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  1. Imagine the dude who wrote this keyboard blowjob post earlier trying to chastise people for taking their "marching orders." Yes....true bravery everyone is not a serviceman fighting the good fight overseas. Or a firefighter who charges into a burning building to save someone....or a person who wrestles a gun from a mass shooter.....it is a rich dude who bought a social media platform and said "Let me Tweet out the times where people wouldn't let you read what Charlie Kirk had to say" Good lord- get over yourself Reality and learn what words mean.
  2. Who said it: "Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom of reach"?
  3. My larger point is this: I worked at a charter school before I worked in a more traditional public school setting. I see the value in them for certain pockets of kids. However, there are a lot of devils in the details that people either don't understand, or don't know about, and until you figure all of them out- school choice (as people want it to be positioned) is not possible
  4. None of that is how it works though. So you are arguing a hypothetical that does not exist.
  5. None of that means a crime was committed.
  6. Sean Mooney

    the left slowly pushes to normalize pedophilia

    Trolling, picking a fight, baiting....call it what you want.
  7. And I as the taxpayer don't want to pay for someone to take my money and go 6 towns over with it to go to some ritzy private school. And I guarantee I'm not alone in that thinking. And where all these bus drivers coming from to bus kids to these schools- because the home district is responsible for getting the students to the school they want to go to unless a parent is taking them. Also, just because someone can use their money to go elsewhere that does not mean that a school has to take them in. Schools will absolutely pick and choose what they want in their school and...well...that sounds like something else. So now what do you do?
  8. A simple question I answered prior to you asking and then you were starting to shift the discussion to what you wanted.
  9. So the taxpayers should supplement private school education?
  10. Sean Mooney

    the left slowly pushes to normalize pedophilia

    Jeezus dude- pretty clearly I was talking about the "closing the school down" Again- take a breath and calm the hell down. You tried to pick a fight yesterday in the Ted Cruz thread, now this....take a breath.
  11. Sean Mooney

    the left slowly pushes to normalize pedophilia

    You are really mad lately...maybe you need to get laid....or drink more....smoke more....something. Private schools have far more leeway to do what they want. Sorry. Not sure who is shutting them down. The government....not very libertarian of you.
  12. Sean Mooney

    the left slowly pushes to normalize pedophilia

    Right...a lot of parents moved from public to private (or charter- which does have some oversight to it) schools thinking they would be able to impose their will. They won't at a private school.
  13. Sean Mooney

    the left slowly pushes to normalize pedophilia

    I think what people don't get though is- public schools at least have a ton of oversight to them from the community and the school board the state and federal governments and all that. If you don't like something the public school is doing you can complain and it will get brought up and heard and has potential to change. Private schools don't hold board elections. They are appointed by donors, and alumni, and friends of the people running the place. They get your money and do what they want. You don't like it- go elsewhere. You don't have as much singular voice in them as you do in a public school setting.
  14. Sean Mooney

    the left slowly pushes to normalize pedophilia

    Private schools aren't a cure all. Whodathunkit?
  15. Jerry you are tiring and I'm not looking to argue. Do you want me to just tell you that you are right so we can move forward with our days?