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  1. wolves111

    QB week 7

    I've had Ryan on my teams on and off for several years. Every time I play him he gets sacked, fumbles, or picked on his way to a 5 pt day. Every time i bench him he scores 25 pts. I'd play him so that should answer the question.
  2. wolves111

    WR Upgrade

    You're wr's suck except for Allen.
  3. wolves111

    Carson and A.Collins question

    Winner winner chicken dinner.
  4. wolves111

    Anyone Else Starting The Bengals D Tonight ?

    You absolutely suck at this.
  5. wolves111

    What Do You Need On Monday Night - Week 3

    It's ok Axe. You're comments are still entertaining at least. Sorry for judging you by stating the obvious.
  6. wolves111

    What Do You Need On Monday Night - Week 3

    Well sir you're a liar. You ran your mouth the whole preseason. Own it like a man. If that's possible.
  7. wolves111

    What Do You Need On Monday Night - Week 3

    How's that 6000 yard and 50 td season guarantee for Mahomes working out?
  8. wolves111

    Help me make the wrong decision on QB this week

    Who did you draft first? That's your starter.
  9. wolves111

    M. Williams or D. Smith

    For me the hesitation is Diggs and how he shut Evans down. Evans has a pretty good QB wouldn't you agree?
  10. wolves111

    S/F RB's

    Really? Did you miss the part of Mostert lasting less than a half of a game for the season?
  11. wolves111

    M. Williams or D. Smith

    Good problem to have but can only play one. Starting Hill and Metcalf with the other two spots. My head says Williams but Smith looks like the #1 option for Hurts. Diggs shadowing Williams also disconcerting. Who you like?
  12. wolves111

    S/F RB's

    Yeah well that didn't take long did it?
  13. Pin head the bug fker
  14. wolves111

    Dare I sit Zeke? (and M. Davis)

    Well I've been doing this a long time and I learned to never bench your stars. Law of averages. You might be right on occasion but the they're stars for a reason. You know the whole analytics thing.
  15. wolves111

    Te and wr help

    Cook. Easy call...