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  1. shotsup

    Jeopardy tournament

    I like the occasional hot chick
  2. HBO Sports Doc. Good stuff.
  3. shotsup

    I'm going to recommend a spice

  4. shotsup

    Have you ever walked down stairs?

    I walk. Don’t need to run or even trot.
  5. shotsup

    Thinking of buying a bar

    I think he meant a real bar
  6. shotsup

    Thinking of buying a car

    Get the Mustang
  7. shotsup

    2019 Oscars

    I didn’t watch like you phags did.
  8. shotsup

    I bought new tactical flashlight

    Why do you need flashlights to change oil ? Dont you work in a Jiffy Lube ?
  9. shotsup

    Thinking of buying a car

    I’m about to become a mini van driver. I only drive about 20 miles per day to the subway. (Round trip) Buying the wife a new car (not sure what yet) and was going to give son the mini van. He doesn’t want it and said he’d pay for his own car. Turns out he’d take my Altima. So I get the Caravan and he gets the Altima. Im a sucka
  10. shotsup

    I bought new tactical flashlight

    Is that one of those things you stick your pecker in ?
  11. shotsup

    Let Me Be The First

    Pretty sure he knows there is 50 States and not 57.
  12. shotsup


    Me. Either. Jerry. Is. A. Freak.
  13. shotsup


    What about people who comment on pornhub videos?? Do you read the comments before fapping ??
  14. shotsup

    Drobeski won this thread

    He lost every NY Football Giants vs Patriots thread. That’s something