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  1. plasma george

    Taysom Hill - TE (odd i know..), worth an Add

    Isn't he on the Saints roster as a QB ?, he's Brees backup.
  2. plasma george

    Would you Veto this trade ?

    Here’s another point with this Trade Burrows is on a Bye, and Ridley is likely out So the Father gave away Mahomes for Leveon for his lineup this weekend He loses he’s 2-7
  3. plasma george

    Would you Veto this trade ?

    I took the early responses and then approved, it justified my decision to myself thanks all Surprisingly No one complained i feel bad challenging it and overthinking it I’ll bring this back later in the season !
  4. plasma george

    Would you Veto this trade ?

    Great points gents after it was 3/4 posts here, I approved it i actually feel bad challenging it , both were texting why it’s fair BTW The son has Dalvin Cook I crafted Barkley and Dak, so I’m pretty neutral observer
  5. plasma george

    Would you Veto this trade ?

    $200 money League, pot almost $3,000. Father is 2-6, Son is 4-4. Father already commented his team sucks and he's close to "FireSale Time". Father is trading Mahommes for Burrows, L. Bell and Ridley. Father RBs are Aaron Jones and Fournette, WR are Kupp, E. Sanders, Landry. I can't take this to the League, I'm pretty sure they will freak. I NEVER veto trades, unless it's an End of season Firesale. These two are putting me in a tough spot. I can guarantee if I approve it, the League will freak and maybe some threaten to quit, blaming me for not Vetoing. If I show them all your guys advice, that may settle the situation, since you're all neutral. Thanks fellas.
  6. plasma george

    Covid IR spots for your league?

    I'm Commish in a $200 money League and Very nervous about the Season, But I'm leaning on doing absolutely nothing. I don't know how to manage IR spots, or is it 100% certain who the Backup RB is in RBBCs ?....why not let owners dealer with COVID like a concussion or fracture....it's all random and players miss time....maybe lower Florida or Texas players ? Is there any way the NFL won't play all weekly games ? This is my nightmare scenario.....Like a Florida game moved to another City and a future Date ?...., not on the same week. How will FF Matchups work ?
  7. plasma george

    Carr Or Brissett (Assuming T.Y. Is Active)

    Damn, I may go with Brisket, this game might be a shootout if TExans DBS suck.....but Rodgers is getting Adams back.
  8. plasma george

    Carr Or Brissett (Assuming T.Y. Is Active)

    FWIW, I have Rodgers in for Brisket I was assuming TY isn't playing.
  9. plasma george

    For those of u who claimed J Williams off waivers...

    I have no other options, D. Cook and D. Williams not playing, so it's B. HIll or J. Williams. B Hill screwed me, so Williams goes in.
  10. plasma george

    Williams or Watkins, help save my season

    It is. One of the talking heads said Sammy Watkins is the most frustrating WR, after that first week explosion. I bet that's a record for the highest week 1 output....and biggest dropoff and no TDs.
  11. I'm completely split on these 2. CBS has Watkins 1 point higher, but I like Williams at home with Rivers primetime.
  12. plasma george

    I'm starting Brian Hill over ?

    I didn't listen. 6 other owners put in for him, and every talking head on NFL network had him as a must start. #1 RB, good matchup, lots of carries prior week.. If Damien goes off (on my bench), I will be eliminated from Playoffs because of playing this turd.
  13. plasma george

    Chubb/Hunt, this oughtta be good..........................

    The point is, getting 9 points from a starting RB isn't going to win you a championship, when opponents have RBs gaining more yards, plus receptions and TDs. With Hunt in the mix, Chubb's best days are in the past, and I'd be nervous starting him in the playoffs.
  14. plasma george

    Chubb/Hunt, this oughtta be good..........................

    Sony Michel / James White, Part II. Chubb (Michel) will get majority of rushes and rushing TDs (especially goalline) Hunt (White) will get majority of receptions and receiving TDs, and a very rare goaline inside handoff TD. What makes CLE a worse situation than NE, is NE scores a lot of TDs.
  15. plasma george

    I'm starting Brian Hill over ?

    I think I'm starting him over D. Williams, Big Andy may play games and McCoy will be back killing Damien once again.