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  1. Sean Mooney

    Child Tax “Credit”

    But we aren't going to say tough s#%* you didn't fill out the paperwork required to opt out?
  2. Sean Mooney

    Child Tax “Credit”

    You're an idiot.
  3. Sean Mooney

    Child Tax “Credit”

    What the hell are you talking about? Pull your head out of your own a$$
  4. Sean Mooney

    The left wants Joe Rogan off Spotify

    Very few to none. All of news has become political theater for people. And the majority of people just watch what supports their side so they can be "right."
  5. Sean Mooney

    Child Tax “Credit”

    Ok cool. And like I said- I think the only way you pay it back is if you got more than you should have. Case in point- on your 2020 tax returns you have 3 kids listed and thus got 3 kids worth of money. But in 2021 your one child aged out of that bracket and so technically you only had 2 children you should have received the tax credit for. In that case you are paying back in because you got more than you were owed.
  6. Sean Mooney

    Child Tax “Credit”

    Again- I'm not going to excuse laziness from people.
  7. Sean Mooney

    Child Tax “Credit”

    But you had the option...if you didn't and now you are upset about having to pay money back (not saying the OP is)...well that's just silly and people are upset because their laziness isn't being rewarded
  8. Sean Mooney

    Child Tax “Credit”

    You had the ability to opt out. The letters in the summer indicated that. Plus you only have to pay back if what you got from your child tax credit exceeded what you should have got. If you did not get back as much as you should have you still get that at tax time.
  9. Sean Mooney

    Vaccine mandate blocked

    That just isn't true. I know your echo chamber tells you it is but it isn't
  10. Sean Mooney

    Vaccine mandate blocked

    The flu shot is referred to as a shot because the primary method of delivering it is an injection under the skin. There is a nasal mist one as well. Covid is referred to as a vaccine because of the process of what it does in your system to fight the disease. Read some books people.
  11. Sean Mooney

    Bare Shelves Biden

    Utilit99 is an idiot who thinks political parties are like rooting for the Ravens or Steelers. I wasn't a fan of Trump but I didn't hope he failed...I mean geez. People who do want the President to fail are dumb
  12. Sean Mooney

    The latest conservative cure for Covid

    He would've just pulled on your crank like a soft serve ice cream machine
  13. Sean Mooney

    The latest conservative cure for Covid

    Sucks you had to spend the money to send it. Utilit99 would've met you for free to eat it.
  14. Sean Mooney

    Bare Shelves Biden

    Lumber prices dropped like 6 months ago.