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  1. plasma george

    Divisional Round: Bengals @ Bills

    Exactly, I texted our League group chat when I saw the snow pregame, saying this is advantage Bengals, and pounding Mixon. Buffalo got screwed by their famous snow machine, again. I had Allen all year, brother had Diggs, I told him the Winter weather in Buffalo makes me nervous. Diggs left crying he didn't get the ball, it's not easy making 50yard catches trying to track a ball with snow in your face and slippery footing.
  2. plasma george

    What do we do with Fantasy Final now?

    I don't get how ESPN can do that, if the NFL cancels that 1/4 game, the stats are officially cancelled, they will not exist in any NFL game box score. Games stats don't become "official" until Tuesdays, not Live. CBS will follow the NFL rules/stats, and my League will too. We're waiting.
  3. plasma george

    What do we do with Fantasy Final now?

    I guess so and Eagles would have 2 bye weeks source was @profootballtalk
  4. plasma george

    What do we do with Fantasy Final now?

    There won’t be any AFC playoff games that week AFC won’t start til the following week
  5. plasma george

    What do we do with Fantasy Final now?

    Just read possibility…. week 19 Bengals/Bills NFC Wildcard playoffs AFC playoff bye week week 20 AFC wildcard playoffs NFC playoff bye week
  6. plasma george

    What do we do with Fantasy Final now?

    Do you have a link ? Our Superbowl has/had Burrow/Allen/Diggs/Hurst, with $1,000 and a 70/30 split.
  7. plasma george

    Do you use TE or just use a flex position instead?

    Agreed we dropped kickers 5 years ago in our 25 year old league, much better on how random they are from draft time to end of year only a couple old school guys voted to keep them
  8. plasma george

    Taysom Hill or patty Friermuth

    Hill id play him if Dallas wasn’t coming back I could play him in my Flex but that’s benching Monty
  9. plasma george

    TE revolving door

    Taysom could see more QB use if they go ground game and pound in brutal cold Id love to play him but Dallas is back
  10. plasma george

    Sunday Ticket Headed to YouTube

    Yup, GameMix Channel is the #1 TV channel man has ever invented
  11. plasma george

    Sunday Ticket Headed to YouTube

    I get what you're saying, Big reason for going Projection/120" screen was when DirecTV started the GameMix channel. It's heaven, 3-5 leaguemates come here because of it. RedZone only shows you 1 game, and who's closes to score, at that time you're not seeing any other games. Impossible when there's many 1:00 games. GameMix, you see the Drives progressing, so you're wrong in RedZone showing you more fantasy importance, that's exactly what GameMix shows you. IE, I can see if Kamara is getting passes and runs, when Gamemix is sitting on the Patriots/Jets because they're at the 15 yard line. We have Redzone on FIOS and DirecTV has their own RedZone channel, we never put it on in the Theater, I do when I'm in the Kitchen making food, haha.
  12. plasma george

    Hopkins Ayuik or Goodwin (SEA)

    I was thinking Goodwin for Lockett but questionable is a risk for the playoffs
  13. plasma george

    Weather Affecting your Start/Sits?

    Yes, Pickett is back this week Its not raining during pregame warmups, to even further mess with us
  14. plasma george

    Weather Affecting your Start/Sits?

    Gametime temps are warm, near 50, winds should be steady 10-15. But it looks like a steady rain all game, even green to yellow during the game. I just saw Fat Andy said Hardman is likely Out, with Lockett out, ....any thoughts on Zay tonight ? Goodwin is also available in Locketts place vs KC, no rain just cold (albeit he's questionable)
  15. plasma george

    Sunday Ticket Headed to YouTube

    Not really, 4 games are on the screen, like at a bar with 4 games in front of you, for me they're about 50-60" screen images. You can rotate the audio if a game is close to scoring. We choose which games we want, RedZone chooses the game for you, it may have no FF relevance to us in the room, and they waste our time showing FGs, we dropped kickers years ago.