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  1. wolves111

    Head to head match-ups suck sometimes.

    You’re still a jerkoff.
  2. wolves111

    Buffalo T/E

    Yeah not sure of it’s intensity. Saw a quick story online
  3. wolves111

    Buffalo T/E

    Anyone hear Knox Dawson news? FF live saying he’s out which would seem to make Kinkaid a good option considering the tropical storm expected to affect Buffalo on Sunday. If the storm hits as expected there’s three games that will be dicey. Washington/Buffalo, Baltimore/Indy, and Jets/New England.
  4. wolves111

    Trade Offer

  5. wolves111

    Trade Offer

    Ppr, 6 pts all tds, standard lineup of qb, 2 rb, 3 wr, te etc Burrow, Geno Smith Charbonnet, Pierce, Spears, Montgomery, Reynolds’s, J Kelly K Allen, Cee Dee, Davis, Higgins, Reynolds, Bateman Engram, Ferguson
  6. wolves111

    Trade Offer

    Yeah, I know. I'm going to counter with Higgins rather than Cee Dee. I have K. Allen, G. Davis, Reynolds. He'll turn it down because Cee Dee is obviously the guy he wants. Thx for the comment.
  7. wolves111

    Trade Offer

    I realize this should be posted on A Little Help but it seems that gets very little attention. Sorry for deviating from the rules. Anyway, I was offered Puka, K Williams and A. Cooper for Cee Dee, Spears, and Bateman. Essentially, he wants Cee Dee for the two LA rookies. Since my rb's are crap I'm giving it some thought but not sure if the two rookies can sustain their success all season. Kupp coming back as well. Anyone have an opinion? It's full ppr.
  8. wolves111

    Pick 2 RB - Sanders, Kelley, Cook or Allgeier

    I’d play Kelly. I have a similar decision between him and Higgins.
  9. wolves111

    Pick 2 RB - Sanders, Kelley, Cook or Allgeier

    Dan Kelly the bartender?
  10. wolves111

    PPR Flex Help

    Pierce and Waller
  11. wolves111

    Now that Kelley's starting, who TF do I sit??

  12. wolves111

    Tua or Lawrence?

  13. wolves111

    Austin Ekeler Watch - Ankle Injury

    Be careful. Few years ago my opponent had Rodgers who left the game early with an ankle injury. As I was snickering my QB Prescott was rolling to his left, was tackled , and proceeded to break his. Karma is a