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  1. rallo

    Keaton Mitchell — RB — BAL

    Definitely worth the stash, my only worry is he will track like Khalil Herbert. Similar size and skill set with a crowded backfield and a mobile QB that steals TDs. The positive vs Herbert is that he has a little more speed, and the Ravens should have more favorable game scripts than Da Bears.
  2. rallo

    Ezekiel Elliott

    Almost had 2 pick sixes!
  3. rallo

    Ezekiel Elliott

    Wow, so much for picking on Daron bland
  4. rallo

    Ezekiel Elliott

    agreed, it looked like zona audibled to run at Parsons' side, off-tackle, which resulted in some big plays... wouldn't be surprised to see Zeke get a ton of work, and then set up play-action to pick on DaRon Bland...
  5. You will need time to grab him now...
  6. rallo

    Dallas D/ST

    Nice hit! sorry that I assumed you were drunk when making this call.
  7. rallo

    The Official Week 3 FU Thread

    McCarthy going for it on 4th and 5 from the 6 instead of taking the points..
  8. rallo

    Sean Payton taking a break from coaching

    I read this post and assumed it was today after getting 70 hung on em...
  9. rallo

    Dallas D/ST

    It's 5 o'clock somewhere:dunno:
  10. rallo

    UPDATE: Cam Akers - Traded to Vikings

    Might package him to the Mattison owner for a slight upgrade... I'm not sure his value gets higher this season (barring injuries)...
  11. rallo

    Dallas D/ST

    I'm 2-0, and I'd still sell high if someone offered. You aren't going to play NYG and the rodgers-less Jets every week.
  12. rallo

    F.U. wk 2

    Maybe he is a little tight... perhaps a massage was the answer all along...
  13. rallo

    F.U. wk 2

    Dude has no touch to the outside. I couldn't count how many throws that sailed way OB with a receiver open near the sideline.
  14. rallo

    UPDATE: Cam Akers - Traded to Vikings

    I'm hearing a combo of all 3... 1. The suxor due to his Achilles injury over a year ago. 2. Dog house due to requesting a trade midway through last year plus some practice drama this year. 3. Trading block due to rumors about a few suitors... So what to do, drop? Hold and pray? It seems like best case is a trade to MIA, NYG, or Bal where he is a backup at best. Most likely scenario is LAR sits on him and he doesn't play barring multiple injuries. Hold or drop?
  15. rallo

    SNF Discussion: Dolphins at Patriots - Wk 2

    That's a tough reversal... not sure it was conclusive, but I doubt NE scores anyway.