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  1. rallo

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - WR Skyy Moore, Chiefs

    I guess I was taking the rest of your quote, "only 2 panned out, and neither were all that special"... I'd argue being an elite WR in your conference for 3 years is a little special... I think it is a fair assessment of Maclin though
  2. rallo

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - WR Skyy Moore, Chiefs

    DeSean Jackson was a 3 time pro bowler...
  3. rallo

    49ers at Cowboys: Wildcard Discussion

    That was the same ref that caused them a delay of game in the first half while continuing to stand over the ball... haha... who is that guy?
  4. rallo

    Skibum - Axe Elf bet

    Darnold back in is a kick in the shorts for Robbie... this bet is coming down to the wire!
  5. rallo

    Week 16 FU Thread

    Mac Jones... Oh, and Allen to Knox late in the 4th went DP on my championship bid
  6. rallo

    Week 16 Thank You

    Tee Higgins and AJ Brown... thank you, still not out of the woods yet thanks to Mac Jones' clunker, but wouldn't even be close if not for their monster games.
  7. rallo

    Will M. Sanders Score a TD?

    NYG is about to lay down as well... I don't see any way that there is a negative game script for the eagles outside of a bunch of D/ST TDs for the giants...
  8. rallo

    Tyler Huntley Out

    As a healthcare worker, I can tell you that pandemic is very real, how the NFL has fist-focked their protocols and enforcement is a whole nother story.
  9. rallo

    Best WR in the NFL?

    I hear what you are saying, and maybe I haven't seen enough of Jefferson. Adams just looks like a guy who gets open and could dominate with almost any decent qb... sorry Baker, Lawrence, and other trash
  10. rallo

    Best WR in the NFL?

    I agree with you from a longevity point, but if you have to pick a WR, and you only get 1 year, I'd say the answer is Adams
  11. rallo

    Tyler Huntley Out

    Deep league, now I have to make a decision between Mac Jones, Trevor Lawrence, and Josh Johnson... honestly it's harder than you'd think Think I'm leaning Johnson
  12. I started him only because I am so ovetmatched and I needed his upside...
  13. rallo

    Urban Meyer's a$$ kicked to the curb

    I knew it would be a short run when he ignorantly hired (then quickly backpedaled) Iowa's old strength and conditioning coach... but man... I had no idea it would be this short.
  14. rallo

    Patriots at Colts: SatNF Discussion

    Bizarre to throw Pittman out... although he was set for a 3-20 stat line anyway
  15. rallo

    Robert Woods Torn ACL

    Hate to see it, but I'm curious to see Jefferson's role moving forward, as one of.my draft staples this year.