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  1. some defense help: denver vs. Arizona? Cowboys at Jacksonville? i've played Cowboys all year but am thinking Denver this week for playoffs? thank you
  2. Hey all, need 1 of these 3 for a Standard league: * Zonovan Knight vs. Det * JK Dobbins vs. Cle * B. Robinson vs. NYG Thank you!
  3. Hey all, one last question in a standard league: Jamal Williams vs. Minn Bam Knight vs. Buff or Dam Pierce vs. Dallas Just need one.
  4. I wish everyone luck getting to or in the playoffs. Tua or Herbert playing each other on Sunday night? And Pat Freirmuth vs. Balt vs. Hockinson? thank you!
  5. MarshRoad

    1 Pt PPR-Perine, Pacheco, Murray, etc.

    Thanks, I'll go with those 2!
  6. hey all, I've had a rough year of guys on IR so need 2 of these guys: * Perine Vs. Tenn * Pacheco vs. Rams * Murray vs. Car Need 2 of 3. I also have Akers and Dillon but won't play either of them. thank u.
  7. MarshRoad

    Can't believe I'm even asking this....

    agree, Jones and ETN.
  8. MarshRoad

    WR help

    I have Chase and would love to play him but going to wait one week. Your other two options are solid. Good luck.
  9. Should I play Washington at home vs. Atlanta or Cowboys tomorrow vs. NYG at home. Both good options! thank you
  10. Hey all, Happy Thanksgiving. Standard league, Fournette at Cle; Ja Williams vs. Buff on Thursday or Dameon Pierce at Miami?
  11. MarshRoad

    Starters Help?

    Thank you Weepaws. I did go with Tua which worked out great so thank you. I went with Metcalf and St. Brown and Everette but still won. I appreciate all your help. It's good therapy.
  12. MarshRoad

    1 pt PPR-J. Palmer or Deon Jackson??

    I did go with Palmer!! And won so all is good. I appreciate any advice.
  13. MarshRoad

    Starters Help?

    Got it, going to go with Tua and Boyd and Metcalf and Everett. Thank you again.
  14. 1 pt ppr, Josh Palmer against Atl or Deon Jackson against Patriots?? thank you!
  15. MarshRoad

    Starters Help?

    Just curious, why not St. Brown vs. Metcalf or Boyd? For sure on Tua and Everett, thank you! Who or what is OP?