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  1. Patented Phil

    FBG Duck gunned down in Chicago

    Please be excellent to each other during this difficult time.
  2. Patented Phil

    political pictures

    You went all Squistion on us.
  3. Business School 101 - broaden your customer base to increase revenue. Look at the NFL. They have gone to extraordinary lengths over the years trying to do this. They have played games in London and Mexico trying to open up the international market. They have gone pink trying to appeal to women. They even embraced fantasy football, though it took them way too long to figure that one out. They have invested millions of dollars and a huge amount of time and effort to bring in new fans. And after all that - they completely go against that core business practice by allowing divisive politics into the game - guaranteed to alienate millions of their core fans. I’ll never understand it.
  4. Patented Phil

    Roll On Big-O ( crazy video )

    2020 is the most focked up year ever.
  5. I haven’t watched one single pitch, and this coming from a guy who used to watch the Red Sox every single night. All the political garbage completely turned me off.
  6. Patented Phil

    You’ve got to hand it to the NBA

    I can assure you that when I go to a strip club I don’t talk about politics, insurance, or particle physics. I’m talking about how big her melons are and if she wants to snort a line off my pecker in the back room. You get it now?
  7. Patented Phil

    You’ve got to hand it to the NBA

    Yeah, great job alienating millions of people by introducing politics into the sport - you know, the sport we watch to get away from crap like politics. Pure genius.
  8. Patented Phil

    Man dies after encounter with Minneapolis Police

    Hey - lay off Genghis Kahn. There’s a good chance you are a direct descendant of his.
  9. Only time I ever laughed at an injury...
  10. Patented Phil

    Man dies after encounter with Minneapolis Police

    Guy was having a full blown panic attack, most likely drug induced. Cops need better training on how to deal with people in such a state. Just sit him down, get him to relax, and talk to him as a human being. Easy for me to say as I’m not dealing with that kind of crap every day.
  11. The first response is a classic - “How do you know those people are "liberals"?” They are constitutionally incapable of simply acknowledging bad behavior on their side. So bizarre the psychosis of the AntifaGuys.
  12. Oh you watch - one of the mods will 86 it. Can’t have anything on there that disparages Liberals.
  13. These woke Progressives are truly the most disgusting people. Just horrible human beings.
  14. Patented Phil

    website promoting "boycott all pro sports"

    Ok. Thought for sure he was light in the loafers.
  15. Patented Phil

    website promoting "boycott all pro sports"

    Gay? Serial killer? Both?