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  1. On the plus side you get to pay $10 to have a couple desperate, Mexican illegals move a couch for you.
  2. . Fock you Lefty. I’m in no mood for your shitt after the last 2 hours. First I had the pleasure of going to DMV which is a Leftist controlled clown show. The guy “helping” me could barely speak English. On top of it he was dumb as a stump - kind of like you. I survive the experience and now I am starving for some lunch. I go to Chili’s at 1:00 - walk into the bar area and see there isn’t one person there - neither customer nor worker. I wait at least 5 minutes until a college aged, black female bartender comes strolling in from the kitchen. I order a Diet Coke and chicken fajita with just salsa and cheese on the side boat. Instead of getting me the coke, she does a bunch of chores - important stuff like unwrapping quarter rolls in the register. After patiently waiting for about 5 more minutes I ask, “can I order a Diet Coke please?” She turns around with a look on her face and disappears back into the kitchen. Maybe the soda dispenser is broken? Who knows - no explanation. She comes back 10 minutes later with my soda and a beautiful sizzling fajita plate. She drops it off and says, “I’ll be right back with your tortillas, salsa, and cheese.” I wait. And wait. And wait. Remember - not one focking person in the entire bar area except me. The fajitas stop sizzling and are cooling off. I start eating the chicken. It’s been at least 6 or 7 minutes since the food came out, and she’s still nowhere in sight. So I take another big bite of plain chicken and walk out. I go across the street to Chik-fil-a where I am treated to an absolutely perfect experience, with friendly, speedy service and great food. This place is the exception to the rule because it’s led by Conservatives who place value on quality and service. So yeah, go fock yourself and keep your destruction and dumbed-down standards to your side of the street.
  3. This should surprise no one. Obama ushered in a whole new era where instead of raising the bar we lowered it. You see evidence of the drop in quality everywhere in this country. Our entire service sector is made up of idiots who can’t even spell the name “Mike”. On top of that, people are both lazy and entitled - the worst possible combination. Focking Libtards destroyed this country, and it didn’t take all that long.
  4. Patented Phil

    Black on Black Violence: Darwin Style

    You’re a focking idiot. This clown is not only the worst poster on FBG, he’s one of the worst posters I’ve even seen in my 30 years on discussion forums.
  5. Patented Phil

    Black on Black Violence: Darwin Style

    Lol at SquidTard not knowing about the Darwin Awards.
  6. Patented Phil

    Which libtard women that post here are these???

    They need a good rogering.
  7. Patented Phil

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    He’s not only divisive, but he’s also a jerk. Just an unlikeable, hateful old man.
  8. Patented Phil

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    What a pos this guy is. He’s literally stoking hatred toward white people with a bunch of lies. Horrible, lousy person.
  9. Patented Phil

    Why would a black person vote for Trump

    You are a dumb, uninformed human being.
  10. Patented Phil

    Harrison Butker, geek club hero

    It’s not. As society has gotten more and more tolerant, the discord has only gotten worse. Turns out that harmony in society is directly proportional to people sharing similar beliefs, backgrounds, language, etc. It’s been true since the dawn of man.
  11. Patented Phil

    Harrison Butker, geek club hero

    Yes. He was also having trouble getting in and jimmying the doorknob, which created the appearance of someone breaking in. Someone actually reported that to the cops which is why they were called. Instead of explaining this to the cop nicely, Gates was a dik and played the victim race card. All this nuance was lost because people (Obama included) simply went with the Liberal narrative and didn’t look at the actual facts. Cops bad, black people victims. Obama reinforced that and it led to disastrous results with blacks, police, and race relations in general.
  12. Patented Phil

    Harrison Butker, geek club hero

    Read the case boyo. Gates was the one in the wrong, as was Obama. The fact you and most Liberals in this country are still unaware of this is evidence of the damage Obama did.
  13. Patented Phil

    Harrison Butker, geek club hero

    No. It’s everything else he said and implied, which was complete bullshitt. Obama cast the cop as the bad guy, when he was just trying to do his job - a job that was aggravated by an angry black man with a chip on his shoulder.