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  1. wolves111

    Draft Position #9 Strategy

    Just read that if the NFL plays week one then all players get paid their full salaries should it close down afterwards. Does anyone believe the owners will take that chance? No one, me included, wants to believe there won't be football this season. But it isn't looking good....
  2. wolves111

    2020 stash

    Green will land in N/E
  3. wolves111

    Stat Correction

    wha wha wha wha wha wha
  4. wolves111

    ESPN Screwed me

  5. wolves111

    Battle of the Hurt Throwing hands

    Just saw that report. The great ones play well in snow. Brady, Bradshaw, Elway, even Montana. If Hill and Kelce get traction it could be a blow out. On the other hand Winston plays Detroit. The line in the KC game moved from -13 to -9.5. O/U dropped 2 1/2 pts. TB line went from -4 to -6. O'U dropped 2 pts. I think the safe pick is Winston. God forbid.
  6. Cousins. He only beats bad teams.
  7. This matchup has given me more heartburn than I can absorb. Mark Lawrence, an odds maker/bookie etc gives a few picks each week on our local radio station in Philly. He's been around a long time and is reputable. His "not interested team" this week is SF. That's why I considered playing Matt Ryan. He quoted a zillion stats saying it's a prime let down game for SF. My problem is Ryan blows. Watson...
  8. wolves111

    Desperate is Playing vs L. Jackson

    Ok boy's. Goff it is. Appropriate too as he has Elliott and Kupp vs my Goff and A. Cooper. No worries. Fun fact. Can't remember if it was last year or 2017 but Antonio Brown goes off on Thursday night for 49 pts and I'm playing against him. Sure enough the rest of his team does zilch and I crush him. Here's hoping..... p.s. thx for everyone's help. And Rabid...really good analysis.
  9. wolves111

    Desperate is Playing vs L. Jackson

    Sorry. QB 's are Ryan, Wentz, and Goff. BTW. Been doing this for 25 years. If I'm coming off negative it's because I drafted Theilen, Hilton, Hill, Hooper, Connor, Cooper and Ryan. Pretty much the all injured team this season. Frustrating to get this far on waiver moves only to get clobbered by L. Jackson right out of the gate. I somehow even managed to get a bye. Just disappointed. I'm now leaning towards Ryan vs SF because he's been really good in December and hoping it's a trap game for SF.
  10. So he got 47.1 pts last night from Jackson. Now he's got Elliott, Chubb, and Rupp. I got squat. Gordon, Carson, Hill, Cooper, Hooper, Deebo and at QB. That's like washing your feet with your socks on. In desperation do I roll out Goff and replace Cooper with a concussed Parker due to matchups? This dudes entire team is incredible btw. I got like no shot
  11. Goff, Ryan, Wentz, Fitz. Yeah I know. It's real crap. Any turds on this list that could possibly be shined this week?
  12. wolves111

    I Need a Def This Week. Any Gut Feelings?

    Gotta say KC was my choice as well. Now pick a QB....
  13. Dude I'm playing this week has Lamar, Zeke, and Chubb , just to name a few. I need a miracle. My QB's are Ryan and Mayfield, Goff. Hence the need for a defense that can score a ton of pts. Available are Minn, Buff, KC, Clev. Who you like?
  14. wolves111

    Rank these 5 RBs for RoS

    Connor is likely out or at least limited. Breida coming back this week so Mostert drops. Mixon, Penny, Guice.
  15. wolves111

    Qb for first round

    That makes two of you.