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  1. The league i run has a ‘high point wildcard’ that enables a team to advance if there are no ties for the last playoff spot. 12 teams total and 6 make it in. If the first 5 teams are cut and dry (no ties) then the final spot goes to the team with the highest points regardless of record. It definitely keeps teams competitive to the very last game. It usually comes into play once every 3 years or so. Its a great rule altho maddening to any bubble teams that get bumped for a team with a worse record but theres a ‘Price is Right’ feel when the wildcard hits. It works and makes sense. Big $ league and weekly point prizes so all teams have a ‘chance’ til the end.
  2. rowdystylz1

    Ja'Marr Chase Watch - Week 12 / 13

    Dont need him back this week. Just wanna make sure hes back with zero limitations and fire him up for the playoff run. LFG
  3. rowdystylz1

    Curtis Samuel

    I drafted him in both my money leagues (.5pt and full ppr). Hes no longer on either team after i dropped him for T. Burks this week. I am not interested in his weekly numbers or upside. Good gadget player and a decent bye week filler but i didnt see much potential. 9-2 both leagues
  4. rowdystylz1

    D. Swift. The Real Story?

    Maddening but… theres time. Hes the most dynamic player on the roster and has strung together 4 full practices. His juice looks good out there but no clue what the coaches are thinking. No more excuses.
  5. rowdystylz1

    Your worst draft pick ?

  6. rowdystylz1

    Fournette or Swift?

    Depends on ur risk appetite. Fournette is safer imo and better days i think will be ahead even if White gets more burn. Swift… massive upside. Hes got good juice in his limited looks last 2 games as well. If im over .500 record then Swift is my guy there
  7. rowdystylz1

    Swift or Sanders ROS?

    Im in the same boat with Swift trying to predict his current and future value. .5ppr i can move him now for Lamb basically. Im contemplating. Williams aint goin away, not even close. I dont mind him being eased but whats his upside really? Hes dynamic as hell but whats his upside vs downside? The trade on the table is Swift/Kirk for Lamb/Hunt. Ugh
  8. rowdystylz1

    Ok fellas, need trade advice. (Chase owner)

    No way i give pierce. Hes a strong hold. Not many rbs are getting 20+ carries a game
  9. rowdystylz1

    Which RB to bench? Full PPr

    I wish i could ha. Can only start 2 RBs. Not a bad problem to have im not complaining but its a tough call
  10. rowdystylz1

    Which RB to bench? Full PPr

    No sir. Super tight bench and can only start 2 RBs unfort
  11. rowdystylz1

    Which RB to bench? Full PPr

    Mouth watering matchup but i think ur rite. Damn
  12. rowdystylz1

    Which RB to bench? Full PPr

    CMC vs LAR Mostert vs DET Pollard vs CHI Mostert is projected the lowest but probly the best matchup. Which one to sit?
  13. rowdystylz1

    Chiefs Trade for Kadarius Toney

    As a KC fan i always have faith in our scouting. They paid up for a reason. Just saw one of his highlight reels floating around on twitter and the dude got some wiggle. Patty got a new shiny toy. This should be fun
  14. rowdystylz1

    AJ Dillon droppable?

    Yeah man. Survive and advance
  15. rowdystylz1

    AJ Dillon droppable?

    I can agree with all statements. I switched my waiver drop to Dillon over Robinson. GB offense is not what it once was, not even close so im moving on. Thanks fellas