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  1. Due to Goedert coming off bye and my only TE with Kittle still out, I need to now drop D. Booker or K. Herbert. I'm thinking Booker but wanted some advice. thank you.
  2. MarshRoad

    Please pick 2 of 3 for WR- Answer your

    Sutton and M. Brown for me.
  3. 1 pt. PPR. J. Meyers against Dallas or Booker going against the Rams. I had Meyers but am looking at rankings and thinking Booker.
  4. I know so stick in New England vs. Dallas?
  5. Hi, I have an open roster spot and have Patriots defense. I could pick up Bengals at Detroit or Dolphins at Jacksonville. Was leaning toward Cincy but Goff could go off and Lions rally for a win at home vs. a rookie QB in Jacksonville? Thanks.
  6. MarshRoad

    Which Defense?

    Would go with Denver; second would be Indy.
  7. THanks all. I was able to pick up Herbert on Waivers when I saw the D. Williams on Covid and decided not to start Sanders.
  8. I just picked up D. Booker off waivers; does that make a difference over Damien Williams or Sanders? thanks.
  9. Hi all, 1 pt. PPR. Need two of these: * Damien Harris vs. Dallas * Miles Sanders vs. TB * Damien Williams vs. GB * Jacobi Meyers vs. Dallas thank you
  10. MarshRoad

    Pick up defense-New England or Washington or Colts?

    done, picked the skins up. thank u
  11. Non-PPR, I picked up Hubbard this week off waivers. Thinking of starting him over Barkley?? Thanks
  12. MarshRoad

    Pick up defense-New England or Washington or Colts?

    Colts at Mia and Wash at Atl. thanks
  13. hi all, standard league and need 2 of these 4 to start with Dk Metcalf as my main starter: * R. Woods * C. Sutton * Dio. Johnson * Emm. Sanders Leaning toward Woods and Sutton...
  14. MarshRoad

    Golladay, JuJu or Ruggs ?

    I would roll with Golladay with other injuries to NYG WRs.