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  1. nospk

    Antonio Brown ...house surrounded by police....

    The mind is a terrible thing
  2. nospk

    ***Happy Football Day 1/19/20 ***

    Stupidity is not knowing the difference between a 2 dimensional geometric object (square) and a 3 dimensional object (box). I even helped you figure out which is which
  3. nospk

    ***Happy Football Day 1/19/20 ***

  4. nospk

    Remember some good Ethiopian jokes?

    How many Ethiopians can fit in a Volkswagen Beetle? All of them
  5. nospk

    Best thread title of 2019

    the one about Trump
  6. nospk

    Dilemma - with self-serving interests

    Don’t make your battle for who takes the kid to the game be the main memory that will ruin forever the thoughts of what could have been a cherished experience, (the Chiefs opportunity to win it all) for you and your son because the embattlement will end up causing the opposite of the bonding you’re trying to create. Also this is why agreeing to every other weekend is not good especially if it can’t be flexible
  7. nospk

    Go Packers!!

    Your mom
  8. nospk

    Packers vs Seacawks

  9. nospk

    Titans at Ravens Discussion

    Huge call early on
  10. nospk

    Vikings at 49ers Discussion

    Looked like his knee was down before they ripped the ball out
  11. nospk

    NYG hire HC - Joe Judge

    Hardguy Deflector with a top poster comeback lol
  12. nospk

    Seahawks at Eagles: In-Game Discussion

    You can call it playing
  13. How does it feel to be piled on? You have earned it for sure lol
  14. Deflected wide once again lol
  15. nospk

    Happy NewYear guys