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  1. rrmcguire

    Dalvin Cook says he is fine....Dr. Chao disagrees

    Would you start Matrison over Singletary and Penny PPR
  2. rrmcguire

    Fitzmagic or Darnold

    1 point per completion -1 incompletion 1 point every 20 yards 300 yard bonus 6 pt touchdowns -6 interceptions -1 sacks
  3. rrmcguire

    FitzMagic = League Winner?

    Fitz or Darnold?
  4. rrmcguire

    FitzMagic = League Winner?

    Deciding between him, Darnold, and Winston
  5. rrmcguire

    Are You Sticking With Darnold This Week ?

    Deciding between him, Fitzmagic, and Winston
  6. rrmcguire

    Christian Kirk: Worth holding on to?

    Yes PPR....thinking of dropping him also for Fitzmagic
  7. rrmcguire

    Christian Kirk: Worth holding on to?

    Currently have Hopkins and Diggs....would you drop Kirk for Anderson, Crowder, either of the Pittsburgh receivers, or Beasley to be used as a possible flex Currently flexing Singletary or Penny
  8. rrmcguire

    Qb for first round

    My other backs are Matttison and Penny
  9. rrmcguire

    Qb for first round

    Here is my current roster vs opponent Darnold/Winston Cook, Ingram Hopkins, Diggs Singletary Doyle Vs Lamar Jackson Gurley, Cohen Julio, Godwin Golladay Henry So probably am needing some upside with the QB option
  10. rrmcguire

    lineup questions

    McLaurin or Kirk?
  11. rrmcguire

    Dalvin Cook says he is fine....Dr. Chao disagrees

    have both Cook and Mattison...and would rather have Cook sit this week as if he's active you have to play him, right? The risk is big in the fantasy playoffs, and would rather him sit a week and roll out Mattison
  12. rrmcguire

    lineup questions

    yes, PPR
  13. rrmcguire

    lineup questions

    Have Cook, Ingram, Singletary, Penny, and Matison....pretty sure I'm going with Cook(if healthy) and Ingram at RB's, with Singletary at flex at WR have Hopkins, Diggs, McLaurin, and Kirk, pretty sure going Hopkins and Diggs at TE have Ryan Griffin but trying to pickup Doyle for my WR's would you drop McLaurin or Kirk for either Robby Anderson, Anthony Miller, Cole Beasley, or James Washington? thanks
  14. rrmcguire

    Qb for first round

    Have Darnold and Winstom but I hear Darnold is banged up....other options are Fitzpatrick, Josh Allen, Minshew, or Brissett 6 per TD, -6 Per int, 1 point per completion, -1 incompletion, point every 20 yards passing
  15. rrmcguire

    What do you need tonight ?

    7 points between Cook and Diggs