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  1. Well it's .....now. So I would say pretty soon?
  2. Oh I am serious. I would also consider The Smiths so I could get the Morrissey stuff too.
  3. I was going to say Depeche Mode but changed it at the last minute.
  4. KayJay1971

    Rushmore of wrasslers

    I got him on my list.
  5. You are stuck on a deserted island. You have an old Ipod that never loses it's charge. The problem is you can only fill it with one band/singer? Who is it? Keep in mind if you choose say, The Beatles you would get their entire catalog along with all of their solo and collaborative stuff. I think the best answer would be "USA For Africa" because you would get the solo stuff for all of those artists. My real answer would probably be Nirvana.
  6. Why even put this in the article unless the kid hit the cops car or the cop himself. The owner of the shop, who didn’t witness the traffic stop or shooting, told KARK that the truck was operating erratically because of its transmission issues and may have even hit the deputy’s vehicle.
  7. KayJay1971

    Is Subway’s tuna fish…. tuna fish?

    Technically their bread isn't really bread either.... https://www.npr.org/2020/10/01/919189045/for-subway-a-ruling-not-so-sweet-irish-court-says-its-bread-isnt-bread
  8. KayJay1971

    An old lady just comes in the store...

    From the title I was hoping you nailed this old lady in the store and sent her away with a smile on her old wrinkled face.
  9. KayJay1971

    MasterCard True Name

    Why can't they call themselves "non-traditional" or "Alternative"? Why do we have to keep adding letters and symbols to this? It's very difficult to keep up with.
  10. KayJay1971

    Songs I can't stand!

  11. KayJay1971

    Songs I can't stand!

  12. KayJay1971

    Spermoff of a spermoff: Your Mom squirts

    I've never been with a squirter <kicksrocks>
  13. KayJay1971

    MasterCard True Name

    in the ad It states LGBTQIA+ What is the IA+?
  14. KayJay1971

    Rushmore of wrasslers

    Macho Man Randy Savage The British Bulldogs (yeah I know there are two of them) The Junk Yard Dog George the Animal Steel Newer wrasslers I would include Goldberg
  15. KayJay1971

    Married geeks - how does your wife help you?

    My wife takes care of all the shopping and cooking every week. In turn I handle all the laundry and anything outside the house is my responsibility. She handles all the finances as she is an accountant. We are both planners but she wins in this category and plans all of our vacations and trips. We take turns doing dishes and small day to day chores. She is girly but can hang with the boys and drink a beer while smoking a cigar. Today is our 7 year anniversary and she doesn't expect a big song and dance. We do celebrate our anniversary every 5 years though with something pretty big. She's a keeper and I am glad we found each other.