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  1. rallo

    Josh Allen appreciation thread

    My only qualms are that it looked like Brown was injured on the opening series, then sat out the 2nd half. Davis definitely was the benefactor with Brown gimpy/absent. I agree that he is worth an add, I just hope his production isn't injury dependent, as that is the initial observation.
  2. rallo

    Josh Allen appreciation thread

    You think he has any stayinh power, or does he only produce if Brown or Diggs sits?
  3. rallo

    Trubisky benched!

    Agreed, risking all that to draft a QB from UNC who only started like 12 games... over Deshaun with twice the tape to go off of is criminal...
  4. rallo

    Cam Newton worth

    Likewise, went Newton and Landry for Woods (to the wentz owner), obviously it was rejected. Wentz had a decent game too, so Newton will probably just be a solid bye week filler week 11 vs Houston. Although, maybe I'll try something again if injuries arise.
  5. rallo

    Bills Rams game of the week

    Rams got the gift ticky tack offensive PI against the cowboys... now they are on the other side... sunrise-sunset.
  6. rallo

    The Official Week 3 FU Thread

    F me for continuing to send out Engram... that Giants O is hot garbage...
  7. rallo

    Buy low, sell high

    The person who retaliates usually gets caught...
  8. rallo

    Jordan Reed goes down

    You can almost set your watch by it...
  9. rallo

    Buy low, sell high

    And how would you project their usage going forward?
  10. rallo

    James Robinson

    I'm just surprised how involved he is in the passing game... especially with Thompson also on the squad. If he keeps averaging 4 targets per game I think we are looking at a top 8 RB with top 5 potential. I realize that this sounds ridiculous... I'll see my way out.
  11. rallo

    Laviska Shenault

    Very nice! The only good thing about last night for me was that I went against someone who trotted out Minshew. 11.2 points is not a good start for a QB... ha
  12. rallo

    Laviska Shenault

    Welp, that was disappointing. Miami shut them down, and Minshew didn't look for much more than RB screens and short OTM routes... Conley got some looks I guess, oh and a Dede sighting in the RZ?
  13. rallo

    Who is going to have a blowup week week 3

    Hoping LSJ, but thinking Hamler steps up this week. 7 targets from Driskell last week, and he has breakaway speed.
  14. rallo

    Random Fantasy Football Tips

    Agreed! You can flip back and forth when watching Frasier re-runs!
  15. rallo

    Random Fantasy Football Tips

    And make sure they are the local sports team so you can watch them every weekend!