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  1. MarshRoad

    WR Pick Up Help with Godwin out??

    okay, just did it. Thank u.
  2. Help. Godwin is out and we start 3 WR's in a standard league. I will start Ridley and R. Woods. My bench is D. Parker and Brandon Cooks. We have no IR. So I start either Parker or Cooks or drop Cooks and pick up Corey Davis, Lazard, Mike Williams or even Scott Miller or MVS or Paris Campbell?? Help? Thank you.
  3. MarshRoad

    Trade Grade-Akeler for JuJu-1 pt PPR

    Yes Ekeler, thanks. I'm hoping they start throwing him the ball like in the past...
  4. Just made a trade in a keeper league. I got Akeler for JuJu. My top RB is Sanders with backup of Cam Akers so I felt a needed another starting RB. WR's are Thielan and some other solid guys but nothing super (Slayton, Diggs, Lazard, Edelman, O'Neal). Salary cap was the same. We can play five WR's or RB's in any combo as long as we start 1 WR and 1 RB. What do you think?
  5. MarshRoad

    Brees or Big Ben

  6. MarshRoad

    Is Scott must start?

    I have both and am going with Scott. Then debating on Marvin Jones or Mack in 1 pt. ppr
  7. MarshRoad

    Edelman or Marvin Jones or Boston Scott for flex

    thank you. Sorry 1 pt ppr
  8. MarshRoad

    Brees or Big Ben

    I had in Brees but am wondering Big Ben will come in hot on Monday night? Thank u.
  9. HI there, I have Miles Sanders who is out. I can pick and start 2 of these guys: Edelman or M. Jones or Boston Scott. I picked up Scott just now so debating between the other 2? Thank you.
  10. Going back and forth but have Diggs and DJ Moore and put Cupp on bench?? Agree?
  11. Just an idea for my flex? 1 pt ppr.
  12. MarshRoad

    QB Help? Brady or Brees for playoffs!!

    thanks. going with Brady in high scoring game hopefully...
  13. MarshRoad

    Lockett or John Brown. 1/2 PPR - Leave a link

    I think Brown. I have Diggs and Brown and Marvin Jones and D. Parker. I also have L. Bell and M. Mack and can play 4 of these 6. Not sure what to do. Good luck.
  14. Hi first round of playoffs and I could drop Brady and pick up Tannenhill and play him or Brees? Worth it or go with Brees? thank you very much for advice.