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  1. nospk

    Pet Peeves

    A week ago I had a woman blow right thru a stop sign in a shopping center to get 1 car ahead of me, after I had waved the car that was 90 degrees to my left to go ahead of me as a courtesy. We both got to what was a 3 way stop at the same time & the woman only got there while the other guy was turning...So she is now ahead of me and we proceeded up to the next traffic light. I was directly behind her all the way. This light has an extended left turn arrow for the traffic going perpendicular to us. So it is safe for her to turn right on red. After giving her enough time to go, I started yelling things like “lets go!”...nothing vulgar. Then I see her pulling out a flip phone. She still has not moved, and now there are at least a half dozen cars behind me all waiting to turn right on the red, the turn arrow the other way was still in effect. It has to be 30 seconds since it started. Next, she swings her drivers door open, looks back at me and says...”I’m calling the police”. I started laughing my ass off, what a focking moron
  2. nospk

    What are your fast food 'go-to's' in a pinch?

    Except for Charlotte NC
  3. nospk

    What are your fast food 'go-to's' in a pinch?

    The beginning of the end occurred in 1982, when General Foods' Burger Chef division was sold to Imasco, a Canadian tobacco conglomerate, who had purchased Hardee's the year previous with the goal of quickly amassing a nationwide fast food chain. Burger Chef's mostly midwestern market made for a significant territory expansion when added to Hardee's mostly southern market. Around this time, most Burger Chef locations converted to Hardee's locations. Burger Chef franchisees located sufficiently far enough away from the nearest Hardee's were offered Hardee's franchises. Burger Chef franchisees in existing Hardee's markets, located too close to existing Hardee's locations were allowed to continue to operate as Burger Chef until their franchise agreements expired. Most of the remaining Burger Chef franchisees had either closed, changed restaurant formats, or at least had changed their names by the early 1990's. The last remaining Burger Chef, located in Cookeville, Tennessee changed its name to Pleasers in 1996 following an ownership change, and would eventually close.
  4. nospk

    What are your fast food 'go-to's' in a pinch?

    Hardees used to be Burger Chef too
  5. 11 roses and 1 for the upcoming year =a dozen? So when she says its only our 11th anniv, you say the extra one is for the next year and she will melt
  6. What woman would not want that gig if they could only land it?
  7. nospk

    Favorite ice cream brand

    What I want to know is when have you ever said a certain brand of ice cream was not good? Its fockin ice cream
  8. nospk

    Favorite Wham/George Michael song

    I’m not gay, so none of them
  9. nospk

    **Official MLB 2019**

    You love to brag about the Yankers great history. In 3 playoff series in the past 12 years, the Tigers own them 10 wins to 3. Not even close. Deflect away!
  10. nospk

    NBA Finals

    Toronto hosted the very first NBA game ever in 1946
  11. nospk

    **Official MLB 2019**

    And with all the Yankmees success, they still have never beaten the Tigers in a playoff series, so ya got that goin for ya son
  12. nospk

    **Official MLB 2019**

    Only hate the Skanks because a lot of their fans are obnoxious bufoons
  13. nospk

    Probably the best date ever I think

    No, she never says that
  14. nospk

    Good Day

    Its China PERSON
  15. nospk

    Probably the worst day ever I think

    Just keep checking in here until an intelligent idea gets posted