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  1. Also, great picks! The only other guy that I was eyeing was Russell Gage, i doubt Julio sees 20 targets again, and Hooper doesn't look right. The way to beat Jax is by running the ball, but the Falcons haven't been able to do that with any consistency. AJ Bouye is also nursing a calf injury, and last week looked like the Jags were ready to be done with this year. Give me 8ish targets for Gage, what he does with them are anyone's guess.
  2. I don't know brother, last week I was convinced Watson would break out instead of his 2 for 20... you've been killing it!
  3. rallo

    Week 15 Scoop and Play WR - Playoff Edition

    Haha, pay no attention to me... i couldn't manage myself out of a paper bag this year.
  4. rallo

    Whot got them WR's Blues

    Yep, Chark and OBJ. WW is thin, I'm going to have to take a swing, or just roll out OBJ and expect 3 for 30
  5. rallo

    Week 15 Scoop and Play WR - Playoff Edition

    Also, add Watson from TB to this list. I think he sees more targets than Perriman, and could be a sneaky start if Winston plays. I'm personally between Watson, Hurns, and Doyle in my W/T slot as the WW is incredibly thin.
  6. rallo

    Week 15 Scoop and Play WR - Playoff Edition

    Im hard on hurns and paschal... looking to bench obj for one of these guys... my heart says hurns as he was a constant target after Parker went down
  7. rallo

    Week 14 Focks out

    Is Winston hurt or benched after the half? Backup is in...
  8. rallo

    Cowboys at Bears: In-Game Discussion

    Overrated, and they've given up. A lot of bizarre, low effort, missed tackles last night.
  9. rallo

    The Official Week 13 FU Thread

    Rephrased... he will be lucky to have 14 total yards
  10. rallo

    The Official Week 13 FU Thread

    3rd on Jones... rolled the dice this week to make a play at total points leader... ugh he will be lucky to have 40 total yards
  11. rallo

    FU week 10

    Ugh.... Kupp, OBJ, and Freeman all sh1t the collective be for me this week... I need Carson to outscore Lockett by 15... woof
  12. rallo

    Smartest Play Ever?

    I always disagreed with the bizarre kickoff rule, as you could argue that it is an illegal touch... in most other instances the player can't legally touch the ball after going out of bounds and not reestablishing themselves... to have a different interpretation on kickoffs seems silly
  13. rallo

    Amendola, Beasley, burkhead....Go

    Amendola has averaged 10 targets and 8 receptions per game since KJ went down. He has the highest floor of all that you listed, however probably the least likely to score a TD. I would still roll with him over Burkhead and Beasley in a full ppr league.
  14. rallo

    Your worst pick this year

    Either OBJ or Devonta
  15. rallo

    Who is starting Kenyan Drake

    I snagged him off the waiver before Monday, so it cost me nothing, but I'm not expecting much this week