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  1. rrmcguire

    Need to drop 1 receiver PPR

    Devante Parker Tee Higgins Laviska Shenault
  2. rrmcguire

    trade advise

    Trade is done I traded Allen, Swift, and Hilton for Gaskin, Gibson and Parker
  3. rrmcguire

    trade advise

    offer on the table is I get: Gaskin, Gibson, and Davante Parker they get Allen, Swift, and Hilton RB's would then be Conner, Gaskin, Justin Jackson, Gibson, Akers would try and pickup Fitz or Stafford this week and go with Wilson rest of the way
  4. rrmcguire

    trade advise

    Josh Allen not Kyle Allen
  5. rrmcguire

    trade advise

    point taken...with that would you trade Allen for...David Johnson, Antonio Gibson, or Miles Gaskin as I don't think I'll be able to get James Robinson
  6. rrmcguire

    trade advise

    our scoring works where QBs get a point per completion and RBs get 1/2 point per carry, PPR
  7. rrmcguire

    trade advise

    I'm ahead in the waivers and going to pickup Fitz......if you did do the trade would you trade jackjohn would you trade for any of the 3....David Johnson, Gibson, or Gaskin?
  8. rrmcguire

    trade advise

    I'm offering the trade to the Dak Prescott owner, everyone else has 2 QB's
  9. rrmcguire

    trade advise

    I tried offering Allen for James Robinson, but no go...... my receivers are: McLaurin, Godwin, Crowder, Higgins, Shenault, Hilton I thought about offering Allen and Crowder for Gaskin and Davante Adams I just don't see myself playing Allen over Wilson ever this year and this is an opprtunity to upgrade my RB
  10. rrmcguire

    trade advise

    TBay would you trade Allen for Johnson, Gibson, Gaskin? Pretty sure they won't trade Robinson just trying to get a consistent running back along with my others Akers and Swift have upside....worried Conner will get hurt each week.
  11. rrmcguire

    trade advise

    only really person to trade with as other person lost Dak and was their only QB.......figured one of those guys could bolster my running backs and I could pickup Fitz or Cousins next week during Wilson's bye
  12. rrmcguire

    trade advise

    Have Wilson and Allen at QB RBs are: Conner, Akers, Justin Jackson, Swift would you trade Allen for any of the following: David Johnson, Antonio Gibson, or Myles Gaskin tried to trade for James Robinson but I don't think that will happen
  13. rrmcguire

    Championship weekend FU thread

    Jameis and Hopkins....cant complain too much as I knew Jameis was a ticking time bomb
  14. rrmcguire

    Texans at Buccaneers: In-Game Discussion

    Season over before Sunday thanks to Jameis
  15. rrmcguire

    Lineup help

    Yeah PPR