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  1. avoiding injuries

    Liberal America- what they have created.

    In 2024 Beta Males are going to be the new targeted demographic for the RNC. These people are going to raise their kids to be poosies too. Sad.
  2. avoiding injuries

    Group of Libs stab teen 13 times...

    That was my position on early term abortion, until the goalposts were moved. Theyll be killing other Americans in no time.
  3. avoiding injuries

    Ron DeSantis- “monkey this up” story (shocking twist!)

    Some might call it yuuuuuge.
  4. avoiding injuries

    2020 Budget Proposal: Work for Welfare

    Now Is the time to do it with unemployment so low. Takes away the biggest excuse of jobs not being available.
  5. avoiding injuries

    The Truman Show - 1998 - No black people?

    They had a transgender play the lead role.
  6. We are getting that focking Wall one way or another.
  7. One of my best friends married a diehard liberal. Her and I would jest over politics throughout the years. After Trump won, I shipped a 4ft Trump pinata directly from Amazon with a personalized message “You make me Yuuuuge”. They had no idea who it came from for a few days until I couldn’t contain myself any longer and confessed. It took a year for her to talk to me again.
  8. I would occasionally tune into these shows. Haven’t watched one in the past two years. If it’s really funny, a clip will be posted on twitter or somewhere else online.
  9. avoiding injuries

    Sore loser Trump setting up for riots after he gets destroyed in election.

    I wasn’t here during THE ELECTION. Please keep bumping these threads. TIA
  10. If I had let election results affect my mood while I was in college my friends would have punched me right in the face. Deservedly.
  11. avoiding injuries

    Books you dont want to read

    How to Advance your Career -By Jussie Smollett
  12. avoiding injuries


    It’s gotten so bad for ISIS that they’re trying to regain citizenship here and the democrats are supportive.
  13. avoiding injuries

    Books you dont want to read

    Dreams From My Father
  14. avoiding injuries

    The End of Recycling?

    I go through 3-4 of these plastic bottles a day and just toss them out the window when they start to clutter the car.
  15. avoiding injuries

    The End of Recycling?

    I stopped recycling a few weeks ago when I learned the World was ending in 12 years. What’s the point?