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  1. What corner? I’ve answered every question here including those of @Cdub100, And it’s impossible for me to move the goalposts by bringing up his Jew hatred. He expresses it in every post. You, among others, seem OK with it.
  2. Not every libertarian is happy with Trump appearing at their convention tomorrow night: https://www.politico.com/news/2024/05/24/libertarian-convention-fighting-obscenities-trump-visit-00160008 “I propose that we tell Donald Trump to go f—k himself!” Awesome
  3. Hilarious. Are you aware that @Cdub100 is a Holocaust denier? Almost all of my relatives died but he doesn’t believe it happened.
  4. Can’t help it if certain losers tend to follow me from thread to thread. It’s certainly nothing I’m doing.
  5. I don’t think he’s racist. He makes racist statements. I’m not going to defend them. I never have. I’ve never attempted to justify his racist comments.
  6. 1. Whatever. Not gonna try to convince you. 2. I’m not in favor of lowering standards to let DEI candidates in. I just detest the racism that comes from some of those who agree with me.
  7. I’m not going to defend Biden’s dumb racist remarks from the past. They’re indefensible. I’m voting for Biden because the alternative is unacceptable.
  8. Yeah your life sucks for sure. Blame the black lady. It’s her skin color.
  9. And you question their competency and would like others to do so.
  10. I have no opinion about the purpose of this Free Beacon article other than a general conviction that like several other MAGA sources they present news and viewpoints that I am highly skeptical of. In this case the article’s conclusions, IMO, don’t make common sense; please refer to my previous post to you as to why. @Cdub100’s purpose is to promote racism and bigotry.
  11. @Cdub100- black people are incapable of the highest standards!
  12. Not anytime. But always when you do it. Because you’re a racist and bigot and a Jew hater and I know exactly what your motives are.
  13. FTR I’m not even in favor of offering different standards for minorities when applying to college or higher levels of education. I think the problems in education need to be fixed in primary schools- once you get to college it’s too late. So I’m actually against most affirmative action type solutions. But the racism that is present when these topics come up- the paranoid fear and pointing towards minorities and questioning their competence- is just so ugly and awful it turns my stomach. Just repugnant.