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  1. MarshRoad

    QB? R. Wilson or Herbert

    My weekly debate and I have played Wilson all season with Herbert doing better lately? Do I stay with Wilson on Monday night or run with Herbert. First round bye in playoffs on the line. thank u
  2. Standard league, would anyone play B. Cooks over Ridley or Godwin or Woods? Need 3 of the 4, good problem to have... thank you.
  3. MarshRoad

    Tua or Taysom Hill this week?

    Really, I have same decision and was going with Taysom H?
  4. MarshRoad

    1 Pt. PPR Help?

    1 pt. PPR, I can play 3 of these guys: * Geo Bernard * Damien Harris * Duke Johnson * A. Lazard * D. Parker Thank you...
  5. I have Zeke and Sanders in but wondering if I should start Ballage or Geo over Zeke??
  6. MarshRoad

    RB for week 11

    Agree Hunt.
  7. Thanks, went with Wilson, good so far.
  8. hi two different leagues: * Tua or Winston? and * R. Wilson or J. Herbert? thank you.
  9. MarshRoad

    1 Pt. PPR Help?

    Hey all, need some help on whom to play with 1 pt. PPR. I can play three of the below: Geo. Bernard Duke Johnson D. Parker D. Slayton A. Thielen I'm playing Sanders and Diggs for sure. I have now Bernard, D. Johnson, and Parker... thank u!
  10. MarshRoad

    Juju for Ridley?

  11. MarshRoad

    Starting Zeke Elliot??

    Or pick up Pollard or go with D. Harris on Monday night?
  12. We have a 10 team league and some interesting WR pickups/drop this week. I have Robert Woods and C. Ridley and C. Godwin and D. Parker and Lazard. Some middle tier WR's are available such as Brandon Cooks, Amari Cooper (just got dropped), D. Slayton and Corey Davis. I may need someone who actually plays this weekend if Ridley or Godwin can't go with Woods on a bye. Should I pick up 1 or 2 of these guys for Parker and/or Lazard or stick where I'm at. Would really value your opinions and what order for rest of way. thank you!
  13. MarshRoad

    Ekeler update??

    Anyone hearing any status reports on him? Thank you
  14. MarshRoad

    Pick up R. Higgins by dropping R. Tonyan?

    thanks, did it. Debating on DaVante Parker vs. J. Smith or D. Slayton or HIggins for flex!
  15. hi there, in a keeper league, 1 pt. ppr. I have Kittle and J. Smith and Tonyan (have to play 1 TE and others can be used as flex) and am thinking R. Higgins could end up being a decent option at WR/Flex over Tonyan the rest of the year? What do you think? thank you.