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  1. wolves111

    Is it time to trade DeAndre Hopkins?

    Take the deal and consider it a swindle. Ertz straight up is a good deal.
  2. wolves111

    Need Advice

    RB Carson or T.Coleman TE Olsen or Burton
  3. wolves111

    A necessary trade

    Hill alone should get you a QB. Someone must need a WR and has a decent #2 QB.
  4. wolves111

    T/E MacDonald or Rudolph?

    Minn at Phila, Pitt home vs Atl
  5. wolves111

    TE Streamer wk 5

    Brate is off this week
  6. Zeke stuck on a bad offense. Essentially it's him for Adams and Ertz. do I?
  7. wolves111

    Elliott Trade, would you?

    Was offered Adams, Ertz, M.Lynch for Elliott, Lockett, Burton. Dallas offensive is terrible. Not sure how long Elliott will be able to take the pounding from eight man fronts.
  8. wolves111

    Elliott, Lockett, Burton 4 Adams, Ertz, Ajayi?

    I'm getting Adams, etc.
  9. Have Gordon, Diggs, and Wentz/Cousins. Pull the trigger??