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  1. Captain Goomy Noomy Roo

    Week 16 FU Thread

    FU to asparagus
  2. Captain Goomy Noomy Roo

    TNF Discussion: Saints at Rams - Wk16

    Rams have so many receiver weapons. Teams can cover Kup all game and there are still 3 other targets. Stafford able to show his skills! When all the receivers are tired... then bring out the RBs.
  3. Captain Goomy Noomy Roo

    I hope this is the last year of the Push Tush and...

    It is not enough to say that someone is going to get hurt so we have to stop it. This is NFL Football... dudes are going to get hurt. If you take away all possible ways a dude is going to get hurt, then people will stop watching and the following would end soon after. I do agree that end of forward progress should stop plays but the Bro Show plows forward until it is stopped. People just don't like it because they don't have as much success with it as the Eagles do. Then setup for the Bro Show and go around... perfect! It would be just as bad as the defenseless receiver rule. A defender should be able to hit a receiver as soon as the ball is in hand...but he would get 15 yards dropped on him.
  4. Captain Goomy Noomy Roo

    Mattison, Harris, Zeek - Pick One WK-14 PPR

    Zeke had a nice first half so far! Nice game Zeke!!! Whooot!
  5. Captain Goomy Noomy Roo

    Mattison, Harris, Zeek - Pick One WK-14 PPR

    Mattison, Harris, Zeek - Pick One WK-14 PPR
  6. Captain Goomy Noomy Roo

    def to start

    I picked up GB for this week since Dallas plays Philly.
  7. Captain Goomy Noomy Roo

    Pittsburgh RB Room

    I think Warren will do more with long run opportunities. I also think Najee will have more TD opportunities. Najee has also been more active recently. Hard to select one or the other... but I think Najee has a small edge for this week specifically.
  8. Captain Goomy Noomy Roo

    K. Mitchell or A. Mattison?

  9. Captain Goomy Noomy Roo

    Hurts or CJ?? WK 12

    Hurts Buf, CJ JAX
  10. Captain Goomy Noomy Roo

    Kyler or Fields this week

  11. Captain Goomy Noomy Roo

    Justin Jefferson dilemma

    I almost played Lockett but held out this time. Kupp.
  12. Captain Goomy Noomy Roo

    Hurts or CJ?? WK 12

    Hurts or CJ...WK 12
  13. Captain Goomy Noomy Roo

    Thanksgiving: Jets at Dolphins - Wk12

    MIA Rockin!! Tua, Mostert, MIA DST Nice TG Game on Black Fri!! Slainte!
  14. Captain Goomy Noomy Roo

    Qb to start .5 ppr

  15. Captain Goomy Noomy Roo

    Keaton Mitchell vs I.Pacheco

    Pacheco will have more opportunities. Good luck!!