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  1. Got it. thanks. Stephenson was just ruled out. What about Damien Harris, assuming he plays, in front of one of the others?
  2. Started out slow last night with Kittle only having 2. 1 pt PPR. With Ekeler out, I have to start 3 of this group: * Goedert vs. NYG * M. Sanders vs.NYG * JaVonte Williams vs. Raiders * Ron Jones vs. Carolina * AJ Dillon vs. Cle * Damien Harris vs. Buff I have JaVonte and Ron Jones and Goedert in as of right now. have to start at least 1 RB. Looking for verification of other thoughts. Merry Christmas and thank you!
  3. MarshRoad

    Pick opponent help please

    Curious, if you have a minute, why team 2?
  4. MarshRoad

    Pick opponent help please

    shoot. Team 2 has Dawson Knox as well. Does that make a difference?
  5. MarshRoad

    Pick opponent help please

    Hi all, I took first place and get to pick my opponent for the semi's this week. It is a 1 point PPR. Choose 1 team between these 3 that you RECOMMEND I PLAY. I'm leaning toward team #1 and hoping/praying J. Taylor doesn't go off.. THANK YOU Team 1: R. Wilson M. Gordon J. Taylor C. Patterson Amen St. Brown A. Thielen Z. Ertz M. Gay Buff D vs. NE Team 2: K. Cousins Naj. Harris J. Jefferson DK Metcalf T. McLaurin M. Andrews G. Joseph San Fran vs. Tenn Team 3: J. Herbert D. Cook A. Gibson D. Mooney Deebo Samuel Keenen Allen T. Kelce McPherson Chargers vs. Texans
  6. One last ask. I have J. Williams but am second guessing thinking Barkley may finally do something??
  7. Standard league and my top 2 are out. Second round of playoffs (Yes our league did not change playoffs...). Choices are: * G. Everett at Hou * F. Moreau at KC * E. Engram at LAC and some others I hardly know... Also whom do I drop between Waller and Goedert in case I win this week? THANK YOU.
  8. MarshRoad

    Standard-Goedert or Logan Thomas

    Well I stuck with Goedert which most likely won me a playoff game. Got lucky!
  9. Standard league. I have the Williams in as I need 2 of these 3. Thanks for thoughts?
  10. Borging standard league. Waller is out and my backup is Goedert. Could pick up Logan Thomas?? Thoughts?
  11. MarshRoad

    Ingram tonight? must start or trap?

    Need 2 for a standard league out of these 4: * S. Barkley at Miami * M. Ingram vs. Dallas * Javonte Williams vs. KC * Jamall Williams vs. Chi thanks!
  12. * Sanders at NYG * B. Cooks at Jets * E. Moore at Hou 1 pt. PPR. All solid choices. Hard to sit Moore with his streak going on but... thanks.
  13. MarshRoad

    Rogers or Newton???

    I can't believe I am asking but A. Rogers at Minnesota or Newton vs. Washington against his old coach who cut him in Carolina.
  14. One point PPR. I had E. Moore at home against Dolphins. But put Sanders off of IR against NO. Or Goedert as a boring, safer play against NO. Thanks!