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  1. Patented Phil

    WTF happened to Brooke Shields

    Bruce Jenner turned into her and now she is turning into Bruce Jenner.
  2. Patented Phil

    Have you been paying attention to the sports card market?

    Another nice auction result last night. My Magic Johnson card was at $2,300 to start the day. Usually the most you’d expect the last 24 hours is a doubling, so I was hoping it would get to $5,000. Things got crazy in overtime bidding. So much fun watching that happen. https://goldinauctions.com/mobile/LotDetail.aspx?inventoryid=73150
  3. Patented Phil

    Have you been paying attention to the sports card market?

    I wonder about the future of vintage. Not a lot of people today care all that much about history. I do, but it seems like I’m a dying breed.
  4. Patented Phil

    Have you been paying attention to the sports card market?

    Yup. That’s about what I was expecting. I wasn’t expecting this though - https://goldinauctions.com/mobile/LotDetail.aspx?inventoryid=73162 I bought that card for $300 in 2006 right when the set came out. God knows I’ve made some bad decisions in my life but targeting that big gangly lefty wasn’t one of them. Saturday and Sunday nights were the most fun I’ve ever had sober. Very blessed.
  5. Patented Phil

    Long term negative effects of cocaine?

    An empty wallet. ”Cocaine is God’s way of telling a man he has too much money.” -Robin Williams
  6. I’m about 45 minutes in and I can’t believe what I’m seeing. I know these productions are all slanted to tell a certain narrative. I get that. I used to be in the business. But this is off the charts. So much is being misrepresented. It’s scary. The Left is no longer even pretending. Truly Orwellian, and it won’t end well.
  7. It’s unbelievable. As usual they selectively edit the “very fine people on both sides”. They actually say that he refused to denounce the Nazis. He literally did that a few sentences later and several times after that. It’s like Pravda in the 1970’s.
  8. Watching this week’s Frontline about Trump. My God it is so dishonest. The Liberal media and Big Tech have become way too biased and way too powerful.
  9. See, this is why I like your posts. That’s something I never knew, and it surprised the heck out of me. Keep doing you.
  10. Patented Phil

    Biden's silence on Tacoma riots is deafening

    If the Democrats didn’t have double standards they wouldn’t have any standards at all.
  11. Patented Phil

    Biden's America

    I had hopes that Biden would take the high road and not engage in any of the petty unwinding of Trump’s EO’s just to spite him. Cutting the Keystone Pipeline was such a dumb decision and will hurt all Americans. But hey he sure showed Trump didn’t he? Gave him the old Cornpop treatment.
  12. I have to admit, not a good start for the new President.
  13. Patented Phil

    Biden's 401k changes

    Here we go... It didn’t take this Focktard very long to start raising taxes did it. I can guarantee the economy is going downhill the next 4 years.
  14. Patented Phil

    and away we go!!!!...

    You’re a sick man.
  15. Patented Phil

    and away we go!!!!...

    Looks like my Uncle Ralph wearing a blond wig.