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  1. rallo

    The New York Jets' Defense

    I picked up the Jets D last week to pair with the Steelers D, from week 8 on it is cake walk after cake walk... which means they will both do terribly.
  2. rallo

    Will you sell high on any stud player?

    Carson, Freeman, Lindsay, Hyde
  3. rallo

    Will you sell high on any stud player?

    Haha, yes, mia culpa, meant to say Freeman in the RB2... although Antonio Freeman's roll over catch will be one of my happier FF moments.
  4. rallo

    Will you sell high on any stud player?

    It's standard scoring, and while not a burden, I don't think that Kupp continues at this top 5 production. I understand that I would have been giving up slightly too much, but Freeman is killing me in the WR2 spot.
  5. rallo

    Will you sell high on any stud player?

    I tried unloading Copper Kupp for Mark Ingram, but it was shot down. My buddy countered with David Montgomery, but I don't want any part of the Bears' backfield.
  6. rallo

    Godwin ffb GOD

    Sh1t, I have Nuk and OBJ... complete trash
  7. rallo

    Why online football sites SUCK

    You mean that guy that called anyone a chimp for taking a late round flyer on DJ Chark?
  8. rallo

    Any 0-4 teams out there?

    I'm 1-3 in a 12 man league where AxeElf accused me of drafting with chimps...
  9. rallo

    F.U. Week 4

    He's not very good at throwing passes...
  10. rallo

    Cowboys at Saints: In-Game Discussion

    Yeah, Lattimore sold it with the Bron-esque flop by flailing his arms... what a bizarre call late in the game when the officials usually swallow their whistle
  11. rallo

    Cowboys at Saints: In-Game Discussion

    Total agreement here, factor in the stoppages after a score (god forbid a reviewed scoring play), then after the kickoff, and holy sh1t... feels like 15 minutes for every redzone trip.
  12. rallo

    Cowboys at Saints: In-Game Discussion

    I don't know what it is this year, but man, the zebras really dial up the flags in the redzone... it should be the most exciting time, yet it seems to creep by now... i dread redzone offense now
  13. rallo

    F.U. Week 4

    Just FU fantasy football, Prater and NE D were enough to dispatch my weak AF team... who'd have thunk Jameis and Hooper would outscore the rest of my squad... Oh, and OBJ/Nuk FU both... thought I stole the draft nailing those two down from the 10 spot, ugh
  14. rallo

    F.U. Week 4

    FU Freeman, only positive side is that I benched you this week for Hyde
  15. rallo

    Why online football sites SUCK

    He's in 20 leagues this year, show some respect