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  1. rowdystylz1

    NFC Playoffs

    Really like niners as well. They getting slept on
  2. rowdystylz1

    Kirk Cousins Out - Covid list

    Amazing! Lol
  3. rowdystylz1

    Kirk Cousins Out - Covid list

    Hopefully Cook can retain some value and eat a ton of dumpoffs.
  4. rowdystylz1

    Kirk Cousins Out - Covid list

    100% imo…. I have little faith a backup qb with 3 career starts will be able to face constant pressure and move the chains. Sigh
  5. rowdystylz1

    Kirk Cousins Out - Covid list

    Its a half ppr which makes it even a more difficult decision.. stacked boxed and a potential dreadful gamescript i am now considering benching JJ. How did i get here lol! Amon thankfully has been superb. Will be a tough decision
  6. rowdystylz1

    Kirk Cousins Out - Covid list

    No chance i sit him for Amon st Brown or A.Gibsons backup, Patterson right?
  7. rowdystylz1

    Kirk Cousins Out - Covid list

    Backups are Mannion or Mond? Lol. Wow. As a JJ owner this is terrible news going into the Ship. Fml
  8. rowdystylz1

    Darren Waller?

    Dbl digit rounds? Hmm hes a surefire top 3 TE when hes out there. Cant really plan for injuries but i hear ya. If hes good to go it will be hard to sit him, just makes me queasy why he has been sidelined so long
  9. rowdystylz1

    Darren Waller?

    Is this guy dead yet or whats his status? If he makes it back would you start him confidently?
  10. rowdystylz1

    Division tie breaker

    Power rankings are the beat metric to measure the better team. After power ranks then points. Always have hated H2H and div records BS. I run a league and break ties this way. Too much variance involved with player bye weeks as it is imo
  11. rowdystylz1

    Robert Woods Torn ACL

    Slotting in Van Jeff rite into my starting lineup. He may not get the line of scrimmage (screens/reverses) play calls like Woods did but is certainly more of a deep threat. Time to become a man now! OBJ is just a depth/flex guy now imo… theres still gas in the tank but he doesn't separate like he used to
  12. rowdystylz1

    DJ Moore! What are doing with him?

    Nothing wrong with DJ … top 10 talent at WR just didnt have a QB that cld get him the ball. Now that Darnold is out of the picture lets see what happens, it wont get much worse. You cant drop him and wont find much value in a trade at this point. Cam is back waiting in the wings…. This is a good thing for DJ. Its a Holding pattern for me
  13. rowdystylz1

    Which RB do i sit??

    .5ppr 12 team league. Need to sit one, yikes. Aaron Hones vs Sea Fournette vs Wash J. Connor vs Car Hendo vs SF Solid stable of horses and all good matchups. Feels like i want Connor in the lineup this week. Leaning sitting Hendo at this moment.
  14. rowdystylz1

    Lost by .4 points this week...That is all

    .3 this week. Thank you sir may i have another
  15. rowdystylz1

    Deshaun Watson a good stash?

    Bottomline is organizations need wins, for reasons more than just standings. Watson is a top 5 talent at his position, give or take. Somebody will spin the wheel on him and deal with his PR nightmare no doubt