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  1. plasma george

    Players Sitting for Week 18

    Oh, damn, thought you meant not Playing I spent the last hour searching for Cooks injury updates, I shouldn’t get high for NFL games
  2. plasma george

    Players Sitting for Week 18

    Where are you seeing Branden Cooks isn't playing ?
  3. plasma george

    Lessons learned from 2023

    Case and Point why Kickers shouldn't be part of FF, the most Random/Luck position, that FF doesn't need more of. If you look at the PreDraft rankings and the Final Stats, they're completely different, Noone uses any strategy in getting a Kicker, majority of Owners grab whoever is there in the last Round., Noone drafts 2 Kickers so you're guaranteed to get top 10 or 12 in the NFL, meaning you're getting a talented Kicker, just roll the dice on whether their offense gets stopped in the Red Zone on Sundays.
  4. plasma george

    Half PPR, need 2. Swift, Henry, Reed

    Swift UGH, exactly. He can't find the End Zone with Hurts and the Tush Push. I'd go Henry over Swift. Would you go Walker or Puca over Swift ? TIA
  5. plasma george

    Flex play - Rice or KW3

    Tough call I also have Dak, that game should be high scoring, starting swift also FF now just talked about Cooks, so he’s in !
  6. plasma george

    Flex play - Rice or KW3

    I think I’m Benching Walker for B Cooks, if that helps you tough matchup, Geno playing ?, 50/50 split ?
  7. plasma george

    CEH or Swift

    I have both rolling with swift all the talk radio here is about running the ball more, Coach was asked a lot about it someone put a sign in front of the practice field entrance RUN THE BALL, I think they feed him to try and keep Dallas offense off the field
  8. plasma george

    FU Week 12 - Turkey Week Edition

    He ran parallel to the Goalline, albeit just a few seconds, but he didn't taunt/wave/point at any Jets player....that's what taunting is and would've been flagged. Cocky ? being the fastest player on the field that can't be caught from behind, Yes.
  9. plasma george

    Pittsburgh RB Room

    I have to play Harris due to Byes, their offense looks better, so more RedZone opportunities, Mathew Berry was talking up Harris on last night's show. They both could be good.
  10. plasma george

    FU Week 12 - Turkey Week Edition

    Mostert did what DJAX did vs Giants, I took them both as just killing as much clock as possible, didn't see him taunt anyone. He could've slid down, Defense wouldn't have to come back out.
  11. plasma george

    FU Week 12 - Turkey Week Edition

    No Class ?
  12. plasma george

    Taysom Hill

    Anyone else see CBS not scoring Taysom TD catch ? nevermind CBS just fixed it weird owner was texting me
  13. plasma george

    Raiders fire HC Josh McDaniels and GM

    Wow, and per some Source, the new HC is "leaning" toward O'connell vs Giants this week, benching Jimmy G, what a dumpster fire. So, FF relevance, Who is benching Adams now, and who are you starting ? I have Puca, Hollywood, Godwin and Cooks ready to go.
  14. plasma george

    MNF Discussion: Raiders at Lions - Wk8

    ESPN talking heads were discussing a Trade, but said there's little to no chance. Do we bench Adams until something improves ? Admas looks like he's not trying at times, not blocking, running lazy routes, and dropping passes like he's half interested. I have Puca and Hollywood.
  15. plasma george

    FU Week 8

    Watched the game, not sure why he wasn't on the field more, maybe Coach limiting his touches ? He was Questionable all week.