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  1. rallo

    week 12 FU

    FU Etienne, already have half of my team injured, why not one more.
  2. rallo

    Broncos Release Melvin Gordon

    I like injured RBs as much as AxeElf, but eventually they are going to need a warm body not named justice if they want to make any noise in the playoffs. Especially since they can't throw the ball.
  3. rallo

    Broncos Release Melvin Gordon

    Ravens makes some sense, not sure about cap space etc.
  4. rallo

    The Official Week 11 FU Thread

    FU to my opponent who's is in last place, and rolled out Pollard, Devante, Burrow, Maher, New England, and Amari Cooper... effin buzzsaw
  5. rallo

    TNF Discussion: Titans at Packers - Wk11

    How the fock is that a blindside block? Literally right in front of the ball carrier on a kick off... is the league trying to get GB into the playoffs?
  6. rallo

    is now the time to buy low'ish on CMC?

    This, and frankly, I wouldn't do it as a Barkley owner.
  7. rallo

    Zach Ertz

  8. rallo

    Darren Waller, Hunter Renfrow headed to IR

    Josh Jacobs will continue to feast
  9. 2nd on Hall... I think the NYJ team is turning it around, and he seems to be a big part of their offense when healthy.
  10. rallo

    Your worst draft pick ?

    Sutton has been rough, I lucked out, as he was taken right before my pick in the 3rd (took Etienne instead)... but I wanted him, thought he was due for a great year.
  11. rallo

    Your worst draft pick ?

    Before yesterday Mixon in the 1st (11th) Juju 5th Damien Harris 6th Rest of the draft went well
  12. rallo

    Pick 2 WR WHIR

    Agreed, I will feel better starting him in the future until Williams comes back, especially if SD plays an opponent that can put up some points.
  13. rallo

    Pick one wr Deep League ppr whir

    Sorry OP, looks like O Zach put up a clunker. Bandy is currently the correct choice with 5 rec for 26 yards. Hopefully you went with D Jax or Landry.
  14. rallo

    Pick 2 WR WHIR

    Thanks for all of the input, ended up going Kirk and Juju... Palmer could be good, but he has looked confused. Good luck all!
  15. rallo

    Pick one wr Deep League ppr whir

    That's tough, I'm leaning O. Zach, but Bandy could easily be the guy. Eskridge only if you get return yards. O. Zach has the best chance for game script garbage points.