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  1. I would, yeah. You've got two great PPR backs, and only one stud WR really. You'd upgrade your QB a fair bit and your WR, and not lose too much at RB. Solid return IMO.
  2. torridjoe

    Scoring only--pick 5 of 6!

    Scoring only--TDs, FGs and PATs. Can start a 1-4 or 2-3 or 3-2 RB/WR alignment. No TE position, all TEs are considered WR. Points double for scores 50+ yds. I got burned last week starting Gronk over Vincent Jackson. Gronk was all over the field, but didn't score. Meanwhile VJ went for a regular TD and a double. Made the difference in the game. So I have Gore R Bush Morris Gronkowski D Thomas VJ Who on earth do I sit? Thx
  3. torridjoe


    That's not my recollection; I seem to remember it being applied during the season as well as new players came up (and Yahoo didn't use to be as prompt getting them into the system, remember all those emails we would send them?), but I certainly could be wrong.
  4. torridjoe


    Ah--I assumed that my stating of interest in claiming him represents my being the first to come, so to speak. That's how I recall we used to do it with players not in Yahoo...you claim them, announce your drop (Joba), and when they come online they're yours.
  5. torridjoe


    What happened? I replied, now it's deleted.
  6. torridjoe


    When do waivers start? What's the order? I have a claim on a player not yet listed in Yahoo...
  7. torridjoe

    Supplemental Draft: Rounds 29 & 30: DONE

    30.15 Chris Young OF ARI
  8. torridjoe

    Draft Discussion Thread

    My oldest turned 15 Tuesday. :shocking:
  9. torridjoe

    Draft Discussion Thread

    I ALMOST took Votto. The whole suspension thing is unsettling even now that it's overturned, and Votto actually has a better OPS and is younger and could well blow up even more as a hitter. His road value is almost as high as when he plays in that matchbox in Cincy, and that's a really good sign. But since we don't use the ratio stats, and Braun has those SBs as icing on his cake, I went with the expected. I'm willing to trade up my 2nd round pick!
  10. torridjoe

    Draft Discussion Thread

    Yeah, wasn't thinking about ace-quality arms, but I think there will be some good 2s and 3s left. Plus this game makes it hard to get a solid closer sometimes; relievers can be at a premium.
  11. torridjoe

    Draft Discussion Thread

    Damn, lot of good arms left too. Should be some quality SP left at the end of the 2nd. CC, Kennedy, Pineda, Player X, Nova? Likey.
  12. torridjoe

    Draft Discussion Thread

    Holy crap, my team just got really good. If Montero gets catcher eligibility, Derek Jeter might be my worst starter.
  13. torridjoe

    Supplemental Draft: Rounds 29 & 30: DONE

    29.02 Ryan Braun OF MIL
  14. torridjoe

    Rounds 11 & 12: DONE

    Sigh. Nick Johnson 1B BAL
  15. torridjoe

    Draft Discussion Thread

    No, not definitely. But that's the only place he has value, and coaches are high on his recovery.