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  1. DuckStupid

    Spermoff: Best disco song ever

    Meh, it’s no million tire man.
  2. I also have waders. Want to borrow them?
  3. DuckStupid

    Candy corn

    I like em.
  4. DuckStupid

    I have Cancer :/

    Wow skids, have not been here in a while, but look at you garnering all this attention. Best wishes to you. I’ll say a prayer for you and your family at my earliest convenience.
  5. DuckStupid

    What do you pickle

    Only cukes and green beans so far. Ok, lied/forgot. Have done peppers as well.
  6. DuckStupid

    This Girl Needs Some Practice

    I thought she handled it pretty well. Also her hand technique is strong. You see the way she limited the flow. If she had dropped the head back down at the end I’d have been super impressed. Not bad for 12.
  7. Saw 38 special open up for Bon Jovi around that same time and have to say I enjoyed the special more.
  8. I saw this as well and agree.
  9. DuckStupid

    On a scale of 1-10, How worried are you?

    1, if I get it oh well, see what happens. I’ve been pretty much quarantined for 4 weeks now. I go out to grab groceries, liquor, and dip. That’s it. I did go to my neighbor’s backyard and had 2 beers by the fire last night. Maintained social distance. Always wash up when get home. Wife and daughter are here and both in better shape than I. Son is working at-a hospital in Milwaukee and is type 1. He says he gets home, strips, washes his clothes, grabs a towel and heads straight to the shower. Worry a bit for him.
  10. DuckStupid

    I think it's time to purchase a gun :\

    I’m good as well NV. I can defend for quite a while.
  11. DuckStupid

    Right of Left - Bikini SFW

    Agree with skids.
  12. DuckStupid

    Who's out of a job?

    I’m as busy as ever. Another IT guy that can pretty easily not be in the office. Working for a huge company that supplies corona virus tests has not slowed us down one bit. All manufacturing is still going. Administrative folks like me work remote.
  13. DuckStupid

    Are Liquor stores “Essential” businesses?

    Noted if I run out and cannot re-supply.