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  1. nospk

    Happy belated Victoria Day

    It would have been my 30 year wedding anniversary, and married a Canadian girl in Canada 30 years ago yesterday ...but only made it to 15
  2. nospk

    Seeing animals going at it

    Could not tell from the street if he was blind
  3. I was driving down my street today & saw 2 squirrels bangin in a driveway. Mr squirrel was gettin a nut! Why is animal sex so funny to see?
  4. nospk

    Batwoman trailer. Cringe level 10/10

    THE C. W.
  5. nospk

    What concerts do you have coming up?

    I was at the Mirage in January where the Beatles Love show is playing. Did not go see the show but saw the venue, it is bigger than I expected. Just outside the theater there is a cool Beatles gift shop that we browsed around. Every type of Beatles merch imagineable. Awesome colored lighting and decor there.
  6. nospk

    What concerts do you have coming up?

    Wow what a lineup at Rockville...Tom Morelo is a genius
  7. nospk

    So I'm laying on a Gurney Right Now

    Don’t be in a such a hurry when trying to bang a Guernsey cow?
  8. nospk

    **Official MLB 2019**

    You gotta admire Tommy John for performing all those career saving surgeries over the years. Great contributions to the game. So many pitchers owe a lot to him
  9. WMD’s - Weapons of Minimal Destruction
  10. nospk

    Anyone try this seasoning?

    Grill Mates Montreal Steak for beef and baby back ribs Montreal Chicken for chicken Montreal Salmon for fish
  11. I said it is cheap but not necessarily insulting. But if you really want an employee to stay working at your business, then that amount isn’t enough for any decent wage earner to sway them not to leave. Why doesn’t anyone know or talk about the amount of money that the US auto companies have paid employees in YEARLY “profit sharing” over the past few years. It puts the Walmart one-time bonus to absolute shame in comparison. We are talking tens of thousands per year, not 1 thousand for 20 years. But everyone hates the US automakers now, so it does not get any attention.
  12. nospk

    Mr. Washee Washee

  13. nospk

    What Your Poop Says About You

    And I told my poop to keep it to himself
  14. The Geek club has officially become the 12 year old mean girl club.