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  1. DuckStupid

    Who here likes Eggplant 🍆?

    I’ll eat it, prefer other things.
  2. DuckStupid

    ***80s Hair Rock Song Draft***

    Should have. This hits in what I know. Work getting in the way.
  3. DuckStupid

    ***80s Hair Rock Song Draft***

    No Dad either.
  4. DuckStupid

    ***80s Hair Rock Song Draft***

    Very little poison and no warrant
  5. DuckStupid

    ***80s Hair Rock Song Draft***

    No Britney Fox?
  6. DuckStupid

    ***80s Hair Rock Song Draft***

    Jesus Christ, StFU. Sux will pick stupid in a few rounds when he should have taken some brass kitten and f up his great draft so far.
  7. DuckStupid

    Mothers Day Gift Ideas

    I plan to wake mom up with a little tongue on the clit.
  8. DuckStupid

    how big is your peenie?

    How deep is your throat?
  9. DuckStupid

    ***80s Hair Rock Song Draft***

    Bostonlager already won this. No need to keep going.
  10. Owe $2500 to fed, $1200 to state.
  11. DuckStupid

    What is the best thing that happened to you today?

    I pooped in the toilet.
  12. DuckStupid

    F’n boxelder bugs

    Or whatever the f they are. They are everywhere. Most are outside, but the little fr’s are finding their way inside too. Just flicked 2 away.
  13. DuckStupid

    Cottage Cheese

    I actually like it on it’s own with, as others have already stated, pepper.
  14. Son went to school at Winona, a grandpa grew up near there. About as much as I know of the area. Glad you found a pocket that works.
  15. DuckStupid

    What meal most reminds you of home?

    Understood. I’ve not quite felt this way about it. Although I more often than not smoke it.