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  1. redtodd

    Why do cities hate Uber?

    The only thing I can say negative about Uber is there is some vagueness on the tipping. Uber says you don't need to, but if you read up on the internet it sounds like there is an expectation from drivers that they should. I would recommend that they raise the rates 10% on all trips (all going to the driver) and make it crystal clear that you DO NOT tip ever.
  2. redtodd

    Why do cities hate Uber?

    If they are half intelligent, they (taxis) would overhaul their business model to compete. It's like the folks at Polaroid bitching about the digital cameras as they quickly go out of business.
  3. redtodd

    Why do cities hate Uber?

    Uber is one of my favorite creations and it is a great example of how a Free Market can benefit us all. I used it whenever I am traveling and need a ride (assuming they are available where I am at). As usual, when the governments get involved, they screw it up and are not acting in the best interest of the consumers.
  5. I don't - the Giants beat the Pats twice ( ) and the Patriots beat the Seahawks. If the Patriots didn't want it to come down to a helmet catch, they should have done more in the game (hold onto the INT Asante!!) to prevent it coming to that. If the Seahawks didn't want it to come down to amazing play by a CB, they should have stopped the best QB in the game during the 4th quarter. One can whine all they want, but what matters in the end is what the score is when the time hits 0:00 and who has their name on the trophy. One thing that is funny for all the Carrol bashing, no one seems to mind that he went for a TD with 6 seconds left in the 1st half when all of America was yelling "Take the 3 points!!!" When it works, you are a genius when it flops you are a boob.
  6. I'm cool with Newbie using the "Luck" card if we can also use the "Luck" card on the Giant Super Bowl wins. By that rational, the Pats won 5 Supers Bowl. I have a funny feeling, "Luck" is just a one way street my shirtless friend.
  7. I'm totally shocked you forgot about the only time a QB came back from a 14 point deficit in the 4th quarter of a Super Bowl.......and it was against the best defense in football. :shocking:
  8. Ah....but you said he was being punished for being "uncoorperative" in response to my posting of the fines for equipment violations (a.k.a cheating). Maybe you forgot (see below)? So which is it? Is he being punished for a equipment violation (cheating) or being uncoorporative. Also - One glaring example you forget with the Falcons, Vikings and Browns.....they had evidence. Something sorely lacking in Deflategate.
  9. Brett Favre was punished for being uncooperative and it was a $50K fine.... http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2010/12/29/leagues-punishment-of-favre-falls-short/
  10. It's actually a fine of between $5,787 to $17,363, depending on whether it is first or 2nd offense and whether you consider this in line with "foreign substance on uniform" or "other equipment violations." http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2015/07/27/nfl-2015-fine-schedule/
  11. Makes sense. Considering they played 6 quarters with the "right" footballs and this happened: - 4 TD's in a half against the Colts - 4 TD's against the #1 defense in the biggest game of the year. I could see them struggling to beat the Jets, Bills, etc. with those balls.......
  12. Can you imagine if those balls were deflated by 0.10 PSI? Brady would have thrown like 8 TD's.