwy

    Winston Injury--anyone see it?

    Ouch. Have Watson on a bye. Im going to be crossing my fingers and rolling with Jameis or dumpster diving
  9. gardenstatepkwy

    Any hope that AP gets traded ?

    If his attitude towards NO keeps going down the toilet I'm guessing it wouldn't take much for someone whos desperate for a RB to take a chance on him. Not saying hes in demand but if a team needs a RB and theres no one else out there why wouldnt they make a call and kick the tires?
  10. gardenstatepkwy

    Any hope that AP gets traded ?

    Injuries, changing circumstances.
  11. gardenstatepkwy

    Any hope that AP gets traded ?

    Wondering this too. More of a buy low candidate if he gets dealt for me though.
  12. gardenstatepkwy

    Fleener ROS

    Would you drop someone like Ebron for him? Trying to decide if I want to waste a waiver spot on him. Already have two other claims in.
  13. gardenstatepkwy

    WEEK 1 BYE! Be prepared (Bucs and Dolphins Hurricane Danger)

    Ugh Winston owner on two teams. Andy Dalton is my backup on one.
  14. gardenstatepkwy

    For those that drafted Zeke...

    Julio Zeke Hunt D. Thomas K.Allen Powell
  15. gardenstatepkwy

    Draft tonight, 10 team, Zeke at 10th pick?

    I drafted #4 in a 10 team PPR last night. Got him with my second pick 02.07. Was hesitant but the upside is huge, especially if he can get that suspension knocked down a couple of games. I failed to get McFadden though which kind of sucks. He slipped to 11.03. Was going to take him at 11.04 and settled for Riddick.