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  1. jrokh

    Gronk.....peace out!

    Can't wait to see Gronk star in Expendables 6!
  2. jrokh

    First Round NFL Mock?

    I'm on board with that strategy, as I have made obvious that I like Tua, probably better than anyone drafted last year also, save Baker. However, the Giants want to get a QB in this year so he can learn from Eli before he's gone. I would be surprised if they didn't wind up with Haskins, Lock or Jones on draft day.
  3. jrokh

    First Round NFL Mock?

    I'm not sure what the cards are doing, I don't think they even know but a sticking point is what they can get for Rosen and I don't think they like what they are hearing thus far. As for the Gmen, This is Eli's last year, his contract is up and unless he is willing to come back for peanuts and potentially as a backup, this will be the last year of his career. My sense is the Giants don't want to trade up for Haskins but would happily grab him at 6, or else lock at 17, or Daniel Jones at 37. I personally want them to tank for Tua, but that's not the Giants way.
  4. jrokh

    Krafty move

    I think the flaw in the argument is the women in this establishment were allegedly forced to perform said duties...
  5. We don't have to pretend anything. You made a silly ranking of a player, got called out on it, tried to move the goalposts, and got called out again. Don't feel too badly, happens all the time round these parts.
  6. so if you think he is an RB3, can you name the 24 RB's you'd draft ahead of him? Or are you going to submit yet another hedge and claim you meant it in a 10 or 8 team league? Don't even bother, what you really ,meant was your not as high on Chubb as the early consensus, which if you had said in the beginning instead of the hyperbolic RB3, would have been fine and much more appropriate. Cheers...
  7. Fair enough, think whatever you want. I would question why you think that based on something other than a feeling, but I can't say you are wrong for having an opinion, no matter how misguided it may be. What I can say is you started this debate by opining Chubb as an RB3, then you said RB2, now you have it that he won't be an RB1. Pick a lane...
  8. Being productive has a direct correlation with being productive and that is exactly what he was last year, and now the Cleveland Offense is loaded. I'll take a guy who is awesome for the first ten weeks as long as you don't have to draft him in the top 15, deal with week 11 on when it gets there.
  9. Hunt or Chubb? Nick Chubb is going to give you 10 weeks as the Bell-Cow in a potentially explosive offense. Is it possible that after that Hunt cuts into his workload, yeah, but nowhere close to an RB3, you may want to rethink that cold take...
  10. jrokh

    Fitzmagic in Miami

    I get what your saying, mediocrity begets mediocrity, but a young QB on a rookie contract is the only reason to " unintentionally" tank, and Tua IMO is a tier above the non Kyler Murray QBs.
  11. jrokh

    Fitzmagic in Miami

    Tanking for Tua is a very reasonable strategy. He is better than any QB in this class. Wish the Giants would adopt that position...
  12. jrokh

    The Free Agency Thread

    They may be but Fitzmagic hucking bombs to Stills, Parker and Jakeem Grant could be fun to watch.
  13. jrokh

    Odell Beckham Jr. traded to Cleveland

    Like a lot of Giants fans I am not enamored with Gettelman at the moment, however it is clear that ownership has mandated that Eli be given the respect to finish his contract and probably career at the end of the season. One can argue this is a foolish decision, and I won't blame anyone for that but it is what it is, can't fight city hall.
  14. jrokh

    Tyreek in trouble

    They didn't say all that much but the early report implied that it may have been his fiancé who was involved, but the info was a little vague at this point, stay tuned...
  15. Nice, I like where this is going. Let's temper expectations for Chubb and keep his value low. If he is there in round 3 I will be ready to pounce!