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  1. rallo

    MNF Discussion: Eagles at Seahawks - Wk 15

    Wow, ousted from the playoffs on that toe-tapping pick… I hate ff
  2. rallo

    Hurts ?

    I saw that he is traveling to Seattle separately to avoid getting anyone else sick… not good, I have Mariota just in case, and I would pick him up sooner rather than later in case someone in your league tries to block you.
  3. rallo

    TNF Discussion: Chargers at Raiders - Wk15

    Chargers team trying to get Staley fired before the end of the season…
  4. rallo

    Zamir White

    Playing with house money now, bring it home White!
  5. rallo

    Zamir White

    The hope I have is that the Chargers give up…
  6. rallo

    Zamir White

    I have to in a deep league due to injuries to Allen, Collins, Ford, and Mattison. hoping for like 60 and a TD… wouldn’t be surprised at 40 all purpose + 1 rec
  7. rallo

    FU Week 14

    No doubt, Nico going down early will kill me as a win today would guarantee 1st place season money… ugh
  8. rallo

    49ers are way better than the Eagles

    This, the 9ers and Purdy looked pedestrian when Deebo was on the shelf… but who wouldn’t when he can take check downs and short screens to the house at any moment.
  9. rallo

    TNF Discussion: Seahawks at Cowboys - Wk13

    Feel like the refs bet the over…. Lots of Defensive penalties to extend drives
  10. rallo

    Thanksgiving: Commanders at Cowboys - Wk12

    Killed my o/u parlay
  11. rallo

    Ja'Mar Chase without Burrow -- Rest of Way

    I see his targets staying the same, but no where near the efficiency. I have him in my main league, and I think we are looking at WR3 numbers or worse on games where he doesn’t score a TD… also, there is a real chance they shut him down for the season with any moderate injury. I’d monitor that back injury if he is still hampered by it.
  12. rallo

    Random Thoughts Week 11

    Agreed, I was nervous when the good RBs were gone and didn’t select one til round 6. I’m happy to be bailed out by Javonte, Ford, and Mostert.
  13. rallo

    Random Thoughts Week 11

    I hate fantasy football for giving me the urge to watch this Steelers/Browns game…
  14. rallo

    The Official Week 11 FU Thread

    And again, as if on cue
  15. rallo

    The Official Week 11 FU Thread

    Njoku cannot catch a cold… like 4 drops today