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  1. KayJay1971

    Senate thingy starts today

    Cancel them all.
  2. KayJay1971

    GEEK of the DECADE volume 2 :updated

    Wait, does she have thick vagina skin?
  3. KayJay1971

    Kitchen Remodel

    We are talking about refinancing our home as we can get a much lower rate. Considering pulling out some equity to do a bunch of upgrades around the house as well. We gave our kitchen a facelift a few years back. Few years before that we had a pool put in the backyard. We never did the landscaping, install a firepit (ran the gas line which is currently sticking up out of the lawn), and build a permanent covered area over the patio. We have a section of fence that needs replacing too. That would complete the back. Inside the wife wants the living and dining room ceilings scraped (popcorn ceilings) and the entire area painted. Not a lot to do but I am sure there is more that we need to think about doing.
  4. KayJay1971

    Kitchen Remodel

  5. KayJay1971

    Kitchen Remodel

    Why would the blender need to fellate itself?
  6. KayJay1971

    Watching Fonzie Jumping The Shark

    GiantsFan is back?
  7. KayJay1971

    Rock Hall of Fame: 2021 Nominees...

    I think he would cheer up for a nice old fashioned Civil War right about now.
  8. I bought my first gun last year. I bought a home protection shotgun (and was very lucky to come across it at the time). My wife and I are not anti gun by any means, just never felt like I needed one. We have it loaded and placed in a hard to reach place (we have two grandkids that do come and visit). I have been slowly stocking up on shells, both birdshot and buckshot. Have had it for 9 months or so and still have not shot it. I have shot long barrel shotguns before so I am not terribly concerned. We have been contemplating getting a 9mm which I would feel comfortable using and my wife could use the shotgun if things ever went to hell.
  9. KayJay1971

    got a girl that won't leave me alone

    glue sandpaper to your cack. She won't want to have anything to do with you. Not sure why she would anyhow though.
  10. Did it say that the victim was white? I missed that part.
  11. It looks like Mandalorian fans are already calling for Lucy Lawless to replace her. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/fans-gina-carano-mandalorian-character-recast-lucy-lawless
  12. KayJay1971

    Liberal America under creepy joey

    There is someone named Spearchucker on the list of names on the right