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  1. KayJay1971

    Happy Thanksgiving Geeks

    I am thankful for my enormous cack, my lingerie model wife, and the money. All that gawdamn money that I have. Oh and I am thankful for all your moms. Happy thanksgiving Geeks.
  2. KayJay1971

    Do you know what tomorrow is?

    Is it time for my monthly underwear change already?
  3. I would rather discuss whether or not to bench Stephan Davis.
  4. KayJay1971

    Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War

    Get a room you two. Jeez!
  5. KayJay1971

    Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Adults

    Those are some tig ole bitties!! -or- I'd motorboat the hell out of those!!
  6. KayJay1971

    Big Sky

    GFIAFP glad to have you back man.
  7. KayJay1971

    Storing meat in freezer

    Are you talking about buttholes again?
  8. KayJay1971

    Week 11 FU

    FU Julio Jones. 2 for 2 with 39 yards? Thanks a lot.
  9. KayJay1971

    Most popular comedians that aren't ever funny

    Kathy Griffen. I find her so irritating.
  10. KayJay1971

    Turn - Netflix

    Someone at our Friendsgiving party suggested Vikings. I worry that my wife won't like it. Is there lots of blood and gore?
  11. KayJay1971

    Storing meat in freezer

    Put a tampon in there to soak up the blood first?
  12. KayJay1971

    Storing meat in freezer

    I know how this operates.
  13. KayJay1971

    Storing meat in freezer

    I store my meat in your mom. HTH
  14. KayJay1971

    Christmas gift suggestions

    For guys like me that want to BBQ but are not the greatest at it. Meater + Thermometer I use this every time I BBQ anything other than hamburgers or hotdogs.
  15. KayJay1971

    Anybody Here Ever Take Roids ?

    How do you feel about unfinished track homes? Do they get you randy? Do they?