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  1. I’ll probably watch it since I currently don’t have anything else to watch. :Gomer:
  2. shotsup

    Pornhub lawsuit!!

    What a bunch of pervs here. Jeez. single earbud guy here.
  3. shotsup

    NYG hire Jason Garrett - OC

    I’m torn.
  4. shotsup

    I'm half-tempted to make 3 aliases

    You try MDC as password?
  5. shotsup

    Arrest Warrant issued for OBJ

    OBJ made this win/game about him. He didn’t win sh1t. He handed out “fake money to players” He stumbled into locker room drunk and interrupted Ed Orgeron’s post game speech and he slapped a cop on the ass. Cop was (as said) ordered to stop the cigar smoking in locker room. he should of been detained on the spot. Gettleman looks better everyday after trading him. Oh and Digby comes off as a clueless tool bag as usual. But as per protocol he’ll just blow me off as a drunk. A RIGHT drunk as it stands. Lastly - what’s a Natty ? Natural Ice Beer ?
  6. shotsup

    Anybody watching Jeopardy?

    OMG. Alex fan here but this statement is SPOT on.
  7. shotsup

    Anybody watching Jeopardy?

    How many times Ken and James (mostly Ken who had more DDs) went all in and pulled the answer out of their asss at the last second. Man I didn’t think James was going to get that Africa question in $22k Daily Double !!!!
  8. shotsup

    Anybody watching Jeopardy?

    That was a hell of a series
  9. shotsup

    The big 4-0 today!

    Happy B’day
  10. shotsup

    2020 Chargers.... Tank for Trevor

    That would be very funny
  11. shotsup

    Post Malone

    I think I’m okay by machine gun Kelley is catchy. Not my wheelhouse but catchy
  12. shotsup

    Post Malone

    I played This is Post Malone in the background on Spotify during Isles game (8-2 win) vs Dead Wings. Nothing jumped out at me. Not horrible but not something I’d get into.
  13. shotsup

    Alex Cora gone

    He also caught a Tek fist to the face. Owned.
  14. shotsup

    Alex Cora gone

    Talking heads on NY sports radio are 50/50. but I get your point.
  15. shotsup

    Alex Cora gone

    I wonder if this has any fate on Beltran and the Mets job for Carlos ? Beltrans name was literally the only “player” (although former) named in the 9 page investigation.