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  1. wolves111

    Week 10 T/E Decision

    Pick one. Waller or Hooper. It's as bad as last week with the Brady/Carr choice which most of us got wrong with Brady.
  2. wolves111

    Drop Mike Williams for A. Tate?

    You can drop Mike Williams for Andy Williams and still come out ahead. The guy sucks...
  3. wolves111

    Trade Accepted

    Bad trade.
  4. wolves111

    Walton or Royce Freeman?

  5. wolves111

    Hock, Goedert. Doyle?

    Just cut Goedert. D. Jackson back opens up the middle for Ertz
  6. wolves111

    Start Brady or Carr

    All valid observations. One gamblers insight. Teams away from their home field for extended periods typically underperform the first week back according to Mark Lawrence, a noted NFL Gambling guru (at least in his mind). He's on a local radio show each Saturday am with his picks. He advertises a 70% success rate. Ironically I wouldn't bet he was that good. Anyway Oakland has been away for 5 weeks including a London game. I really hate flipping a coin....
  7. wolves111

    Start Brady or Carr

    Ah...a dissenter. A hunch or a contrarian play?
  8. wolves111

    Start Brady or Carr

    Thx for everyone's input. Looks like I'm rolling with Brady in a prime time game. Hopefully it's not Lamar's coming out party...
  9. wolves111

    Start Brady or Carr

    Yeah I hear you. That just means we both view Carr as nothing more than a streamer. Problem is I'm tired of watching Sony Michael get 15 carries for 28 yards but finishes with 2 one yard scores. Grates on me even if I have a winning day.
  10. wolves111

    Start Brady or Carr

    Yeah I get it he's money in prime time games. He just doesn't look comfortable in the pocket this year. No Gronk or outside WR will do that to you. He's got Edelman and White and slow RB's. BB loaded up on defense for a reason.
  11. wolves111

    Start Brady or Carr

    Brady seems to be fading this year. Age catching up? Carr has a shoot out lined up with Detroit.
  12. wolves111

    Start Brady in Bad Weather?

    Other options are Darnold, Matt Moore or Schaub. While is seems like a no brainer New England in bad weather looks like they'll just run the ball all game. Do I roll the dice or am I over thinking it?
  13. wolves111

    Dare I start Josh Allen over Brady?

    Weepaws….kudos to you for expressing your faith. God bless.
  14. wolves111

    Flex: Henry or T Y Hilton

    Looks like Hilton is playing tonight. Do I bench Henry for him?
  15. wolves111

    Brady or Ryan at QB

    Wish I understood the betting science of football a little better. So N/E opens -14, o/u 48 and now is -19, 48 1/2. Seems like bookies want to take in Miami money because all the bets are for N/E to cover. But the total hasn't moved. What does that mean? Birds open -1 1/2, 51 vs Atlanta and now -1 1/2, 53. Jezzuz I'm confused.