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  1. rrmcguire

    RB help

    weepaws.....wait to see if Gibson is good if he is then him? If not Davis?
  2. rrmcguire

    RB help

    Mike Davis, Gaskin, or Gibson PPR, .5 points per carry, 6 per TD
  3. rrmcguire

    Wilson or Brady

    Need upside probably with opponent having Allen yesterday 1 point per completion, 5 per TD, 1 point per 25 yards passing
  4. rrmcguire

    QB advice for the semis

    Russell Wilson or Tom Brady 1 point per completion 1 point per 25 yards passing 5 per TD -2 per int and -2 per sack 1 point per 10 yards rushing. 0.5 per rushing attempt thanks
  5. rrmcguire

    Flex question....I'm stressed

    PPR with 0.5 points per carry Miles Sanders vs New Orleans or Duke Johnson @ Chicago
  6. rrmcguire

    Lost Gaskin now what...

    Miles Sanders, Duke Johnson, or DeAndre Washington PPR...1/2 point per carry
  7. rrmcguire

    lineup help PPR

    that is assuming McCaffrey doesn't play if McCaffrey goes, would you go Sanders, Hilton, or Chark as flex.....I want to play Sanders but the matchup sucks and I would think he would get at least 10 carries especially with Hurts in his first start
  8. rrmcguire

    lineup help PPR

    Have Henry and Gaskin in at RB and Godwin and McLaurin at WR Currently have Miles Sanders as my flex. On my bench have Mike Davis with the possibility of McCaffrey not playing would probably swap him in for Sanders.....we also get 1/2 point per carry Or I could pickup TY Hilton or Chark to playin my flex over Sanders…..what do you think?
  9. rrmcguire

    trade advice

    Would you do this trade? I would be trading away Miles Sanders and Chris Godwin for D'Andre Swift and Allen Robinson in PPR
  10. rrmcguire

    Mike Davis or Antonio Gibson

    Yes I did
  11. rrmcguire

    Mike Davis or Antonio Gibson

    Need ro pick one PPR
  12. rrmcguire

    defense to go with week 11

    Browns vs. Philly (minus Myles Garrett) Saints vs. Falcons Football Team vs. Cincy
  13. Picked him up in one league where I have Hockenson....probably not going with Taysom over him, but in my other have Goedert debating this but waiting to see through the week if we get any indication from Sean Payton on playing time as they have already said Winston will start but Hill will be "sprinkled" in Playing HIll would be a gamble but I'd rather have him on my roster if I had the space than letting any other teams have him if he were to go off for a few weeks with TE eligibility
  14. James Conner, Miles Sanders, Mike Davis, or Antonio Gibson and at TE Hockenson or Ebron