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  1. KayJay1971

    Station Night Club 2/20/2003 100 dead

    That show was straight FIRE!
  2. ZING!! Also that is very small of you to say somethign like that.
  3. KayJay1971

    The one that got away.

    Awe. Now isn't this better than going at each other over political beliefs? Spread the love y'all.
  4. KayJay1971

    The one that got away.

    I feel like this is a don't ask, don't tell situation.
  5. KayJay1971

    The one that got away.

    Any of you have a story of the one that got away? In high school and into college,I dated a girl I thought was the one. Smart, funny, good looking, came from a good family. She was a great girl. Me being a horny young teen wanted to test the waters though. I told her I wanted to date other people as she was my first really serious girlfriend. I ended up seeing a girl a few times but she didn't compare to my girlfriend. We get back to an exclusive relationship and everything is good. For a while! Now it is her turn to test the waters. It first I was like what's fair is fair. I asked her if she had someone already in mind and she names off my best friend. I completely lost it and ended the relationship. Tried to win her back a few times later on but she had already found someone else (not the best friend. He said he knew nothing about her intentions). Anyhow, went through a lot of crappy relationships. Got married to a crazy b!tch of a woman. Divorced her and eventually found my wife that I am with today. All the bad crap was totally worth it to be with her. She is every bit my team mate and partner in everything we do. So I guess sometimes the one that got away is a good thing.
  6. IS that place still in operation? What about The Danzone or 1st and inches or whatever that other one was called?
  7. KayJay1971

    Catskills Mountain - annual trip. 5 Families

    Will there be any swappin' on this trip?
  8. Wait. I thought they were calling you one?
  9. They think I am an alias for you apparently.
  10. KayJay1971

    Newbie too bad you don’t live in the Bay Area

    I like to remember the old school Newbie when he was the "internet nice guy". Pretty sure I came along before the original NewbiJr.
  11. https://rockthecasa.org/rick-springfield-rock-the-casa/
  12. I'll take all 10 spots that way I am guaranteed to win!
  13. KayJay1971

    Alabama vasectomy bill - OUCH!

    Was not aware of that.
  14. KayJay1971

    Tonights Dem Debate

    I automatically thought of Scottie Steiner from the old wrasslin days. Steiner Recliner!!