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  1. rallo

    Week 14 FU Thread

    Eddie Royal could have started for Golden Tate...
  2. rallo

    Week 14 FU Thread

    Ugh, where to start... Russell Wilson, Gurley, Burton, Tate, Fairbairn... my whole team blows...
  3. rallo

    Cooper looks good.

    If only Wentz was throwing... wait, he looks like hot garbage too
  4. rallo

    Week 14 FU Thread

    Golden Tate... haven't even seen him on the field... did he pull up lame, or did ole Nelson retake the #2
  5. Yes it's too late... rule changes should take place for the following year
  6. Jordan Howard... hot garbage at the end of the 2nd round... thought Gurley/Howard was a cant miss
  7. rallo

    Who the hell is Gus Edwards

    I am thinking of rolling him over McCoy and that wilson kid from SF... although it is risky as he doesnt catch passes.
  8. rallo

    Dan Arnold

    Is he worth a sneaky spot start this week against the Bucs? They have given up solid numbers to opposing TEs, and Arnold seems to have jumped Watson in the pecking order... they also line him up all over the field. Grain of salt, as I am grasping for straws as a struggling Burton owner.
  9. rallo

    Fat McCarthy Fired!

    What do you have against that desk?
  10. rallo

    Fat McCarthy Fired!

    If only Jason Garrett was next
  11. rallo

    FU week 13

    Trey Burton, there is no reason that I should start you... but our 14 man league WW is barren AF... I'm not surprised by your 0 targets prior to halftime... is it time to drop you for Ed Dickson???
  12. rallo

    Kareem Hunt - Not Good

    Redskins will sign him in three days...
  13. rallo

    Saints at Cowboys: In-Game Discussion

    Wow, fitting that a penalty clinches it... Sorry gents, I'll stop being a negative pansy, but man... this game was hard to watch
  14. rallo

    Names that are a good fit for their teams

    If only Geronimo were traded to the chiefs or Redskins
  15. rallo

    Saints at Cowboys: In-Game Discussion

    What a play by NO, luckily they didnt lin up in the neutral zone