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  1. nospk

    Favorite Supergroup

    to each his own. You can submit your favorite group.
  2. nospk

    Favorite Supergroup

    Gimme a fockin break
  3. nospk

    Favorite Supergroup

  4. nospk

    Best Live sporting event you were at.

    2006 ALDS Kenny Rogers beat Randy Johnson and the Yankmes 6-0. Kenny was untouchable and the crowd chanted KenNeee...KenNeee...the whole game, the noise was incredible. The Tigers crushed the Yankers in every playoff series since then too
  5. nospk

    Growing Pot

    Yet you remarked. Keep the humor coming
  6. nospk

    Growing Pot

    This is some funny sh!t
  7. nospk

    Favorite Album - Aerosmith

    Thought it was Rapture by Blondie...
  8. nospk

    Favorite Album - Black Sabbath

    Sabbath by far over Maiden
  9. nospk

    Favorite Album - Black Sabbath

    Never Say Die rocks
  10. nospk

    Covid in your state? Up or down?

    Nailed it...shelter in place starts at midnight tonight
  11. Watched the ‘88 Pistons- Lakers game 7 with Rodman, Salley, Laimbeer, Dumars, Vinnie Johnson go against Magic, Kareem, Worthy, Scott, such a great great style of play then. Isaiah scored 25 pts on one leg in the 3rd quarter in game 6 and was not able to do much in game 7
  12. nospk

    My Mexico vacation just got cancelled...

    Dont be a d!ck to people...
  13. nospk

    My Mexico vacation just got cancelled...

    Like the trip you just got back from and posted play by play of here....that no one cared about...
  14. nospk

    Covid in your state? Up or down?

    I came here to post that they are able to test more people and get faster results this week, hence the curve will be rising. Also heard from 2 totally unrelated sources with military connections that Michigan will announce the shelter in place this weekend starting Tuesday. National Guard is training now for it. Just some second hand hearsay for now...