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  1. nospk

    ***Happy Football Day Divisional Round***

    Pam Oliver had a stroke or what
  2. Are you thinking of Eternal Shiny and Chrome?
  3. nospk

    Evangelicals turning on Trump

    So for sake of discussion, if he really has lost a portion of supporters, do you get to hang a big W somehow in your clubhouse? Big fockin deal
  4. nospk

    Evangelicals turning on Trump

    Rusty Newbie- bigger and bolder text makes people believe it more
  5. nospk

    Evangelicals turning on Trump

    Oh no you got even with me there. And that makes you happy somehow. I was hoping to find out what drives this bizarre quest. Do you get something, like a treat if we all join your club?
  6. Seems that their influence only extends to a group of people that are young, mostly dumb and willing to do what is deemed to be cool and currently hot?
  7. nospk

    Evangelicals turning on Trump

    Why are the libs so obsessed with those who support Trump? It’s more than abnormal. It is like some kind of virus that they all caught from each other that occupies their minds non-stop. It reminds me of something little kids do. We get it, you don’t like the guy. But please stfu about it for a few minutes out of your life
  8. nospk

    #3 Ohio State -vs- #1 Alabama Championship

    They shoulda punted it
  9. nospk

    Colts @ Bills

    No one believes you hth
  10. nospk

    Colts @ Bills

    Says the non closer lol hth
  11. nospk

    Bears @ Saints

    I was replying to the op which looks like was edited after my post.... don’t disagree with you
  12. nospk

    Bears @ Saints

    Saints sack leader isn’t playing
  13. nospk

    Colts @ Bills

    Just admit your tired phrase does not apply in this case
  14. nospk

    Favorite baseball player

    I went to my first MLB game in 1967 ️