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  1. wolves111

    Injuries taking over- Need RB advice?

    I have to play McKissic. It's like washing your feet with your socks on...
  2. wolves111

    Big Ben and Herbert

    Yeah so you can see why I'm still deciding. For some reason there are players that when benched go lights out (Stafford as an example) and come up short when you play them (Big Ben).
  3. wolves111

    Big Ben and Herbert

    Well it's a shame because you seem to know a little something about FF. But unfortunately you're to much of a fool. It's easier to just block you. Maybe if enough people do it you'll get it. Probably not.
  4. wolves111

    TE Wasteland - Trade Advice

    pick up Schultz
  5. wolves111

    Big Ben and Herbert

    Well Pitt is on the road where Ben tends to underperform. On the other hand he was at home last week and garnered 13 points. That's pathetic. Herbert is still a rookie but has a soft schedule ahead. Do I dare bench Ben?
  6. wolves111

    Lindsay and Singletary for David Johnson

    Sounds like two nickels for a dime.
  7. wolves111

    CEH & Bell situation

    Sadly I have to agree. I have him and turned down Chubb for him a few weeks ago before he got hurt. If he were healthy now I couldn't get that deal.
  8. wolves111

    Lost DAK/Trade Offer/ Help!!!

    Hey Lizard. Wanna play some poker?
  9. wolves111

    QB dilemma - (yep- lost Dak as well)

    That was funny. You're still an azz. But funny. Seriously man. I have a cousin who without a doubt is thee most miserable sob alive. If you handed him $2000 he would complain because it wasn't more. He hates puppies, babies, and Christmas. I thought he was unique. I thought
  10. wolves111

    QB dilemma - (yep- lost Dak as well)

    Probably the way you list them. I've taken a flyer on Fitz the last two years and i can attest he is anything but consistent. Same with Stafford. Might just roll with Dalton and hope he doesn't throw multiple picks in the red zone as he seems to be prone to do.
  11. wolves111

    3 leagues Dak Out.

    Four tds so far tonight for Herbert. BTW...if William could stay healthy he'd be a beast.
  12. wolves111

    3 leagues Dak Out.

    Well week 7 thru 11 he plays Jack, Den, LVR, Miami, Jets. You could do worse as a #2 option.
  13. wolves111

    OK Dak owners - what's your backup plan?

    I have Dak in two leagues. Big Ben as my #2 in both. Picked up Herbert in one league (week 7-11 Jck, Den, LVR, Miami, Jets) and might just grab Dalton in the other as there isn't much available. Big Ben needs to stay upright for sure.
  14. wolves111

    3 leagues Dak Out.

    Decent options with all but Minshew. I have Dak in two leagues and picked up Herbert last night after it happened. Would have taken Bridgewater or Tannehill but they weren't available. Still have Big Ben but he seems to get hurt a lot. Not a young buck anymore I guess...
  15. wolves111

    Ryan or Goff week 5? Will try and answer you.

    This from a nerd with 24000 posts lol lol lol lol