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  1. rrmcguire

    CJ Anderson

    Ouch that sucks man happened to me last year was 13-1 then had Kamara and AB get hurt
  2. rrmcguire

    CJ Anderson

    True....I probably would've chose wrong and went Kelly, but crap Blue only got 4 carries
  3. rrmcguire

    CJ Anderson

    No way in hell I could've started CJ without having a good backup plan...but kudos to those it worked out for...hes definitely outscoring Alf Blue
  4. rrmcguire

    CJ Anderson

    My only other options in the afternoon were Royce Freeman and Darrell Williams, why couldn't they have just declared Gurley out this morning
  5. rrmcguire

    CJ Anderson

    Went with damn Alfred Blue instead of CJA or Kelly
  6. rrmcguire

    RB need 2

    Sorry forgot my other post weepaws you like Josh Adams over Blue even against Texans run d If Gurley is announced out in the morning would you go CJA or Kelly over either Thanks
  7. rrmcguire

    RB need 2

    1/2 point per carry. PPR Fournette Blue Foreman Or wait for CJA/John Kelly...would need to pickup Royce Freeman or Darrell Williams as backup Could also pickup Zenner or Riddick
  8. rrmcguire

    Championship tie breaker

    Where does it show the playoff time breaker? On our league it shows regular season as bench points but nothing showing for playoffs
  9. rrmcguire

    Blue is he worth a start

    Even if I get 1/2 point per carry...I'm also starting Fournette, other options are Adams, then also have Kelly and CJA...but unless Gurley announced out today or tomorrow morning cannot risk it
  10. rrmcguire

    John Kelly

    god...my other options to go with in afternoon Monday games would be Darrell Williams and Royce Freeman
  11. rrmcguire

    John Kelly

    Man I wish there were afternoon options...i picked up both Kelly and CJ But in case Gurley goes...there isn't squat on the wire
  12. Man I'd love to start John Kelly instead of Miller/Blue....but there aren't many backup plans for afternoon game running backs in case they drag this out with Gurley being active or not
  13. Got Matt Ryan in round 10...think the key is having a balanced team, and a little bit of luck
  14. rrmcguire

    Ware or Williams

    playing against owner who has both Damien and Ware...hope its a full blown committee