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  1. Little Rusty

    Who is your FFtoday Nemesis

    Anybody who doesn't think for themselves. I've had a few spats with folks here, but I pretty much love and hate you all equally. haha.....when I wrote that I thought this was a NEW thread.
  2. Little Rusty

    Brian Boitano announces he is gay...

    Brian Girltano
  3. Little Rusty

    Bands eligible for R&R HOF over the next 3 years

    IMO.....there's only 1 single artist out of ALL of those that should be considered. No doubt the Hall is being run by young ghey liberal douches that haven't a clue. YES DEEP PURPLE THIN LIZZY UFO SUPERTRAMP URIAH HEEP I could go on & on
  4. Little Rusty

    Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

    It's not bad, but both YES & DEEP PURPLE should have been at the TOP of the list.
  5. Little Rusty

    Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

    YES and DEEP PURPLE are the new RUSH The Hall still blows
  6. Little Rusty

    Peter O'Toole Dead

    RIP........always liked him and looooovvved his daughter Annette back in the day
  7. Little Rusty

    John Boehner lied about combing his hair

    This thread is just plain dumb Volty........always thought you were smarter than this. and Boehner blows btw
  8. The low information voters in this thread are why I've given up trying here. The apathy surrounding this fraud is appalling carry on
  9. Little Rusty

    ObamaCare Signups

  10. Little Rusty

    President Obama

    that's how they roll
  11. Little Rusty

    Speaking of Redneck reality TV

  12. another brick in the Wall