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  1. Sean Mooney

    This economy is so bad

    Then you suck as an investor or you are a liar.....I'll guess the latter He's lying. It's not possible
  2. Sean Mooney

    This economy is so bad

    tribalism at its finest. Get a clue dude.
  3. Sean Mooney

    This economy is so bad

    Gee- I gave two Presidents from different political parties credit for good economies.....How dare I give credit to both sides for something. Again- the tribalism about politics is idiotic. But people just love moving goalposts for some reason I guess
  4. Sean Mooney

    This economy is so bad

    Yeah companies never lay people off...super rare in the world. Also, numbers indicate a net positive.
  5. Sean Mooney

    This economy is so bad

    Huge yawns from you guys. No evidence to what you want to believe. It's just feelings. And people rooting for deflation. Quality. Very American.
  6. Sean Mooney

    This economy is so bad

    Exactly this- both things are true here. The economy was fine under Trump. It is really good under Biden. COVID messed things up in the middle there. But that doesn't bring the stupid tribalism.
  7. Sean Mooney

    This economy is so bad

    Yet you rush to defend it every time. Strange how that works. And I've been pretty consistent in that I dislike all politicians and thinks politics has become completely counterproductive and idiotic anymore because they operate just appealing to the loud dipsh!ts on the edges as opposed to the normal people in the middle. The overall tone of the board here leans far right so of course that will get the majority of the pushback. But I've said things to guys like timscotch when he goes too far off the reservation.
  8. Sean Mooney

    This economy is so bad

    "TDS" spoken like a true toadie. Seriously- tell your "centrist" friends there to get a new insult. Trump means little to me....certainly not nearly as much as he means to guys like you, and utilt99, and others here. who want the opportunity to just ballwash a president for some reason. Maybe you can talk to the dopey people who were ready to follow Obama off a cliff for the same reason and find out how that worked out.
  9. It isn't and it won't be.... But I also don't know why anyone cares what Rachel Maddow (or Sean Hannity- or any other pundit dope who positions their loud opinion as fact) thinks. Other than giving themselves something stupid to get outraged over.
  10. Sean Mooney

    This economy is so bad

    #1- even a guy who thinks he is "the most centrist poster here" just slurps up what Trump says and spits it back.
  11. Sean Mooney

    This economy is so bad

    Trump doesn't have to tell the truth. And really why should he bother? He can lie and sycophants slurp it up and spit it back online through the distortion machine and people buy it. Again- the reality of what is happening does not match what people believe is happening. I've mentioned this before but polls show people feel they are doing well in the economy but the economy is not doing well overall.
  12. Sean Mooney

    DESANTIS 2024!!! Ron DeSantis :wub:

    Where does DeSantis run in 2024 rank among the list of the all-time worst Presidential campaigns? Think of attempts like: Scott Walker in 2016 Gary Hart in 1988 Joe Lieberman in 2004 Rick Perry in 2012 Nelson Rockefeller- pick a year Howard Dean in 2004 Jeb Bush in 2016 Tim Pawlenty in 2016 DeSantis has to be pretty high- hell their big plan was to have people knocking on doors to drive votes in states- in 2024!
  13. Sean Mooney

    Today's Music is Gawd Awful

    Truer words have never been spoken
  14. Sean Mooney


    The only reason I got it was because I figured it was either that or Dani California and you wiped the one away
  15. Sean Mooney


    Knowing Sirius audience loves recency bias it's probably something like Can't Stop. My #1 would be Soul to Squeeze