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  1. MarshRoad

    Standard League questions

    Thank you! I'm going to run with downs and moss and see on te.
  2. MarshRoad

    Standard League questions

    Hey all, a couple good questions for a standard league; * DK tonight against Dallas or Josh Downs vs. Tenn. * Moss vs. Tenn or Pollard tonight * Dalton Schultz at Den. or Ju. Johnson vs. Detroit thank u
  3. MarshRoad

    In a "good" pickle? ppr pick 3

    Kirk and Hopkins and Jones as they are going to use him a lot against the Steelers (Packer fan). Good luck!
  4. hi all, an interesting dilemma: 1 pt. ppr; need 2 of these guys: * Tank Dell at Cincy with Collins most likely out * J. Williams on Monday night against the Bills * D. Kincaid on Monday night against the Broncos * Taysom Hill at Minnesota I've gone back and forth multiple times. Thank you!
  5. MarshRoad

    Two questions?

    thank u, will do
  6. MarshRoad

    Two questions?

    In a standard league, would anyone pick up Tyler Boyd and drop McClarin with higgins out? how about K. Murray over Trev Lawrence? thank u!
  7. MarshRoad

    quick pick up help?

    Thanks weepaws as always. Gridirongoofs not so much.
  8. MarshRoad

    D. Watson or CJ Stroud??

  9. MarshRoad

    D. Watson or CJ Stroud??

    I have Fields but he most likely won't play. I just picked up DeShaun Watson so could start him over CJ Stroud? Would I be crazy? Stroud will get me a few points but not much of big upside? Watson vs. Arizona and Stroud vs. TB. Thank u!
  10. MarshRoad

    quick pick up help?

    hi all, with byes and 3 players out, I can pick up two guys and then need to play one (1 pt. ppr): Rank these 3 to pick up: * Tatsom Hill * Dar. Henderson * Keaontay Ingram then, for this week, would you play one of the top over: * Josh Palmer or * Dalton Kincaid thank u!!
  11. MarshRoad

    WR Help?

    Thank you. I think I'll go with Metcalf, just thinking 5 catches for 70 yards. Had a feeling about Higgins coming off bye and Burrow healthy...
  12. MarshRoad

    WR Help?

    Hi all, need one of these for a standard league * D. Metcalf * T. Higgins * T. McLauren thank you.
  13. MarshRoad

    Defense-Bills tonight or Seattle??

    Bills it is!
  14. 1 Pt PPR; pick 1 of these guys. I have JaV. Williams in right now but: * J. Williams vs KC * J. Palmer vs. Chi * D. Kincaid tonight vs. TB * D. Waller vs. NYJ thank u!
  15. Hi all, Bills tonight against TB or Seattle at Cle. I have Bills now! Thank you.