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  1. plasma george

    SF RB

    Why do you think Wilson doesn’t have it anymore ? I don’t think he has a ton of miles, he filled in nicely last year, he seems like a bigger back that might get goaline work
  2. plasma george

    Biggest Surprise Of The Day

    Agreed as a Lockett owner he wouldn’t pass it deep, kept looking then check downs Or he’d run
  3. plasma george

    SF RB

    Mitchell owners are we picking up Wilson ? Carter is my next best
  4. plasma george

    Michael Thomas

    Mathew Berry says start him in all leagues @Atlanta Anyone starting him, over who ? I have Diontae Johnson but I think thats going to be a rain game
  5. plasma george

    Week 18 FUs, As If Anyone Cares

    Dak and Higbee Started them all year and puts up highest score week 18 BS
  6. plasma george

    Commissioners help with CBS, Dallas DST wrong

    Just to update. The CBS Live scoring changed to the correct 22pts, at some point yesterday midday.
  7. plasma george

    Commissioners help with CBS, Dallas DST wrong

    Weird Dallas DST Game log shows 22 points correctly for this week but the live scoring incorrectly shows 25 never seen those be different
  8. Gents, One of our SemiFinal matchups has Dallas DST, CBS has them with 7 points against (+ 3pts), but Washington had 14 pts, this could affect the Win/Loss depending on players tonight. Anyone else see this ? 25 years with CBS and it always fixes itself, I've never had to manually Add/Subtract Points to a team, and I'd rather not.
  9. plasma george

    covid strategies

    We just added a Covid pickup rule You can do an emergency pickup, of that same position, if a player goes Covid Up to that players gametime
  10. plasma george

    Dalvin Cook off Covid list - Week 17

    Clean blood ?
  11. plasma george

    Seahawks at Rams: TuesNF Discussion

    With both games on FOX, will one be on the Sunday Ticket ?
  12. plasma george

    Are you all at FFT smoking some good weed?!

    Almost everyday
  13. plasma george

    DeAndre Hopkins Knee Injury

    Bust of the Year He was Top 5 at Draft time, and currently 31st in our league
  14. plasma george

    Season on the line tonight

    Wow, CBS just posted 17 minutes ago and I was gonna sweat this all the way til gametime need Murray to tweak a hammy ! thanks guys
  15. plasma george

    Season on the line tonight

    I'm I'm down by 4, with Dhop and Ertz....but my opponent has Murray. So any points I get, he will get, a bit les with 4pt passing TD, BUT, I also have Higbee. I always say play your best, which would be Ertz over Higbee. But I could get the win with Higbee, (I drafted Higbee and he's been a disappointment) Ertz was a nice pickup. What do you think ?