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  1. DuckStupid

    Vikings @ 49ers: NFC Divisional Round

    Cousins had no time to do . And Diggs is a . Talented , but a nonetheless.
  2. DuckStupid

    Great pulled pork recipe

    This I will try.
  3. DuckStupid

    Geeks with mostly Irish ancestry

    25%. One grandpa was 100%.
  4. DuckStupid

    Merry Christmas Eve mofos!!

    You all can go f yourselves.
  5. DuckStupid

    Lebron Travel

    Bless you for awaking me to this. Would probably have not seen this without your contribution.
  6. DuckStupid

    Egg nog

    I’ll drink 1. To sweet to do more.
  7. DuckStupid

    What if we get refugees here?

    We struggling with the refugees yet?
  8. I kid, it does not happen that often.
  9. I also piss the bed 2 nights a week and the wife is kinda tired of it. It’s not all roses killing yourself via alcohol.
  10. DuckStupid

    My daughter got engaged tonight

    Congrats, I f’d somebody’s daughter last night. Maybe yours, maybe not.
  11. DuckStupid

    Anyone ever accidentally have sex with their cat?

    Shut your f’n face cat f’r.
  12. DuckStupid

    Does it annoy anyone else

    No, I’m not retarded.