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  1. Just have the kid bypass school and start selling dope now. On the job training. Will be better prepared to be an adult than public school will ever teach. Why waste all those years?
  2. nospk

    Thinking of switching from mask to neck gaiter.

    Same here. Better than a mask over the ears
  3. nospk

    Big Ten now cancels football season...

    Just watch ESPN The OCHO instead
  4. nospk

    Big Ten now cancels football season...

    lol not those kind of aliens
  5. nospk

    Big Ten now cancels football season...

    The aliens are all laughing their asses off at us all
  6. Everyone who knows baseball knows a walk is AS GOOD as a hit
  7. nospk

    Manage my divorce

    I agree
  8. nospk

    Manage my divorce

    The absolute hardest part is having to take the kids back to her and then having to drive away alone
  9. nospk

    Manage my divorce

    Only listen to advice from a guy who has been thru a divorce and have kids involved. All the others have no fockin idea what it is like.
  10. nospk

    Moving to Boston

    Bitchy lol yeah you sure know about bitchy
  11. nospk

    GC Fantasy Nascar

    Who saved all the top guys from here on until the playoffs?
  12. nospk

    anyone here watch “finding bigfoot“?

    His name is Daryl
  13. Gus Freeotte gave himself a concussion, he head butted the wall