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  1. plasma george

    No More DirectTv !! Have Hulu now. Any suggestions

    I get the Sunday Ticket through PS4, I think the games only version is like $200 for the season, $11 / Sunday.
  2. plasma george

    Cook may play with a limited role ?

    Same issue, I also have Murray and Cook from a FF perspective, him playing today muddies the water for us From Football perspective it seems risky for your Bell cow who is sooo close to 100%, for a playoff run If I was coach, Id sit him and see if they win the game With out him If therere in a tight battle amd Murray isnt getting it down, have cook start the 2nd half to spark the offense
  3. plasma george

    Cook may play with a limited role ?

    Thats whats making me think this is coaching BS just to play games with the Lions coaching staff What can come from 10 snaps ? I AM a Cook owner and would rather them sit him and be a beast after the Bye Also Murray owner
  4. plasma george

    Cook may play with a limited role ?

    What happened to him playing when he's 100% ? I hate BS NFL Injury reports. Is this Fake News ? Why on earth would they risk him tweaking it yet again, with the Bye Week next week and a nice 2 week rest ? Ben Goessling of the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that Cook is expected to return from a four-game absence and handle a limited role alongside Latavius Murray, with the caveat that Minnesota had the same plan for Week 6 against Arizona. The Vikings instead ruled Cook out for that contest after his hamstring felt tight in pregame warmups, and we've subsequently seen the running back held out for two more games. It's only reasonable to expect another game-time decision ahead of Sunday's 1:00 PM kickoff. It will be tough to trust either Murray or Cook in fantasy lineups if the latter is cleared to play, though they do have a favorable matchup with a Detroit defense that's allowing 5.1 yards per carry and 144.6 rushing yards per game.
  5. plasma george

    How did FF leagues work before the internet?

    Remember the movie "Old School" scene, when Luke Wilson is making copies of flyers for the Fraternity, and hiding them.... That was exactly me. "Hey Mitch, what are you doing?" "Nothing, just making some copies"
  6. plasma george

    Marlon Mack

    I wouldn't be stunned, barring injury. He was clearly the bell cow back, in on every situation. Ingram is going anywhere, and will be getting yards and TDs that Kamare enjoyed while he was Out,
  7. plasma george

    Cook Update?

    DAMMIT Cook owner. Murray owner just offered me Lat. Murray for R. Woods. Woods is my flex, so Murray would be my new Flex. I have AB and Tyreek......Murray may only be a 2 week wonder, then Bye, then Cook may be back. Do it ?
  8. plasma george

    49ers at Packers: In-Game Discussion

    ButTy caught it in front of himself His feet were behind the 5 yard line but his arms caught the ball in front of himself in front of the 5 yard line I see the ball travelled completely sideways not backwards Should be a TD pass
  9. plasma george

    Anyone rolling with Clement tonight?

    I have him in my lineup, but my only other options are injured Cook and R. Freeman who watches Lindsay get all the yards. He was good when Ajai was out, now enter Smallwood. Smallwood is smaller, so any redzone/goalline opportunities should be Clement. I really think Clement gets more touches. It's supposed to be raining all game, so I don't think it's going to be high scoring, (makes me nervous:)..... I think both teams do more running.
  10. plasma george

    Vikings at Rams: In-Game Discussion

    I'd like to hear from the Coaching staff on why Cook looked like the best RB last night, and he wasn't in the game 2nd half. They weren't being blown out, unless they felt their crappy OL couldn't make any holes and abandoned the running game completely.
  11. plasma george

    Will Dissly

    Picked him up last week, but didn't start him with Rudolph. That was an fantasy BS TD, without that he has way too low of targets to consider starting him over Rudolph.
  12. plasma george

    Royce Freeman

    Very frustrating, I watched most of the game. They showed an early game highlight where Freeman fumbled, but there was a penalty on the play. I think they were hinting he was sitting because of the fumble. Late in the game he was getting more reps, and the announcers pointed out "and Freeman is holding the ball with both hands"
  13. plasma george

    Skill to get to the playoffs, luck to win them

    TOTAL POINTS boys, TOTAL POINTS. There is no other way to award a champion of a 16 weeks game of statistics....we don't actually pay head to head on a field., that's the toughest concept for FFers to get over in NOT mocking that real NFL, who actually DO play on a field, in Head to Head competition
  14. plasma george

    Check those forecasts, fellas

    YES, and a weak armed QB has a tougher time cause his velocity is Lower versus a guy like Flacco who can fire a fastball that's moving faster than the wind speed. Yes, he's fine for an NFL QB, but he's sucks on windy days and deeper routes with tight windows, he can't make that pass with slow balls that take too long to get there, period.
  15. plasma george

    Check those forecasts, fellas

    Look at the distance on those throws, 40 yards, 50yards max ?, I threw 55 yards in High School. His arm is weak for NFL QBs. When the wind is swirling, the playbook is shrunk even further compared to Rodgers/Flacco type arms. Faster footballs can cut through the wind and be less affected, a slower ball from a weaker arm is gonna be taken by the wind. Did you see some of his bad throws in that game ?